Review of air washer Rawmid RMH-01

04.05.2024 10:25

Among other devices of this type, the Rawmid RMH-01 air washer attracts attention with its unusual design — it is a parallelepiped-shaped body that more closely resembles a satellite or space device. During testing, we will carefully examine it to determine if there are any special features in its design.


Typeair washer (humidifier)
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year (2 years if registered on the manufacturer’s website)
Humidification typenatural
Performanceup to 1500 mg per hour
Capacity volume7 l
Remote controlWiFi
HEPA filter class
Carbon filterNo
Water heatingThere is
Number of speeds4
Night modeThere is
Noise levelfrom 35 to 65 dB
Power consumption500 W
Aroma functionThere is
Child lockThere is
Weight4 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)350×460×350 mm
Network cable length1.5 m


The climate complex is supplied in a large cardboard box with a distinctive corporate design. The front side shows a color photograph of the device, next to which the manufacturer lists the main advantages of the model. Among them are a natural method of humidification through evaporation, high productivity (up to 1.5 liters per hour), an air purification function and touch control.

The sides of the box provide summary specifications, certification information, and shipping instructions. After opening the box, we found the device assembled, a user manual and a warranty card.

At first sight

The Rawmid RMH-01 air washer attracts attention with its unusual design and device, which differ from most devices in this class known to us. Instead of the usual parallelepiped, we see a complex and futuristic design, made in monochrome.

At the top of the case there is a convex control panel with an LED display made of black plastic. It is surrounded by an output grille, and below is a motor unit with a fan and control electronics.

The cylindrical filter, which occupies the main volume of the device, is protected by a housing made of gray transparent plastic.

The inlet grilles are located around the circumference of the body, in its lower part. They are also used to replenish the reservoir.

The water container is made in the form of a round bowl made of fairly thin gray plastic. The body of the washer is not fixed when installed on the tank, which can make lifting the unit difficult if it is filled to the brim.

The lower part of the structure is in the water and contains a pump that supplies water to the evaporation filter, as well as a heating element. In pasteurization mode, the heating element maintains the water temperature in the tank at 55°C. This prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic flora, ensuring the purity of the evaporated water.

Access to the filter element is closed by a plastic ring at the bottom of the housing.

To open and remove the cover, simply turn it 5°-10° in the direction indicated by the arrow on the body and remove it from the latches.

Under the cover there is a cylindrical filter element.

The air supplied by the fan passes along the folds of the moisture-resistant filter, which is forcibly irrigated with water. This scheme allows you to simultaneously clean and humidify the flow without creating excess water suspension or hot steam. Unlike ultrasonic or steam devices, the Rawmid RMH-01 air washer uses the principle of natural evaporation.

The filter element has a significant surface area, providing high efficiency in air purification and humidification. The dimensions of the cylinder are 160 mm in height and 220 mm in diameter, and the thickness of the accordion is approximately 20 mm.

The bottom of the tank is equipped with rubber anti-slip pads, and in the center of the bottom panel there is a mandatory nameplate with the serial number and brief technical information.

The bottom of the tank is equipped with rubber anti-slip pads, and in the center of the bottom panel there is a mandatory nameplate with the serial number and brief technical information.


The user manual is presented in the form of a 28-page A5 brochure, printed on thick glossy paper. The printing quality is excellent, full-color illustrations and diagrams are clearly legible.

The instructions are presented in two languages — Russian and English. It begins by explaining the concept of air humidity, how to measure it, and the importance of maintaining comfortable levels in living spaces. The document describes in detail the design of the device, its operation, and also provides advice on its proper operation and care.

A significant part of the instructions is devoted to a mobile application with which you can control the air washer. The presented screenshots illustrate the process of installing and configuring the application, pairing the smartphone with the device and integrating the device into the smart home system.

The instructions end with a list of possible malfunctions, methods for eliminating them and recommendations for proper disposal of the product at the end of its service life.


The air washer control panel includes six touch buttons and a digital LED display. The design is surrounded by a ring of RGB LEDs that change color in accordance with the selected operating mode.

