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Garlyn MR-Duo 15 multicooker review: two convenient containers with separate doors

29.03.2024 13:29

We've already dealt with multicookers equipped with two bowls, but the Garlyn Mr-Duo 15 multicooker stands out for its size and functionality. This device has not two, but four bowls with a volume of 4.5 liters each, which allows you to cook not two, but four dishes at the same time. Moreover, the multicooker comes with two containers for steaming dishes.

The manufacturer promises us optimal use of time and maximum comfort when preparing various dishes. The multicooker is capable of preparing a variety of desserts, pastries, hot dishes, side dishes and soups — all in automatic mode! The device has 15 built-in programs, which we will definitely test in order to evaluate the convenience and efficiency of the multicooker in practice.


ModelMR-Duo 15
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year + 1 year when registering the device on the website no later than 3 months from the date of purchase
Life time *3 years
Power1600 W
Housing materialplastic
Bowl volume2 × 4.5 l
Bowl coatingnon-stick Daikin
Delayed startup to 24 hours
Reheating foodup to 12 o'clock
Programs15: soup, cereals, milk porridge, boiling, frying, steaming, baking, stewing, simmering, pilaf, yogurt/dough, pasta, bread, sous vide, Garlyn chef
Turning off beepsThere is
Locking the control panelNo
Accessoriessteam container (2 pcs.), measuring cup, ladle (2 pcs.), flat spoon (2 pcs.), silicone spatula, oven mitts (2 pcs.)
Weight7.8 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)460×390×250 mm
Network cable length1m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The multicooker arrived for testing in two boxes at once. The outer thick cardboard box contained the brand, model and schematic drawing of the device. And inside there was a colorful box in orange and black with a bow waiting for us. A photograph of the device and the main characteristics of the model were depicted on a black background. There was a convenient carrying handle on the top of the “front” box.

When opening the box we found:

  • A slow cooker.
  • Power cord.
  • 2 bowls.
  • 2 containers for steaming.
  • 2 silicone potholders.
  • 2 flat spoons and a ladle.
  • Silicone spatula.
  • User manual, recipe book and cardboard brochure with brief instructions, as well as a warranty card.

All parts and accessories of the multicooker are compactly and neatly packed inside, and the multicooker itself is well protected in a plastic bag and foam molds. The packaging looks very secure and is suitable for safe transportation of the device.

At first sight

The Garlyn MR-Duo 15 multicooker attracts with its impressive dimensions and unique design, which resembles the chest part of the Iron Man suit. Its body looks modern and durable. Each of the lids opens independently of each other, rising at an angle of about 90 degrees. The hinges of the lids are tilted, creating the impression of a huge flying beetle when opened.

Having examined the multicooker body from all sides, its minimalistic design and a small number of protruding parts become obvious. All connection mechanisms and buttons on the control panel are carefully hidden from view, giving the device a smooth and streamlined shape. There are valves on the top of each lid to allow steam to escape. Despite their appearance, these valves are not control buttons or knobs, but only serve to release steam. The buttons for opening the lids are represented by narrow plastic elements in a metallic color located above the control panel.

Steam outlets

Steam outlets

Looking at the back of the device, you can see the fastenings of the lid hinges in the upper part, and at the bottom there is a small nameplate with brief technical information about the multicooker. There is also a power connector and an on/off button here. In the center of the rear there is a wide flat container made of translucent gray plastic, which serves to collect condensation during cooking.

There are no special elements on the sides of the multicooker.

On top, above the multicooker doors, there are two LED indicators that display the operating status of each of the bowls. Between the indicators there is a large touch screen, which is invisible when turned off (more about it in the «Control» section). In the center of the front side there is a large round time/temperature/mode switch, and inside it is a confirmation button.

At the bottom of the device there are ventilation holes, as well as 4 plastic rubberized feet that prevent the device from sliding on the surface.

Inside the case there are two bowls with sufficient distance between them, which ensures convenient use. The bowls are easily removed from the body. They also hold plastic containers for steaming. Interestingly, bowls and containers can be installed on any side. In addition, the steaming containers can be stacked on top of each other.

