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Review of the built-in oven Millen MEO 6002 BB

27.06.2024 09:17

We are testing the Millen MEO 6002 BB oven. This built-in model in classic black has a spacious chamber with a volume of 73 liters. Inside the chamber there are 6 levels for placing baking trays and racks that come included.

The oven is equipped with a touch panel with display, a pair of recessed handles and 8 standard modes, combining traditional top/bottom heating with convection and grill.

The oven is equipped with a touch panel with display, a pair of recessed handles and 8 standard modes, combining traditional top/bottom heating with convection and grill.


ModelMEO 6002 BB
Typeelectric oven
Country of OriginTürkiye
Guarantee3 years
Lifetime *10 years
Energy consumption2500 W, class A
Bottom heating element power1200 W
Upper heating element power1100 W
Controlmechanical, touch, timer
Heating temperature50—250 °C
Volume73 l
Case colorblack
Housing materialstainless steel, glass
Inner coatingenamel
Door typefolding, removable
Number of glassestwo, one removable
ControlRotary switches and touch panel with LED display
Number of operating modes8
Accessories includedenamel baking tray and metal grid
Functionsconvection, grill, defrost, timer, control panel lock
Weight without packaging30.5 kg
Dimensions without packaging (H×W×D)595×595×547 mm
Dimensions for installation (H×W×D)600×560×550 mm
Network cable length1.5 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The Millen MEO 6002 BB oven arrived at our laboratory in a polystyrene foam package wrapped in polyethylene. The central part of the front is reinforced with a durable plastic strip. In the upper right corner there is a sticker with information about the device.

The kit includes:

  • oven with removable guides
  • enamel baking tray and wire rack
  • instructions, warranty card and energy efficiency sticker

At first sight

The design of the Millen MEO 6002 BB is a modern classic. Strict lines and a laconic facade give the oven an elegant and presentable look that will fit perfectly into any kitchen interior.

The outer panel is made entirely of black glossy glass. The door viewing window is slightly darkened.

The materials used in the facade give the impression of a device from a higher price category.

The control panel is traditionally located parallel to the protruding metal handle at the top. In the center there is a display with touch buttons, and on the sides there are two recessed control knobs. Around them, operating modes and temperatures are indicated in muted gray.

The door opens smoothly, stays ajar and closes without a slam. When closed, it fits tightly, without cracks or backlash. Both the door itself and its inner glass are removable.

The internal structure can be called standard. The 73-liter chamber is covered with enamel, there is a grill heater in the upper part, and a 25-watt halogen lamp is installed in the far right corner. There is a fan in the center, behind the grille, and removable metal guides are attached to the sides. Containers can be placed on six levels. This model does not have telescopic guides.

The set of oven accessories is quite modest: one enamel baking sheet and a metal grid. Both items are standard and the materials look good.

On the outer side walls of the case there are stampings, ventilation slots and carrying handles.

On the back wall, in addition to the ventilation holes, at the bottom there is a place for attaching the power cord with a plug.

The assembly of the oven is neat; upon careful inspection of the device from all sides, we did not find any visible defects.


The instructions for Millen MEO 6002 BB are presented in the form of a 47-page A5 brochure. The document consistently explains the structure of the oven, its installation, all the nuances of operation and control. It also contains a detailed description of operating modes and care tips. The last pages are dedicated to warranty information.


The Millen MEO 6002 BB control unit consists of three elements: two recessed rotary switches and a display with touch buttons.

The left knob clockwise selects one of 8 operating modes:

Traditional Heat + Convection: The optimal combination for most dishes. In this mode, the upper and lower heating elements work together with the fan.

Traditional heating without ventilation: Only the upper and lower heating elements heat.

Large grill + convection: The top heating element and fan work. This mode is suitable for frying foods that occupy the entire grill or baking tray.

Large grill without convection: Only the grill heater works, designed for products that occupy the entire plane of the baking sheet or grill.

Small grill + convection: Ideal for frying small portions.

Bottom heating: Only the bottom heating element works.

Defrosting: Air at room temperature circulates through the chamber, the heating elements are not active.

Lighting: The light is on, but neither the fan nor the heating elements work. When cooking modes are turned on, the lighting turns on automatically.

The right knob is used to adjust the temperature from 50 to 250 °C or up to Max. The divisions on the scale are convenient, each corresponds to 10 °C.

