Jimmy F8 hair dryer review

05.06.2024 09:43

We received a Jimmy F8 hair dryer for testing. According to the manufacturer, this device is equipped with a powerful digitally controlled motor capable of achieving air flow rates of up to 18 liters per second. In addition, the hair dryer has a negative ion generator and uses PID intelligent temperature control technology.

In addition to the standard set of three speeds and three air heating temperatures, the hairdryer is equipped with a touch screen with color indication and several built-in auto modes.


Typeelectric hair dryer
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Life time*3 years
Control typemechanical, touch
Housing materialplastic
Power1600 W
Volumeup to 66 dB
overheat protectionThere is
Number of temperature modes3
Number of air flow speeds3
Automatic modes4: hot, cold, mixed, soft
IonizationThere is
Additional attachmentsconcentrator, diffuser
Peculiaritiestouch display with color indication, PID intelligent temperature control technology, self-cleaning function, magnetic nozzle mount
Dimensions when fully assembled (W×H×D)100×238×73 mm
Net weight (without attachments)600 g
Network cable length1.8 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


Inside, the hair dryer and attachments are tightly packed into the cells of the plastic insert. There is a protective foam pad on the inside of the lid, so there is no risk of damage to the hair dryer during transportation.

The kit consists of: the hair dryer itself, a diffuser, a concentrator, instructions and a warranty card.

The kit consists of: the hair dryer itself, a diffuser, a concentrator, instructions and a warranty card.

At first sight

The body of the Jimmy F8 hair dryer is made of matte gray plastic, which is not prone to fingerprints. It features shiny copper accents that give it a sophisticated look. The coating on these inserts feels durable and doesn't feel easily damaged or wear out quickly with regular use.

On the front side of the cylindrical case, the brand logo glistens unobtrusively.

The Jimmy F8 hair dryer looks modern and stylish thanks to its calm colors and neat design. The plastic coating is pleasant to the touch and gives the device an aesthetic appearance.

Ease of use is ensured by the optimal diameter of the handle, which allows you to comfortably hold the hair dryer in your hands. The mechanical switch is conveniently located on the back side, easily accessible to the index finger.

At the bottom of the case there is an air intake hole, which is tightly closed with a cap-shaped plastic filter. The filter is easily removed to reveal the fine mesh fabric filter that protects the hair dryer mechanism.

On the back of the cylindrical body there is an LED screen with touch buttons. When turned off, the panel looks like a black insert made of glossy plastic, which gives the hairdryer an elegant look.

The weight of the device excluding the cord is 450 grams. The main part of the body without attachments is only 10 centimeters long, and the handle is 16.5 centimeters long. The hair dryer is very compact, which makes it easy to store and easy to transport on the go.

The attachment point for the 160 centimeter long cord is protected by a casing made of durable rubber. For convenient fixation, a silicone strap is provided when rolled up. There is also a small barrel on the cord — this is an electromagnetic compatibility filter. The cord itself has fairly thick rubber insulation.

The hair dryer is equipped with two attachments made of durable matte plastic in a graphite shade.

The concentrator nozzle has a typical design, but with one interesting feature: a copper-colored sliding lever allows you to adjust the air flow from less to more. This is an unusual detail that adds variety to the use of the hair dryer. The air outlet dimensions are 5.6 cm long and 0.6 cm wide.

The diffuser appears to be ordinary, but inside the structure you can see blue blades that rotate when the hair dryer is turned on to distribute the air flow more evenly.

The attachments are attached to a metal gold insert using magnets.

To fix the nozzle, simply attach it to the body. The magnets are powerful enough to hold the elements tightly. If necessary, the nozzle can be easily rotated around its axis, but during the drying process it does not spin or fall off.

The assembly of the device is of high quality; we did not find any cracks, backlashes or other defects.

The assembly of the device is of high quality; we did not find any cracks, backlashes or other defects.


Instructions in several languages, including Russian, are presented in the form of a miniature book of 116 pages. The text is in small print, with some translation errors and a few repeated paragraphs, but all the important information can be found there. However, it is unlikely that anyone will carefully study the instructions for a hair dryer, except perhaps the page with the nuances of control.


After connecting to the network, you need to move the mechanical switch on the handle to position I. The hair dryer will immediately start working with the last used settings.

Switching modes and adjusting temperature and speed are carried out using touch buttons on the display.

The button in the center is Mode; each press alternately turns on one of four modes:

  1. Warm — the main mode, where you can adjust the speed and temperature at the user’s discretion (three speeds and three temperatures are available).
  2. Cold — speed adjustment available.
  3. Alternating warm and cold air — both speed and temperature can be adjusted.
  4. Soft — the device operates in reduced temperature and speed mode. When you try to change the settings, the hairdryer goes into main mode.

