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Review of the gas hob Millen MGH 451 IX

27.02.2024 11:13

In our review today we will talk about our impressions of using the Millen MGH 451 IX gas hob. This model, made of stainless steel, is compact in size, but is equipped with three heating zones of different sizes, including a high-power wok burner.

This hob can operate both from gas from a gas pipeline and from bottled gas, and also has the ability to connect to the mains, which provides convenient automatic ignition with one movement of the hand. Each burner is also equipped with a gas control for safe use.


ModelMGH 451 IX
Typebuilt-in gas hob
Country of OriginTürkiye
Guarantee3 years
Life time *10 years
Number of burners3
Power6050 W (3300 W, 1750 W, 1000 W)
Surface materialsteel
Grating materialcast iron
Optionselectric ignition, gas control, main and bottled gas
Equipmentnozzles for bottled gas, corner fitting, seal, fasteners
Weight without packaging8.45 kg
Dimensions (W×L)460×510 mm
Dimensions for installation445×490 mm
Network cable length1m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The Millen MGH 451 IX hob is supplied in a compact cardboard package with an illustration of the device, main characteristics and a QR code that leads to the company’s official website. Inside, the slab is securely fixed using foam inserts, ensuring safe transportation.

The Millen MGH 451 IX kit consists of:

  • hob
  • two cast iron grates
  • divider covers
  • burners
  • jets for bottled gas
  • corner fitting
  • seal
  • fasteners
  • instructions and warranty card

At first sight

The surface of the built-in gas panel Millen MGH 451 IX is entirely made of silver stainless steel.

Rotary handles, made of a similar material, are located in the center, closer to the outer edge of the stove. Under each knob there is a marking with the range of adjustment and an indication of the burner it belongs to.

In the center of the left side of the hob there is a powerful wok burner with a power of 3300 W. On the right are two smaller burners: the lower one with a power of 1000 W, the upper one with a power of 1750 W (although the use of these values ​​for a gas stove is arbitrary, they can be a guideline for those who are used to electric stoves). The wok burner is a single structure with a large divider and two separate lids.

The heavy cast iron grates do not move when touched, as they fit into special recesses in the surface of the panel. There are small rubber feet on the bottom of the grates.

The edges of the grilles have a slight angular slope, which makes their top part a little smaller. The total usable area of the upper part is 45x40 cm.

All three burners are equipped with gas control and an electric ignition mechanism.

The dividers are installed in the sockets clearly, without distortions. The divider covers are quite heavy and carefully made. The design is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

At the bottom of the metal case, small ventilation holes and stickers with the technical characteristics of the device are visible.

On the back side there is a network cable mount with a plug. Cable length — 1 meter. Nearby, on the side, there is a gas pipe for connection to the main or bottled gas.


The instructions for the gas panel are issued in the form of a small A5 brochure.

The manual provides detailed information about the safety of use, instructions for installing and connecting the hob, as well as a full description of the equipment and principles of operating the device. The final part of the instructions contains a table with recommendations for troubleshooting possible problems.


The gas stove is controlled by three mechanical handles. Under each knob there is a drawing of the control range and an identification of the burner.

To activate the burner, you need to press the knob, turn it counterclockwise until the gas supply reaches maximum, hold it in this position, waiting for the electric ignition to activate and the flame to appear. After this, you need to wait about 15 seconds without releasing the handle, and only then release it. When using electric ignition for a large burner, you only need to hold the knob for 5-8 seconds.

Gas adjustments should be left to an authorized gas technician when installing or servicing the hob.

Connection and installation

The size of the installation niche is 445x490x40 mm. The panel is securely fixed from below using fasteners (clamps) and screws from the kit. To ensure tightness, a special sealing tape is laid between the tabletop and the panel.

When installing the stove, it is important to observe the recommended minimum gaps from the side or rear wall, which are 6 cm. The distance to the hood or other horizontal surface above the stove must be at least 70 cm.

To connect to bottled gas, the jets, if necessary, can be rearranged using an open-end wrench. The gas connection can be made directly through a flexible hose with a threaded connection or using an elbow adapter. Detailed installation information is provided in the instructions.


