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Review of the Evolution AirLeaf AL-803R Smart floor fan: controlled by voice and remote control

21.06.2024 08:55

Today we have the Evolution AirLeaf AL-803R Smart floor fan. Its smart features include the ability to control via smartphone and voice assistant Alice. In addition, the fan has classic buttons on the body and a remote control.

The fan offers 9 speeds, 3 operating modes and a built-in 10-hour timer that allows the device to automatically turn off. Among the features, we can note the design of the AL-803R leg, which is assembled from one, two or three sections, allowing you to adjust the height of the device.

Fan assembly option without additional leg sections (minimum height)

Fan assembly option without additional leg sections (minimum height)

We will test the fan in domestic conditions, measuring its energy consumption, air flow speed and noise level. This will help us determine how effective it is and whether it is worth choosing for summer use.


ModelAirLeaf AL-803R Smart
Typefloor axial fan
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Life time *3 years
Power55 W
Number of speeds9
Number of modes3
Horizontal rotationThere is
Smartphone controlThere is
Remote controlIR remote control
Weight5.4 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)400×1250×440 mm
Network cable length1.5 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The fan is supplied in a large flat box made of white glossy cardboard with gray printing. On the front side of the package there are manufacturer logos, model name, pictograms with the main advantages of the device and a vector illustration of the device.

On the side edges of the box, the technical characteristics and main features of the model are indicated: blade diameter — 35 cm (14″), power — 50 W, nine rotation speeds, automatic body rotation mechanism, overheating protection, as well as remote control and control from a smartphone.

Inside the box we found an disassembled fan, a remote control, rubber feet and a user manual with a warranty card.

At first sight

Like most axial fans, our device is supplied unassembled. Its assembly takes no more than 5 minutes, even using all sections of the leg. The maximum height of the device is 125 cm, the average is 100 cm, and the minimum is 70 cm.

Fan assembly option with two additional leg sections (maximum height)

Fan assembly option with two additional leg sections (maximum height)

When assembling, the first step is to install the metal “pancake” of the base and screw the leg sections into it one by one.

Each section of the leg, including the main part with the motor block, has a thread and can be screwed into the base without the participation of the other sections, or connected to any of them.

The main part of the device is a motor block with a tilt and rotation adjustment mechanism. It is integrated with the case, inside of which there is electronic filling. On the front side there is a display and a control panel with five buttons (we'll look at it in detail below). A washer is attached around the motor axis, holding the rear part of the protective grille.

After installing the main section, you need to remove the threaded washer from the motor block and put the rear part of the protective grill on the axle, securing it with this washer. Then an impeller is installed on the motor axis, which is secured with the attached nut. Both fixing elements have left-hand threads.

The fan impeller has eight blades made of translucent blue plastic. It is protected by a standard wire grille design.

The front of the grille is aligned with the back and secured by turning it clockwise.

The tilt of the motor block with the impeller is adjustable within 15°.

On the main section of the device at the rear bottom there is an outlet for a 1.5 m long power cord. A little higher there is a nameplate with brief technical information.

On the main section of the device at the rear bottom there is an outlet for a 1.5 m long power cord. A little higher there is a nameplate with brief technical information.


The instruction manual is a 17-page booklet printed on thin paper. The quality of the printing is good, numerous diagrams and drawings are legible and understandable.

We found all the necessary information for operation, including step-by-step instructions for connecting the fan to a smartphone with a QR code for downloading the application. The text is conveniently structured by topic and divided into small sections with prominent paragraphs, different readable fonts, frames, highlights and numbering. This approach deserves respect, and we thank the manufacturer for taking care of the user and saving his time.


The AirLeaf AL-803R Smart is controlled using five buttons located on the base of the body. Just above them is an LED display that shows the selected mode, operating speed and timer activation.

The purpose of the buttons is intuitive:

  • The “On/Off” button turns on the fan and starts pairing with a smartphone (more details in the “Control from a smartphone” section). When turned on for the first time, the device operates at minimum speed, but after the first shutdown it remembers the last selected mode.
  • The “Timer” button sets the automatic shutdown timer. By successive presses, you can set auto-shutdown from 1 to 10 hours in 1-hour increments. The set time is indicated by a combination of four red LEDs: for example, 5 o'clock corresponds to the illuminated signals 1h and 4h, and 7 o'clock — 1h, 2h and 4h.
  • The “Swing” button turns the fan on or off.

Remote control

For remote control, the kit includes a small infrared remote control with six buttons.

The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries, they are not supplied.

The purpose of the buttons on the remote control is almost identical to the control panel on the case. The only difference is the presence of a “Mode” button, which is responsible for selecting one of three operating modes.

  • In the “Normal” mode (the indicator is in the top middle of the display), the rotation speed of the blades remains constant. The user can select the desired speed manually, and the fan will work stably.
  • In the “Natural Wind” mode, the fan imitates natural conditions, smoothly changing the rotation speed from minimum to maximum. At the same time, the indicator to the right of the main one lights up on the display.
  • “Sleep” mode is designed for quiet operation of the fan at low speeds, with periodic slight acceleration.