Let's look at the functions of the buttons in order of their location, starting with the bottom touch button:

  1. «Power»: Turns the device on and off. When pressed for a long time (more than 3 seconds), it starts pairing mode with a smartphone.
  2. «Humidity maintenance»: Starts automatic operation depending on the relative humidity in the room. With successive presses you can select a value from 40% to 90% in 5% increments. If the actual humidity level deviates significantly from the set value, the fan and water pump operate at maximum speed to maintain the level.
  3. «Sterilization»: Starts the water heating mode without fan operation. The device heats the water to 55°C and goes into standard humidification mode when completed.
  4. «Powerful Mode»: Switches the device to maximum performance. Long press activates the child lock feature.
  5. «Timer»: Allows you to set automatic shutdown. With successive presses you can set the value from 1 to 12 hours in one hour increments. Long press starts night mode.
  6. “Evaporation level”: Allows you to select one of three evaporation power modes: minimum, medium or maximum.

The large digital display shows the current temperature and relative humidity, and the small display to the right of the main display shows the target humidity or auto-off timer.

Around the digital display are indicators of various modes and conditions, such as sterilization mode, humidity mode, water shortage, panel lock mode and wireless network interface activity.

When operating in humidification mode, the ring RGB backlight shimmers with cool-spectrum colors, and when the sterilization mode is turned on, it illuminates the panel in orange.

When operating in humidification mode, the ring RGB backlight shimmers with cool-spectrum colors, and when the sterilization mode is turned on, it illuminates the panel in orange.

Smartphone control

For control from a smartphone, the manufacturer recommends the Smart Life application — Smart Living (Volcano Technology).

We know this popular application from previous reviews of various equipment. At the time of creation of the material, it had been downloaded more than 10 million times and had a high rating (4.8 out of 5 based on 730 thousand reviews). Smart Life supports many smart devices, combining them into a single ecosystem.

To start using the application, you need to register by confirming your email address or mobile phone. After this, you must agree to the user agreement and read the privacy policy.

To successfully connect with the air washer, the application must be provided with access to geodata and the function of detecting devices nearby. In addition, Smart Life requests permission to send notifications.

To start the pairing process, you must click the «Add device» button. To put the air washer into pairing mode, you need to long press (approximately 3 seconds) the power button on the control panel. After this, the application will automatically detect our device (it will be displayed as «Humidifier») and we can click «Add».

After this, the user is required to enter the wireless network data and wait a little while the new settings are transferred to the device.

The pairing procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes and is completed successfully without any difficulties.

On the main screen we see the current relative humidity value measured by the device. Above it there is a control panel lock button and information about the filter status. Below is the auto-off timer control unit.

At the bottom of the screen there are buttons for selecting the operating mode (standard, night, humidity level, maximum and “sterilization”), power level (minimum, average and maximum) and target humidity.


Before using the device, you must ensure that it is intact and complete. It is recommended to place the device on a flat and stable surface, preferably in an open space to ensure free airflow. The optimal location is closer to a source of fresh air, such as a window. When using an air purifier, the device should be installed in such a way that the air is humidified after cleaning.

It is recommended to use distilled or filtered water for refilling to avoid the accumulation of lime deposits inside the device. Before starting, you must make sure that the tank contains at least 1.2 liters of water, but do not overfill the container.

When operating in sterilization mode, the air washer fan does not function, but returns to normal mode after the water temperature in the tank reaches 55°C.

The built-in hygrometer may have an error of 10-15%, which is due to its location and the effect of humidified air on the sensor. For more accurate readings, the manufacturer recommends using the device with an external measuring device.

In addition, you can use the external hygrometer Rawmid RMS-01, which is additionally equipped with a thermometer, PM2.5 sensor and color display, which allows you to more effectively control indoor humidity.

These recommendations will ensure correct and efficient operation of the Rawmid RMH-01 air washer.

We started by creating a rule that automatically starts the device when the air humidity drops to a critical level set at 35%. To do this, we went to the «Automation» tab on the main screen of the application and clicked the «Create Script» button.

From the list of connected devices in the application we select «PM2.5 Sensor» and open its built-in functions. Then we find the option “Current humidity” and set the condition “Less than 35%”. After that we click the «Next» button.