Heating elements with heating sensors for each bowl are individual and come into contact with them from below.

The bowls are made of durable metal with a Daikin non-stick coating. This allows you to cook dishes with a minimum amount of oil or even without it. Thanks to this coating, the bowls are easy to clean from dirt and do not absorb odors.

The set includes 2 containers for steaming with holes along almost their entire surface. They are equipped with handles for easy removal and installation, as well as four plastic feet for stability within the bowl or on top of each other.

The manufacturer did not stop there and provided all the little details for the ease of use of the multicooker. The set includes 2 comfortable orange silicone potholders with a ribbed anti-slip surface and hanging loops, 2 plastic spoons and 2 scoops, as well as an orange silicone spatula.

According to the instructions, the device should also come with a small measuring cup, but after looking through the contents of the box twice, we were unable to find it.


The multicooker comes with a user manual, which is presented in the format of a small book of 38 pages. In addition, there is a short version of this manual in the form of an A5 cardboard brochure, probably intended for easy access to basic information. Both versions of the manual are written in clear language and are executed in a style that demonstrates thoughtfulness and care for the user.

A recipe book is supplied with the multicooker, which includes 152 pages with 79 recipes. It also provides recommendations for sterilizing utensils, pasteurizing food, and heating baby food. Each recipe is accompanied by colorful photographs and a detailed description of the cooking process.


The multicooker is equipped with 22 touch buttons on the display, 1 mechanical button located inside the round switch, and 1 mechanical switch on the back. Each of the touch buttons has a signature in Russian or a clear pictogram, which greatly facilitates use and allows you to quickly navigate even without instructions.

Our studio photo is overexposed. In fact, each button with a cooking mode also has a colorful design. Below we have presented a photo of the display during operation of the device.

Our studio photo is overexposed. In fact, each button with a cooking mode also has a colorful design. Below we have presented a photo of the display during operation of the device.

To select the bowl in which cooking will be carried out, just press the button with the name of the bowl located on the corresponding side.

Pressing the button with the selected program for each bowl allows you to see on the display only the picture, time and temperature of this cooking program. When you select a button for another bowl, the corresponding program is displayed on the display.

The “Reheat/Reheat” button (the image of a container with steam in the lower right corner) turns on or off the heating of already prepared food (keep warm).

To cancel an already running program or reset the settings for a specific bowl, just click on the button with the bowl number and the “Cancel” button (the image of an empty square in the lower left corner).

The “Delay” button allows you to set a delayed start timer for any of the auto programs. Using the rotary control, you can set the timer up to 24 hours. When setting the timer, the “Delay” indicator above the display lights up.

The Time button is used to select the desired cooking time and turn off the beeps produced by the appliance. To mute the sound, you need to hold this button when the device is in standby mode and wait until the mute indicator above the display turns on. To turn the sound back on, repeat this procedure and wait for a long beep and the mute indicator turns off.

The circular dial located at the center of the front of the device allows you to select the parameter (time/temperature/mode) to be adjusted by slowly rotating the wheel clockwise. To switch from hours to minutes and back, also press the “Time” button, and to confirm the specified settings, press the “OK” button located inside the rotary control.

The mechanical switch for the device can be found on the back of the multicooker, next to the power cord connector.


Before the first start, the manufacturer recommends wiping the body with a damp cloth and washing the multicooker bowls.

Controlling the multicooker is simple and intuitive. The display is colorful and bright, and the buttons have Russian-language inscriptions, are easy to press and operate confidently.

The start of the program, the end of cooking and notification of the heating of the bowl are accompanied by a pleasant sound signal. The sound is quiet and melodic, does not cause irritation, and it can be easily turned off for convenience.

During operation, the device proved to be two small multi-cookers operating independently of each other. Cooking in one bowl did not affect the quality of the dish in the other.

The coating on the bowls is excellent and prevents food from burning, sticking or peeling.

