Garlyn Hair Pro 5 hair dryer review

24.04.2024 13:51

Today we will look at one of three models of hair dryers from the Garlyn brand for hair care — Garlyn Hair Pro 5. This compact hair dryer, made in a snow-white body, offers three power levels and three levels of air heating. It also features a built-in ionizer and the innovative Nano Collagen system. To activate the latter, a special capsule is placed in the hair dryer body.

The manufacturer claims that collagen fills the hair scales, forming a waterproof protective film. This helps retain moisture, provides heat protection and strengthens hair. We have to verify these statements.


ModelHair Pro 5
Typeelectric hair dryer
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year +12 months additional if participating in the extended warranty program
Life time*3 years
Control typemechanical
Housing materialplastic
Power2000 W
MotorBLDC (Brushless DC Motor)
overheat protectionThere is
Number of temperature modes3
Number of air flow speeds3
IonizationThere is
Additional attachmentsconcentrator, diffuser and 2 Nano Collagen capsules
Peculiaritiescolor indication, self-cleaning function, magnetic fastening of nozzles
Dimensions when fully assembled (W×H×D)175×210×75 mm
Net weight fully assembled0.86 g
Network cable length2.77 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


Garlyn Hair Pro 5 comes in a beautiful gift box decorated in the brand's signature style.

On the edges of the durable cardboard box there are images of the device and its attachments, brief technical specifications and a description of the key features of the model.

The hair dryer and attachments are securely fixed inside the package thanks to cutouts in the plastic backing. The hairdryer comes with a concentrator, diffuser and a couple of Nano Collagen capsules. In addition, the package contains brief instructions on a separate sheet, a full version of the instructions in the form of a booklet and a warranty card.

At first sight

The plastic body of Garlyn Hair Pro 5 is white and non-marking. Its style is complemented by glossy and matte silver elements, creating an impression of freshness and attractiveness.

The dimensions of Garlyn Hair Pro 5 are small: the length of the body and handle is 13 cm each. The weight of the device without attachments and cord is only half a kilo. The diameter of the case at the widest part, at the end, is 8 cm.

Control elements are located on the outside and back of the handle. The slide switch and buttons are a bit springy and do not respond to accidental presses.

The shape of the device starts out cylindrical and gradually becomes teardrop-shaped at the apex, where there is a compartment for installing a collagen capsule. The diameter of the air outlet hole is slightly less than 4 cm and is covered with a plastic insert with a recess and air slots. There is a magnetic ring around the hole to which the attachments are attached.

The set includes two capsules. One is already installed in the hairdryer, and the second is stored in a glass jar with a branded logo. According to the manufacturer, one such capsule should be enough for 500 hours of use. This is nice, considering that we were not able to purchase them separately.

Garlyn Hair Pro 5 comes with two attachments. They are made of the same durable white plastic as the main body. Both elements are attached to the body using magnets.

Thanks to this fastening, installation and removal of attachments occurs instantly and effortlessly. The attachments hold tightly, do not fall off on their own, and can easily be rotated 360° if necessary.

The diffuser nozzle has the classic shape of a wide hemisphere with a perforated bottom with special teeth, which also have holes for air outlet.

The design of the hub can be called standard. The hole length is 5.7 cm, width is 1.1 cm.

The air intake hole is covered with a removable plastic cover with magnets, into which a metal grille with small holes is built-in.

Under the mesh grille we found a circular sponge mesh.

A metal mesh grille is located above the air intake for added protection. There are also indicators on the case.

A cord about three meters long, attached to the handle, is protected by a rubber casing from kinks. For convenient storage of the cord in a twisted form, a silicone strap is provided.


The instructions for Garlyn Hair Pro 5 are presented in the form of a small A6 booklet, printed on thick, high-quality glossy paper.

The brochure introduces the user to the main functions and features of the hair dryer, and also provides rules for its use and care. The text is light and accessible.

The brief instructions are in A5 format and contain key information from the main manual. The warranty card is presented as a separate brochure.


When connected to the network, indicators of the current parameters are displayed at the top of the air intake cover.

On the left is an ionization indicator, followed by indicators for temperature and blowing power. The last one on the right is the Nano Collagen function indicator. During normal operation, it, like the others, is illuminated in white. Orange lighting indicates that there is no capsule in the hairdryer or it needs to be replaced.

On the inside of the handle there is a button for selecting the blowing temperature and a sliding switch.

The air temperature changes cyclically with each press: minimum, average, maximum. When you hold the button for a long time, the cold air mode is activated.

On the back of the handle there is a blowing power selection button, which also switches modes cyclically. Three levels are available: minimum, medium and maximum power.