On the sides of the Mode button there are buttons for changing the level of air heating (Heat) and flow rate (Speed). The parameters switch from 1 to 3, then back to 1, and so on in a circle.

Indicators appear above the buttons as you adjust settings. Changes in temperature conditions are also visualized in the form of a strip that changes color along the upper half of the circle. Everything looks clear and intuitive.

In the very top row there are indicators of water nanoions and negative ions, which always light up while the hair dryer is operating.


We started by taking the hair dryer out of the box, freeing it from packaging materials, unhooking the Velcro and plugging the cord into the mains. The cord is quite long, is not equipped with a hinge, but does not tangle during use.

During use, there were no specific odors from the hair dryer. The body is compact and almost weightless. It is convenient to hold and operate the hair dryer with one hand. The touch buttons on the display respond quickly and accurately to touch. Their location eliminates accidental clicks. Despite the apparent complexity of the controls, it is intuitive and becomes clear after the first use, even without instructions.

During testing, we dried thick hair up to the length of the shoulder blades (40-45 cm). Most of the time we used the average temperature mode and maximum speed, and at the end, without changing the speed, we turned on cold blowing. Drying took about 5 minutes, which is a standard time for this length of hair. Over time, we preferred the mode of alternating warm and cold air and dried our hair only in it. The result in both cases was the same — the hair remained soft, not over-dried and not electrified.

Changes in temperature and power occur instantly, without delay. The maximum temperature is suitable for pulling strands using a concentrator.

To add root volume, it is better to use medium temperature. The lever-shaped regulator can reduce the air flow by almost half.

The diffuser has the optimal depth and length of the “fingers”. The blades inside distribute air flow better than conventional diffusers, which speeds up the drying process of curls. Those with thick, curly hair will especially love this attachment for highlighting natural waves and structuring curls.


The hair dryer body can be wiped with a soft, slightly damp cloth. The air intake filter must be cleaned periodically to remove dust. To do this, turn the outer cap to the left and remove it. Dust from the internal mesh filter can be removed using a soft brush or cotton swab.

Standard care precautions: do not immerse the device in water and do not use abrasive or harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Our measurements

Measurements and calculations of the performance parameters of the Jimmy F8 hair dryer were carried out using a wattmeter, a thermometer and a vane anemometer, which measures the speed of the air flow passing through the hair dryer.

TemperatureActual temperature
at minimum speedat medium speedat maximum speed
Cold air31 °C33 °C35 °C
Soft67 °C
188 °C104 °C120 °C
2110 °C127 °C145 °C
3120 °C148 °C153 °C
TemperatureEnergy consumption
at minimum speedat medium speedat maximum speed
Cold air63 W76 W131 W
Soft560 W
1536 W596 W716 W
2900 W960 W1158 W
31144 W1237 W1550 W
Air flow exit speed, m/sMinimumAverageMaximum
Without nozzle5,66,67,4

After carrying out measurements and calculations, we obtained the following results:

  • In the minimum blowing power mode, the hair dryer “drives” 13 l/s.
  • In the medium blowing power mode, the hair dryer “drives” 16 l/s.
  • In maximum blowing power mode — 18 l/s.

Energy consumption for 5 minutes of operation is:

  • Cold air — 0.001 kWh.
  • Maximum flow power with maximum temperature — 0.126 kWh.

The hairdryer exceeds the declared maximum 66 dB: at maximum mode the volume reaches 75 dB. The sound level meter was located a meter from the operating device. The sound produced by the hair dryer is soft, not rattling and does not cause discomfort.

The test for overheating protection was carried out as follows: the hair dryer was placed in a cardboard box matching the dimensions of the device, turned on at maximum speed, the box was closed with a lid, and the time until the hair dryer turned off was recorded. Our hair dryer worked at maximum power with maximum temperature for almost a minute and did not turn off. With this we have completed the experiment. No foreign odors, such as a burning smell, were noticed, and the body of the device heated up to 73 degrees.


The Jimmy F8 hair dryer impresses from the moment you unbox it. During operation, sympathy for the device only intensifies, and there is no doubt about its effectiveness and convenience. Flexible adjustment of heating power and air flow allows you to use the hair dryer for any type of hair without the risk of damage.

The power of the hair dryer is not record-breaking, but sufficient. After using Jimmy F8, the hair does not become electrified, does not lose natural moisture and remains soft and shiny. Both attachments are useful and convenient, expanding the possibilities of using the device for stretching strands and emphasizing natural curls.

In addition, the hair dryer not only decorates the space, but also features thoughtful ergonomics, convenient controls, compact design and pleasant (albeit high) noise when operating, even at maximum speed.


  • nice design and neat assembly
  • compact size and light weight
  • flexible mode settings
  • antistatic effect
  • concentrator and diffuser included


  • During testing, the overheat shutdown did not work