We checked what the maximum mark corresponds to. Our temperature probe is limited to 250 °C, so above this temperature we used a pyrometer. Immediately after heating was completed, we opened the door and took a measurement. The pyrometer showed 290 °C—an impressive result.

When the oven is on, the display shows the remaining cooking time, and when it is off, it shows the time as a clock.

Below the display there are four touch buttons:

  • Back
  • OK (confirm)
  • + (next/increase)
  • − (previous/decrease)

With their help, you can set the clock (without this step the oven will not turn on), set an alarm, set the cooking duration, delay the start, set the end of cooking at a specified time and lock the control panel.


Before first use, according to the instructions, we preheated the oven to maximum temperature for 30 minutes. This procedure helped to quickly get rid of the slight specific odor characteristic of new equipment. After cooling, we wiped down the inner chamber and washed the baking sheet and wire rack.

The oven turned out to be easy to use, the controls are intuitive even without looking at the instructions. The set of modes is optimal for basic home cooking tasks. The oven capacity is quite large, and convection air effectively distributes heat throughout the chamber, allowing you to cook on several levels at the same time.

I was also pleased with the uniform distribution of heat over the surface of the baking sheet. We did not find any overheated or underheated areas either during measurements or during practical tests. There was no need to flip or move the pan to different levels during cooking.

The viewing window and good illumination of the chamber allow you to observe the process without the need to open the door, which maintains the temperature inside.

The device body heats up moderately. The oven operates almost silently, the fan makes a quiet and quiet noise. The beeps when pressing buttons and signaling the end of a program are moderately loud. The touch buttons respond quickly and clearly, and the surface of the recessed knobs allows you to rotate them comfortably even with wet fingers.


To clean external surfaces, it is recommended to use a damp cloth or sponge with a neutral detergent, and then wipe everything with a dry paper towel. For convenience, the door and its inner glass, as well as the rubber seal and side chamber guides can be removed.

For light contamination, the inner chamber can be cleaned in the same way. For stubborn stains, it is recommended to treat the surface with steam. To do this, place a baking tray with water on the lower level, start the oven for 20 minutes in the Bottom Heat mode at 100 degrees and close the door. After cooling, the inner surface should be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge with detergent, then wipe dry. Do not use harsh, scratchy scourers or aggressive chemicals.

Our measurements

In standby mode, the device consumes 0.4 W. A cold oven heats up to 180°C in 14 minutes. For 1 hour of operation in top and bottom heating mode with convection at 180 °C, the oven consumed 0.803 kWh.

The maximum energy consumption in the top and bottom heating mode with convection at a temperature of 180°C was 2223 W. In larger grill mode with convection at 220°C — 2377 W.

We checked whether the heating of the baking sheet corresponded to the specified temperature and the spread of values ​​across its plane. To do this, we turned on the lower and upper heating mode with convection at a temperature of 180 °C. Maintaining heat in the oven occurs as follows: first the temperature rises to a certain limit, then it begins to fall (heating is turned off), then it rises again (heating is turned on). We recorded these two numbers, the minimum and maximum temperature values, at five points on the heated baking sheet.

Here's what we got:

179—185°C 178—183 °C
 185—190 °C 
176—180 °C 179—184 °C

About the thermal insulation of the body. The oven door, operating at 180–200 °C for several hours, heated up to 55–65 °C, the sides and outer top panel — up to 23 °C.

Practice tests


We decided not to marinate the almost 2-kilogram whole chicken and just bake it in salt. To add flavor, crushed garlic was rubbed under the skin. The process is simple: pour half a kilo of salt onto a baking sheet, level it and place the chicken on top (breast side down so that the meat in this part remains juicy). The legs and wings were protected with foil from burning.

The oven was operated at 180 °C in Traditional heating mode (top+bottom) with convection.

The chicken was baked until fully cooked for 1 hour 20 minutes. It absorbed just the right amount of salt, which made it juicy inside, and a light golden crust formed on the outside.