After setting the condition, we define the action that will be performed when it is executed («if the humidity is less than 35%, then...»). To do this, we select our humidifier from the list of connected devices and select “turn on” in its functions.

After clicking “Save” the script starts working.

After clicking “Save” the script starts working.

It is also important to ensure that the room is not over-watered. To do this, we create another condition that turns off the humidifier if the sensor value exceeds a comfortable 65%.


Do not immerse the appliance body in water or use a dishwasher to clean it. For cleaning it is recommended to use a slightly damp cloth.

The manufacturer notes that without filter maintenance, washing performance may decrease. To remove dust, the filter can be washed by immersing it completely in water. To remove lime deposits, it is recommended to use a weak acid solution, such as citric acid.

The service life of the filter depends on the intensity of use and is about 6 months. After replacing the filter, you must reset the service interval by long pressing the “Sterilization” button.

Our measurements

The power consumption and noise of the device depend, of course, on the operating mode.

Power, W5.28.112.4
Noise, dBA344348

The maximum energy consumption in sterilization mode is 486 W, while in standby mode it does not exceed 1.1 W.

At minimum fan speed the noise is audible, but not too disturbing. At medium speed it does not interfere with normal life in the room. In maximum power mode, the noise can be annoying, but you can still talk without raising your voice.

The maximum humidification performance achieved during practical tests was 880 ml per hour. This figure significantly exceeds similar ultrasonic humidifiers.

To evaluate the maximum performance of the device, we connected a ventilation pipe with a diameter of 260 mm and a length of 1 meter to the outlet grille, then sealed the connection. Using an anemometer, we measured the air flow velocity at 17 points on the outer opening of the pipe. The average speed was approximately 0.72 m/s, which with a duct diameter of 260 mm gives a productivity of 2.28 m³/min or 137 m³/hour.

Practice tests

To assess the real effectiveness of the humidifier and its impact on the indoor climate, we conducted a test in a room with an area of about 18 m² with a ceiling height of 2.5 m. The experiment was carried out in March in St. Petersburg, when the central heating was still turned on, and the temperature without ventilation reached 26°C.

To minimize external influences, we carefully closed doors and windows between tests and ventilated the room. Temperature and humidity measurements were carried out automatically, and there were no people or animals in the room.

Maximum hydration

Having turned on the device in maximum mode, we left it for a long time and waited for a message that the water in the tank had run out. The measurement results can be seen on the graph.

The device started working in a room with a humidity of about 48% and worked until the tank was completely empty for 5 hours. The humidity in the room slowly increased, reaching an impressive 94.5% by the end of the test. Although this level of humidity is far from comfortable, our goal was to measure maximum performance and familiarize ourselves with the capabilities of the device.

Result: excellent.

Minimal moisture

At “low speed,” the humidifier improved the room climate for approximately 10.5 hours. The maximum relative humidity achieved in this test was 67.5%.

The air washer demonstrated excellent performance and long-lasting operation with minimal power.

After turning off the device, the humidity in the room decreased much more slowly than when using ultrasonic humidifiers, which is another advantage of the natural humidification method.

Result: excellent.


The air washer demonstrated excellent performance and long-lasting operation with minimal power.

After turning off the device, the humidity in the room decreased much more slowly than when using ultrasonic humidifiers, which is another advantage of the natural humidification method.

The sterilization function prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the device’s reservoir and on the water filter, while simultaneously increasing performance: warm water evaporates better.

The air washer is compatible with the Tuya/Smart Life ecosystem, which provides convenient control of the device from a smartphone and allows you to integrate Rawmid RMH-01 into a smart home.

Among the disadvantages of the device, it should be noted that the design of the tank is not very convenient — it is quite difficult to carry a device filled to the maximum. Another drawback is that the built-in hygrometer is not very accurate. However, this problem is successfully solved by pairing the air washer with an external climate sensor offered by the manufacturer.


  • gentle humidification and air purification
  • excellent performance and efficiency
  • easy care
  • Compatible with popular smart home ecosystem


  • a device with a filled tank is difficult to carry
  • the built-in hygrometer significantly overestimates the readings