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Review of Bork F732 hair dryer with styler function

21.03.2024 09:31

Hair dryer Bork F732 is a premium device with a power of 1650 W, designed for drying all types of hair. It has 10 operating modes, including special modes for children and even fur-bearing pets. The hairdryer comes with a concentrator and a styler attachment, which will help create additional volume at the roots and beautiful curls.

All signs point to the hair dryer promising comfortable use and high performance. However, to be completely sure, we have to check.


Typeelectric hair dryer styler for drying hair
Country of OriginSouth Korea
Guarantee12 months
Claimed maximum power1650 W
Flow rateup to 31 m/s
Noise levelup to 73 dB
Case colorbrown
Housing materialplastic
Nozzles2 stylers, concentrator and attachment stand
Control typemechanical
LCD displayThere is
Number of modes10
Cold modeyes (separate button)
overheat protectionThere is
IonizationThere is
Network cable length2.5 m
Net weight without attachments432 g
Dimensions (W×H×D)29×19×6 cm


The hairdryer was packed in a stylish rectangular box made of durable cardboard, decorated in the characteristic style of the brand. The box was then placed in a high-quality designer paper bag embossed with the brand's logo. The elegant design of the packaging makes it especially presentable.

The embossing pattern is repeated on the edges of the box, and in the upper part there is a logo, the name of the model and its dimensions in the form of a schematic drawing. The contents of the box are reliably protected from damage during transportation: the hair dryer is placed in a special plastic holder that matches its shape, and the accessories are placed in separate boxes.

The Bork F732 package includes:

  • hair dryer
  • a pair of styler attachments
  • hub
  • stand for nozzles
  • user manual and warranty card

At first sight

There are several color options for the F732 Bork hair dryer: it is available in beige, raspberry, muted orange and brown (closer to taupe) — the characteristic colors of the brand. It was the last option that came to us for testing.

The hair dryer body has an attractive cylindrical shape and is only 18.5 cm long (without nozzle), covered with glossy plastic. The company logo is located on the front side.

The glossy finish is easily susceptible to fingerprints, but the color choice makes them virtually invisible. The surface can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth, leaving it perfectly smooth.

On the back of the handle, the model name and brief technical specifications are barely noticeable, also painted. The information is sufficient, but does not attract undue attention.

The air intake hole on the back of the case is covered with a fine-mesh metal filter. Another removable perforated filter made of dark bronze colored plastic hides it from outside view. This part is securely attached to the body and can be removed effortlessly by turning it counterclockwise.

The air outlet hole has a diameter of only 2.5 cm and is protected by a metal divider. From the back you can see a metal heating element mounted on intersecting metal plates.

The hair dryer's handle does not fold and is 15 cm long. The handle's glossy finish ensures slipperiness, but thanks to its shape and moderate weight (432 g without cord), the hair dryer is comfortable to hold in your hand, preventing slipping and ensuring comfortable use.

Mechanical sliding switches and a button to start cold airflow are located on both sides of the handle. There is also a display integrated above the switch on the outside of the handle. When turned off, it is indistinguishable on the black surface of the insert.

For easy storage of the hair dryer in a suspended state, a leather loop is provided. The item is made with high quality and looks good.

The power cord of the Bork F732 hair dryer is 2.5 meters long and is protected from kinks by a 6-centimeter casing made of durable rubber at the attachment to the handle. For convenient storage, the cord is equipped with Velcro.

This hair dryer not only dries, but also styles your hair. To create volume at the roots and stretch the hairstyle, the device is equipped with a concentrator made of matte plastic with a pleasant roughness to the touch.

The element is attached to the body using magnets. It locks securely in place, is not subject to accidental rotation from small touches, but can be easily turned by hand if necessary. The hole dimensions are 6 cm long and 1 cm wide.

In addition, the hair dryer comes with two attachments. At first glance they seem identical, but upon closer examination we see arrows on them indicating the direction of curling of the strands. One attachment curls hair clockwise and the other curls counterclockwise.

Each attachment consists of two parts: a removable plastic case with holes on the sides and a core with magnetic fastening.

When placed on a hair dryer without a case, the nozzle inside creates curls, and with a cap it helps to add root volume. The diameter of the cylindrical curling attachment is 9.5 cm.

At the attachment point there are two rings: orange and brown. The second ring is more difficult to rotate when the concentrator nozzle rotates around its axis. There is an arrow on it. To lock the concentrator, it does not matter whether it matches the indicator on the orange ring, but the styler attachment can only be secured if both indicators match.

The set of accessories is completed by a weighty but thin metal stand with slots for installing attachments. At the bottom of the stand, the nozzle is equipped with thin rubber pads.

Since all attachments have a magnetic fastening, they adhere perfectly to the surface of the stand and remain stable on it.

The assembly of the device is flawless, we did not find any visible defects. The materials of the body and components of the hair dryer look very high quality.


The user manual is presented in the form of a small rectangular brochure, made on high-quality thick paper with excellent color printing and a pleasant design.

This manual gradually introduces the device of the hair dryer, describes the purpose of the attachments, provides all the nuances of control, and also warns about the rules of care and safe operation. A couple of pages at the end of the brochure are reserved for the warranty card.


The Bork F732 hair dryer has two control modes: manual and automatic. Switching between modes occurs using a sliding switch on the back of the handle.