Before using it, we thoroughly cleaned the hob with a damp cloth and then dried it. When first turned on and subsequently, the device did not emit any foreign odors.

During the entire period of use, we did not encounter any problems and were satisfied with the operation of the hob. The cast iron grates proved to be durable and comfortable, providing a secure hold for the dishes. Even when using a ∅25 cm frying pan on a wok burner, there is still space on the right side of the panel for small containers with a diameter of up to 19 cm.

The total weight distributed over all three burners must not exceed 20 kg. It is not recommended to place cookware weighing more than 6 kg (including contents) on one burner, even on a wok burner.

The wok burner provides a very strong flame at high power, but flexible adjustment allows you to avoid overheating the food. At minimum power, it is even possible to cook soup at a stable 95 °C. On the lowest power of the small burner (1000 W), we achieved a gentle simmer of the broth in an uncovered pan at only 93 °C.

Gas control functions properly. The flame from all burners burns evenly and is resistant to blowing out. The handles do not get hot and their gas flow can be adjusted precisely, although they slip a little if you grip them with wet hands.


After each use, it is recommended to clean the stove using a soft sponge or cloth dampened with warm water and a neutral detergent. To clean burners and grates, it is allowed to use a non-metallic brush and soap solution. The use of abrasives, bleaches or acids is prohibited.

Our measurements

Gas control on all burners is activated 5-8 seconds after the flame goes out.

Practice tests

Chicken bouillon

Three chicken legs were placed in a large saucepan, 3 liters of water were added, a couple of onions were added, salt was added and placed on a wok burner. The time it took for water to boil in a saucepan with the lid closed was 15.5 minutes. Reducing the heat to low, measured the light boiling point using a thermometer. The minimum temperature on this burner was 95 °C. On the medium burner and on the small burner, the minimum temperature was 93 °C. The pan was left on a small burner and the broth was simmered for an hour.

Pan ∅24 cm on the smallest burner

Pan ∅24 cm on the smallest burner

The temperature of the liquid in the pan was stable throughout.

Half an hour before the end of cooking, we added a couple of potatoes and carrots to the broth, and boiled eggs on the adjacent burner.

Result: excellent.

Result: excellent.

Braised sauerkraut with pork

First, in a large frying pan on the maximum flame of a wok burner, we fried the onions and carrots until golden brown.

Then we took 800 g of pork ham without fat, cut it into small pieces and quickly fried it at maximum power.

When the pieces of meat have acquired an appetizing crispy crust, return the onions and carrots to the frying pan, add squeezed sauerkraut, tomato paste, a couple of teaspoons of sugar and mix thoroughly. Add a little water, reduce the flame to low, cover with a lid and simmer the dish for 30 minutes. The cabbage softens gently, maintaining its structure, and the meat is perfectly soaked during this time.

Result: excellent.

Result: excellent.


Heat a frying pan with a small amount of oil on a wok burner and place the cheesecakes on it. We chose a medium flame power level, which allows us to evenly fry the cheesecakes to an appetizing crust, avoiding overdrying or charring them too quickly. A couple of cheesecakes, the edges of which were still burnt, were placed on the frying pan first, when the fire was still at its maximum level.

Just a few minutes on each side — and the result is excellent. The skin turned out golden brown, everything inside was cooked evenly.

Result: excellent.

Result: excellent.


The Millen MGH 451 IX gas hob is a device with a laconic and simple design that is easy to care for and convenient to operate. Its use is intended for cooking dishes in three dishes at the same time, provided that the diameter of the dishes on the largest burner does not exceed 23-25 cm, leaving space for two adjacent containers up to 19 cm in size each.

The model can be connected to both main gas and a cylinder. Gas control and electric ignition work correctly. The flame of all three burners is stable and has a sufficient range of adjustment, allowing you to quickly fry and slowly cook.


  • stylish modern design
  • optimal flame control range
  • gas control and electric ignition
  • cool handles
  • works with main and bottled gas


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