The device can remember the last settings and the next time it is turned on, it starts working with the same parameters.

The device can remember the last settings and the next time it is turned on, it starts working with the same parameters.


When using the Garlyn Hair Pro 5 model, it is important to be attentive to temperature conditions. It is better not to dry your hair at maximum speed and temperature to avoid the risk of overdrying. Optimal parameters for drying include medium blowing speed and medium temperature, followed by switching to minimum heat. For example, for thick hair slightly below shoulder length, the drying process will take approximately 6-7 minutes at these settings. It is recommended to use maximum power only for quickly pulling strands onto a round brush using a concentrator.

The Nano Collagen feature in the Garlyn Hair Pro 5 hair dryer was of particular interest. The mysterious capsule does not open easily, and its contents are a small roll of black material that can be seen by opening the edge towards the opening.

The hair dryer cartridge with collagen technology resembles the filling of similar models released by Japanese manufacturers back in 2016. Although we made sure that the capsule was not a dummy, we did not notice any outstanding effect on dried hair.

We regularly used the hair dryer for a month, both with and without the capsule, but did not find any noticeable difference. The hair dryer itself does its job well: it dries quickly, eliminates static electricity and, if not overheated, does not dry out the hair. As a result, the hair remains soft and silky after drying.

The ergonomics of the hair dryer also deserve praise: convenient placement of buttons and switches, a pleasant feeling in the hand, and intuitive controls. Modes switch in a circle, making the device easier to use.


After unplugging the hair dryer and cooling down, you can wipe the body with a soft cloth. It is important to remember that immersion in water or contact with water is strictly prohibited. You should also avoid using abrasive or chemically aggressive products.

It is recommended to clean the removable air intake filter about once a week using a brush. Also, the air outlet openings should be cleaned from time to time. For this purpose, you can use cotton swabs.

For more effective cleaning, you can use the motor's self-cleaning function. To activate this function, you must hold the fan temperature selection button on the handle together with the switch in the on mode. The hairdryer will begin to circulate air in the opposite direction, which will help clean the filter mesh from contaminants. Automatic cleaning lasts 10 seconds.

Our measurements

To measure and calculate the performance of the Garlyn Hair Pro 5 hair dryer, a wattmeter, a thermometer and a vane anemometer were used, which measured the speed of the air flow passing through the hair dryer.

TemperatureActual temperature
at minimum speedat medium speedat maximum speed
Cold air27 °C35°C 38°C
Minimum heating60°C103 °C 170 °C
Medium heat156 °C187 °C200 °C
Maximum heating206 °C220 °C245 °C
TemperatureEnergy consumption
at minimum speedat medium speedat maximum speed
Cold air48 W86 W111 W
Minimum heating375 W490 W839 W
Medium heat694 W1051 W1296 W
Maximum heating1146 W1430 W1739 W
Air flow exit speed, m/sMinimumAverageMaximum
Without nozzle5.87.57.8

After measurements and calculations, we have the following results:

  • In the minimum blowing power mode, the hair dryer produces 14 l/s.
  • At average power this value increases to 18 l/s.
  • In maximum power mode, the flow rate reaches 19 l/s.
  • Energy consumption for 5 minutes of operation is:
    • 0.004 kWh when using minimum power and cold air flow.
    • 0.149 kWh when operating at maximum power with maximum temperature.
  • The noise level during operation of the hair dryer is moderate, with a soft and non-discomfortable motor sound. The maximum noise level measured at a distance of 1 meter was 74 dBA.
  • A test for overheating protection has been carried out. The hairdryer worked at maximum power with maximum temperature for more than 30 seconds without turning off. There was no burning smell detected, the hair dryer handle became moderately hot. After the test, the hair dryer continued to work without problems.


Garlyn Hair Pro 5 does its job perfectly: it provides optimal blowing speed and has a sufficient temperature range for quick and high-quality drying and styling of hair. However, you should be careful with high temperatures, as the hair dryer can heat the air too much. The built-in hair pulling concentrator is a definite advantage of this model.

In conclusion, we will leave behind the scenes our uncertainty about the difference in drying results with and without a collagen capsule. In any case, with correctly selected parameters, hair dried with this hair dryer becomes soft, silky and shiny, and static electricity is completely eliminated.

The ergonomics of the device are excellent, operation is convenient, and its compact dimensions and light weight do not cause discomfort in use. Important advantages are also the almost three-meter cord and the moderate, soft noise of the motor, even when operating at maximum speed.


  • nice design and neat assembly
  • light weight, compact size and long cord
  • 3 blowing speeds and 3 heating temperatures
  • concentrator and diffuser included
  • antistatic effect
  • moderate noise
  • self-cleaning function


  • overheat protection did not work