The hair dryer has three positions:

  1. Top position — manual mode.
  2. Middle position — automatic mode.
  3. Lower position — the device is turned off.

Information about the current mode is displayed on a small display located on the opposite side of the handle. The numbers and letters on the display are quite large and clearly visible thanks to the white backlight.

Above the display there is a switch used to change modes:

1-2for delicate dryingSwarm air with a temperature of 43 °C
3-4for fast drying with strong air flowd60 °C for damaged hair
Afor using the styler attachment (maximum temperature and air flow power)Cto maintain hair shine
 bfor children
pfor pets (suitable for different coat types)

The styler attachment actually functions in any operating mode, but at the recommended maximum setting the process occurs more quickly.

The Bork F732 hair dryer has the function of remembering the last used mode. The next time you turn it on, it will automatically start in this mode.

To activate cold air, you need to make sure that the hairdryer is in manual mode and press the button with the image of a snowflake. However, you don't have to hold the button all the time, as most other hair dryers require. Just press it once to turn it on and again to turn off the cold air mode. At the same time, switching the blowing speed remains available when using a cold air flow. While the cool mode is operating, the digital display will flash to indicate the selected mode.


The Bork F732 hair dryer left an extremely favorable impression on us. The device is easy to hold in the hand, the switches are comfortable and are not pressed accidentally, and its weight does not cause discomfort. Changing attachments takes just a few seconds thanks to the magnetic fastening, and they are securely fixed to the body.

When drying thick hair about 45 cm long, a hair dryer at maximum settings can handle it in an average time of 6 minutes. We tested all heat and airflow levels and found the manual and automatic ranges to be well balanced. The hair dryer is suitable for any type of hair, including the weakest and thinnest, and does not harm it. The change in air flow speed when switching modes occurs instantly, and it only takes 2-5 seconds to change the air temperature.

The concentrator nozzle effectively creates root volume and stretches strands using a brushing brush.

However, the main advantage of this device is the styler attachment. It works great both giving volume to the hair at the roots with a sheath and creating large, natural curls. The process of curling hair occurs quickly and comfortably, minimizing damage from high temperatures. The hair is not pinched by overheated metal, but is enveloped in a powerful stream of heated air with delicate, moderate tension. The handle at the end of the nozzle is thermally insulated, which makes the process of use convenient. During operation, the nozzle heats up to 50-55 degrees, and the handle — only up to 20 degrees.

Overall, styling with the styler was quick and easy. The curling process took an average of 15-18 minutes, and the result remained visible throughout the day.


Using the hair dryer in water or under running water is strictly prohibited. To clean the housing, use a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth. It is not recommended to use detergents containing harsh chemicals or abrasives. Regularly remove the cap from the air inlet and clean the filter mesh using a soft cloth or brush.

Our measurements

Measurements and calculations of the performance of the Bork F732 hair dryer were made using a wattmeter, thermometer and vane anemometer, which measures the speed of the air flow passing through the hair dryer.

ModeActual temperatureAir flow output speedEnergy consumption
Cold air31°C  
1delicate drying63°C3.3 m/s626 W
270°C5.2 m/s860 W
3fast drying with strong air flow85 °C5.6 m/s1011 W
490°C7.4 m/s1711 W
Amaximum mode102 °C11 m/s1716 W
Swarm air with a temperature of 43 °C45°C7.7 m/s595 W
d60 °C for damaged hair62°C7.7 m/s1241 W
Cto maintain hair shine69°C7.0 m/s1485 W
bfor children56 °C3.5 m/s352 W
pfor pets52°C7.5 m/s478 W

We conducted an experiment to measure the air volume flow of a hair dryer and its energy consumption. The results are as follows:

  • In the minimum blowing speed mode, the hair dryer passes 8 liters of air per second.
  • In the maximum blowing speed mode, this figure increases to 26 liters per second.

Regarding energy consumption for 5 minutes of operation:

  • In minimum mode (for children), the hair dryer consumes 0.020 kWh.
  • In maximum mode, this figure increases to 0.090 kWh.

The noise level when operating in maximum mode does not exceed 70 decibels. The sound of the running motor is pleasant and does not cause discomfort.

An overheat protection test showed that the hair dryer continued to work even after being placed in a cardboard box and turned on at maximum speed. Even after 30 seconds the hair dryer did not turn off. However, we decided to stop the experiment because the hair dryer continued to work stably and without changes even in the box, and its body heated up to 50 degrees.


The Bork F732 hair dryer demonstrated its many functions during our testing. It successfully performs the tasks of drying, adding volume, straightening and curling hair. Various heating and air flow settings are ideal for all hair types. Thanks to ionization, drying occurs quickly and without electrification. High quality attachments are effective to use. We would also like to note the neat assembly, comfortable ergonomics, thoughtfulness of every detail and attractive design of the device.

The hair dryer produces excellent results when creating voluminous, natural curls without drying out the hair. The user requires a minimum of effort — the hair curls itself with a simple application of the styler. Once you try this method, it is difficult to go back to a regular curling iron. In general, the hair dryer deserves a positive rating, but we found one drawback: the overheating protection did not work for us.


  • flawless assembly, stylish body and light weight
  • Korean production
  • high power and optimal selection of modes
  • fast, high-quality drying and beautiful, long-lasting curl
  • antistatic effect


  • overheat protection did not work