Result: excellent

Result: excellent

Kupaty and squash caviar

Ingredients for caviar: zucchini — 1 kg, tomatoes — 350 g, red bell pepper — 200 g, carrots — 200 g, onions — 200 g, sunflower oil — 3 tbsp.l., salt and ground black pepper — to taste

For squash caviar, chopped vegetables were salted, peppered, greased with sunflower oil and placed in a baking bag. The sleeve was gently shaken to evenly distribute the vegetables, and several punctures were made with a toothpick to prevent it from bursting when heated. Then the sleeve with vegetables was placed on a baking sheet and placed in a preheated oven operating in top+bottom mode with convection at 180 °C.

After half an hour, the kupats were added to the oven.

After another 15 minutes, we changed the mode to Large grill with convection and increased the heat to 220 °C.

During the process, the sausages were turned over once, and after waiting for an appetizing brown color to form, they turned off the oven.

During this time, the vegetables were perfectly baked, there were no raw pieces left in the total mass, nothing was burnt on the bottom.

After cooling, we placed the sleeve in the refrigerator, after a while we removed the vegetables, drained off the excess liquid and crushed them into caviar in a blender.

After cooling, we placed the sleeve in the refrigerator, after a while we removed the vegetables, drained off the excess liquid and crushed them into caviar in a blender.

Result: excellent

Result: excellent

Nut puffs

Ingredients: 500 g puff pastry without yeast, 150 g walnuts, 2 tbsp.l. sugar, a pinch of cinnamon and one egg

We mixed coarsely chopped walnuts, sugar, cinnamon and egg white. On a surface sprinkled with flour, roll out two layers of dough weighing 250 g each. The nut mixture was evenly distributed onto one of the layers, then the second layer of dough was placed on top and, lightly pressing, rolled with a rolling pin.

We cut the workpiece into identical rectangles and rolled each of them into a spiral, placing it on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. The puff pastries were coated with egg yolk before placing the container in an oven preheated to 220 °C on the top+bottom setting.

After 15 minutes, when the puff pastries had grown sufficiently and separated, we changed the mode to top + bottom with convection and reduced the heating to 190 degrees.

Another 10 minutes — and everything was ready. Crispy and tasty, equally browned and evenly baked puff pastries are the ideal result.

Result: excellent

Result: excellent

Apple pie with cream soufflé


dough: flour — 250 g, baking powder — 1 tsp, butter 82.5% — 90 g, sugar — 40 g, 2 egg yolks, pinch of salt

filling: apples — 500 g, sugar — 40 g, lemon juice — 4-5 tbsp.l., a pinch of cinnamon

cream soufflé: 2 egg whites, sugar — 40 g, vanilla sugar — 1 tsp, sour cream 25% — 400 g, corn starch — 30 g

We cut a pound of apples into cubes, doused them with lemon juice and sprinkled them with cinnamon and sugar, then simmered until al dente.

Salt and baking powder were added to the flour, then cold butter, cut into cubes, was added and ground into crumbs. Mix the yolks with sugar, add to the dough and mix thoroughly until you get a tiny consistency that can be easily crushed with your fingers. Place ⅔ of this crumb into a container with a diameter of 20 cm, forming a bottom and small sides. The remaining dough and the workpiece were placed in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

Then put the whites with regular and vanilla sugar into a bowl, beat to medium peaks and add starch and sour cream, beating again at low speed.

While the oven was preheating to 170 °C with top and bottom heat, we started assembling the cake. We took the pan with the dough out of the refrigerator and placed the apple filling on the cooled bottom. Then spread the sour cream evenly, level it and sprinkle the remaining crumbs on top.

It took exactly 50 minutes to bake.

After cooling, we let the cake sit in the refrigerator for a couple of hours and immediately began to taste it. Very good, I must say.

Result: excellent

Result: excellent


The Millen MEO 6002 BB oven passed all our practical tests perfectly. It heats up quickly, maintains a stable temperature throughout the cooking process and distributes heat evenly over the surface of the pan. With the help of convection, heat is evenly distributed throughout the chamber.

Operating the oven is convenient and intuitive, even without the need to study the instructions for a long time. This is done through a combination of a display with touch buttons and a pair of recessed mechanical controls. The user selects one of eight operating modes and sets the temperature in 10-degree increments. The set of modes is standard, sufficient for various culinary tasks in the home kitchen. The spacious inner chamber allows you to cook large portions or several dishes at the same time.


  • uniform heating and stable temperature maintenance
  • timer and control panel lock
  • spacious chamber with a volume of 73 liters
  • removable door, glass and side grilles
  • recessed handles and soft-closing door system


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