Thanks to the high sides of the bowls, the device is convenient to use, especially with the built-in silicone potholders.

The automatic programs are varied and cover basic cooking needs. The temperature and time of each program can be easily changed using the Garlyn Chef mode.

The temperature change step is only 1°C, allowing you to set the device to any desired temperature from 35 to 180°C.

Overall, we were very pleased with the process of using the device and the results of the tests performed.


The body of the appliance can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and the removable lid and valve should be gently washed under running water and a mild detergent after each use. It is recommended to wash multicooker bowls by hand, so using a dishwasher is not recommended.

The working chamber can be wiped with a damp sponge or cloth if it becomes dirty. Foreign particles trapped in the recess around the heating element should be carefully removed using tweezers.

Our measurements

When idle, the device consumes from 0.4 to 1.2 W. For several hours of use on various programs, the multicooker consumed about 2 kWh of electricity. The maximum consumption recorded by the wattmeter was 815 W, which is significantly lower than the declared power.

Garlyn MR-Duo 15 operates almost silently, attracting attention only from time to time when steam is released. This does not happen all the time, but only in the case of strong pressure from the inside, when a certain amount of steam accumulates.

Practice tests

We took all the recipes, except for the soup, from the recipe book that came with the multicooker. Let's evaluate their thoughtfulness and the quality of the device.


We took a carton of fresh Greek yogurt, 500ml milk and 500ml 10% cream, mixed them and poured them into one of the bowls.

In 12 hours on the auto program, the device consumed only 0.266 kWh, and our yogurt was completely “ripe”. We let it cool completely and sit in the refrigerator, then it was ready to serve.

To serve, we added some raspberry jam to the yogurt.

Result: excellent

Cottage cheese casserole with raisins

For the cottage cheese casserole according to the recipe from the book, we needed the following ingredients: 500 g of 9% cottage cheese, 3 eggs, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 3 tablespoons of semolina, 100 g of raisins, 30 g of butter and 5 g of salt (however, it costs note that much less salt was added).

The raisins were thoroughly washed, then soaked for 10 minutes in warm water and left to dry in a colander.

The whites were separated from the yolks, salt was added and whipped with a blender into a thick foam.

Mix raisins, cottage cheese, yolks, semolina and sugar thoroughly. Then the whites were added there and mixed again.

The bowl was greased with butter and the curd mass was carefully placed into it.

Then we placed the bowl in the multicooker and started the “Baking” mode for 40 minutes.

After the required time had passed, we opened the slow cooker and decided to add another 15 minutes so that the casserole would acquire a more appetizing color.

Once cooking was complete, we removed the casserole from the slow cooker, turned it over, and cut it into portions to check its doneness. The result pleased us and we were pleased with the quality of the preparation. However, next time we decided to add much less salt, since the casserole acquired a too salty taste.

Result: excellent

Result: excellent

Potato casserole with cheese

To prepare this dish we used: 4 pcs. potatoes, 1 bunch of green onions, 250 g flour, 1 egg, 30 g butter, 100 ml milk, 200 g Maasdam cheese, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, salt and ground black pepper.

We grated the potatoes and cheese on a coarse grater, then chopped the onion. All ingredients were thoroughly mixed in a saucepan.

The resulting mass, without compacting it too much, was transferred into a multicooker bowl greased with vegetable oil.

For the indicated 20 minutes at 160 degrees in the Garlyn Chef mode, we did not get the required result and added another 20 minutes.

After 40 minutes from the start of the process, the casserole was ready, and we were full.

We give the performance of the device an A, but the recipe let us down in terms of cooking time.Result: excellent

We give the performance of the device an A, but the recipe let us down in terms of cooking time.

Result: excellent

Pork in cream sauce

To prepare meat in cream sauce according to Garlyn's recipe, we needed: 600 g pork fillet, 100 ml milk, 100 g champignons, 220 ml cream with a fat content of 33%, 15 g garlic, 150 g onions, salt and ground black pepper.