Smartphone control

To control this fan model via voice commands from Alice, you must first register and add the device to the Smart Life application, even if you plan to use only voice control.

The steps to connect are as follows:

  1. Download the application for iOS/Android and complete the one-minute registration procedure or log into an existing account.
  2. Select your desired Wi-Fi network (please note that only 2.4 GHz band is supported, 5 GHz is not supported).
  3. After logging into the application, click the blue “Add Device” button.
  4. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and press the On/Off button on the fan to begin the device pairing process.
  5. Wait for the pairing process to complete.

This way, you will be able to control the fan both through the Smart Life application and using voice commands from Alice after the setup is completed.

After successful pairing, the application opens the main device control window.

The main screen displays an animated picture of the fan, which slows down or speeds up depending on the speed slider you move left or right. Between the slider and the fan image is a light bulb-shaped button that turns the fan display backlight on or off. At the bottom of the screen there are three buttons: “On/Off”, “Mode”, “Settings”. There is a pencil icon in the upper right corner to change the device name.

In the “Mode” section we can select the fan operating style:

  • Normal mode
  • Natural wind
  • Sleeping mode

In the “Settings” section we can enable/disable the rotating fan mechanism and set a timer from 1 to 10 hours.

Setting up and working with the application went smoothly and quickly.

Now go to the “Home with Alice” application and repeat all the same steps to go to the main screen.

Next, click on the “+” icon in the upper right corner to open the “Add device” section and enter the Smart Life application in the search bar.

Select Smart Life with the blue icon and begin linking it to Yandex. Enter your username and password from Smart Life and wait for connection.

We then press the purple «Update device list» button and the application automatically takes us to our device's settings. Yandex does not accept foreign device names and asks you to name it in Cyrillic, as well as indicate the room where the device will be placed. We change the name, select the room «living room», and now Alice is ready to control our fan.

The application rejoices, and we go to study the commands available to the voice assistant.

The list of commands is not very extensive, but is quite sufficient for normal use of the fan. Interestingly, unlike the Smart Life application, Alice can set the timer for 15 and other non-standard minute intervals, while in the main application the minimum timer time starts at 1 hour in hourly increments.

Alice responded to all commands without delay (the response time after Alice’s response to our request was no more than a second) and easily controlled the operation of the device.


First you need to completely assemble the fan, which is easy to do thanks to detailed illustrations in the instruction manual and takes a minimum of time.

Before you start working with the remote control, you need to install two AAA batteries, which you will need to purchase.

During practical testing of the AirLeaf AL-803R Smart there were no unpleasant surprises: all declared modes work reliably, and the controls are intuitive.

Control via a smartphone turned out to be convenient; I was especially pleased with the fast connection without unnecessary complications.

Alice successfully controls the fan through the app and smart speaker, performing simple commands such as turning on/off and setting a timer. At the moment, it does not regulate the speed of operation, but one can hope to expand its functionality.

Despite the fairly quiet operation of the fan itself, the sound signals when you press the control buttons remain quite loud and cannot be turned off, which is somewhat disappointing. These sound signals also accompany every action when controlled via a smartphone or Alice.

We were impressed by the materials used to make the fan and the attention to every detail. We appreciated the many useful features included in this stylish model. The only thing that was not entirely satisfactory was the blue blades, which, in our opinion, are less in harmony with the interior of the house compared to transparent or white ones.


It is not recommended to use steam jets to clean any fan components. It is also important to avoid cleaning products that contain chlorine, ammonia, or bleach. Do not use abrasives such as powders, stain removers, metal pads or scrapers.

The fan housing should not be immersed in water or placed in a dishwasher.

After 1-2 years of operation, it is recommended to add a little lubricating oil to the motor bearing to ensure smooth operation of the fan.

Our measurements

The power consumed by the fan and the noise produced by the device depend on the selected operating mode:

Power, W2426.429.135.436.442.34550.857.1
Noise, dB(A)454748505053555660

To evaluate the maximum performance of the AL-803R, we used an anemometer, placing its impeller close to the fan grille and taking measurements at sixteen points. The average flow velocity at the grid was 3.12 m/s. Taking into account the fan diameter of 400 mm, the maximum air flow is 23.49 cubic meters per minute.


Our test fan has a classic design with a modern, stylish design reminiscent of the minimalistic products of the famous Chinese brand. With nine speeds and three operating modes, the AirLeaf AL-803R Smart becomes a universal device for use at home, in a small office or in the country. Particularly pleasant are its automatic shutdown timer, artificial wind and sleep modes, as well as the ability to control via a smartphone and the voice assistant Alice.

Fan assembly option with one additional leg section (medium height)

Fan assembly option with one additional leg section (medium height)

This classic remote control adds convenience. It provides access to all of the fan's functions, allowing you to adjust the unit from your seat without having to bend over in front of it.

This product is perfect as a gift for the summer season for lovers of modern technology and stylish items who value maximum comfort. In addition, the cost of the fan is also quite affordable (at least until the hot days start).


  • nine speeds
  • three-level height adjustment
  • remote control via remote control, smartphone and Alice
  • automatic shutdown timer
  • artificial wind and sleep modes
  • stylish appearance


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