To prepare meat in cream sauce according to Garlyn's recipe, we needed: 600 g pork fillet, 100 ml milk, 100 g champignons, 220 ml cream with a fat content of 33%, 15 g garlic, 150 g onions, salt and ground black pepper.

We added cream, milk, salt and pepper. According to the instructions, we selected the “Stew” program and set the cooking time to 40 minutes. As a result, we ended up with a fragrant, satisfying and tasty dish, for which all that remains is to prepare the side dish.

Result: excellent

Result: excellent

Fried chicken legs

We also took this recipe from the recipe book.

To prepare chicken legs, we needed chicken legs, lemon (30 g), garlic (15 g), vegetable oil (70 ml), salt and spices (curry and smoked paprika).

To begin with, we squeezed the juice out of 30 g of lemon and, using a garlic press, processed the garlic into a pulp.

We added curry and smoked paprika to the lemon juice and garlic, then carefully rolled the washed and dried chicken legs in this mixture. After that, we put the chicken in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Then vegetable oil was added to the multicooker bowl, the “Frying” program was selected and the time was set to 25 minutes. After the slow cooker reached the desired temperature and beeped, we placed the chicken legs in the bowl and left them to cook for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, we noticed a slight burning smell and, after checking the chicken legs, we were convinced that they needed to be turned. It was not recommended to leave them in one position throughout the entire program, since only one side would brown, and at some point it could even burn a little.

We turned the legs over to the other side and waited for the end of the program (another 10 minutes) so that they were evenly fried. The final result pleased us — it turned out to be perfectly fried, juicy meat, even to the very bones.

Result: good

Result: good


To prepare the soup, we needed various meat products, meat broth, pickled cucumber, onions, tomato paste, rice, olives, lemon, salt and ground black pepper. We decided to prepare the soup in two bowls at once, so we took twice as many ingredients as indicated in the recipe from the Internet.

We cut the meat into large pieces, the onion into medium pieces, and the pickles into small cubes.

We always have meat broth for such purposes in the freezer, so we simply heated it on the stove in advance.

To fry the onions, we turned on the “Frying” program for the first bowl for 5 minutes and added vegetable oil to it. At the end of frying, distribute the onions equally among both bowls.

We also divided the chopped ingredients and washed rice evenly into two containers, added tomato paste, and then filled everything with broth and water 1 to 1.

Next, we set the “Soup” mode for 50 minutes and went to rest.

Towards the end of cooking, we added olives and salt and pepper our soups.

When serving, add some greens, lemon and sour cream to the soup. It turned out very tasty and satisfying.

Result: excellent


The Garlyn MR-Duo 15 multicooker is a large-sized device that can replace several types of equipment and provide food even for a large family. Instead of two separate pots, which would take up space on the stove and require constant supervision, this multi-cooker with two doors and bowls allows you to cook a variety of dishes without the need for constant supervision.

Despite its large size, the functionality and mobility of this model help save space in the kitchen. This device can easily replace not only the oven and stove, but also other devices. This makes it ideal for modern apartments where compactness and convenience are valued. It is also perfect for studios, kitchen-living rooms and use in dorms or cottages, where it can be easily transported and stored in any convenient place.

The MR-Duo 15 device did not cause us any serious complaints. However, we would appreciate the addition of a screen lock feature to prevent children from accidentally tampering with the cooking process. Although the website states that such a function is provided, we were unable to find it in the instructions or through experimentation.

The MR-Duo 15, like other devices from Garlyn, features excellent packaging, high-quality build quality and a stylish design. The intuitive interface, as well as many small features such as removable valves for easy cleaning, steam containers and a variety of convenient accessories, make using the device even more enjoyable. Intelligent auto programs help save time, making the MR-Duo 15 an indispensable assistant in the kitchen.


  • many auto programs
  • the ability to cook two or even four different dishes at the same time
  • convenient and intuitive controls
  • excellent non-stick coating of bowls
  • removable washable valve


  • no control panel lock (although the website states otherwise)