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Review of the Redmond TB4602 electric toothbrush with smart bristles

21.05.2024 12:05

We continue to carefully study electric toothbrushes, wondering if they are worth the money, what problems arise during use and, most importantly, whether we can get used to them and appreciate the cleaning results. The Redmond TB4602 model will give us another opportunity to evaluate all their functions.


TypeElectric Toothbrush
Type of brushsound
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Case colorwhite
Number of modes5
Number of pulsations per minute29000—42000 pulsations per minute depending on mode
Timerauto shut-off, 2 m
Indicationmodes, charging level, mode selection buttons
Work without rechargingup to 6.4 hours
Power supply5 V, 3.7 W
Battery Typelithium, 2200 mAh
Charging duration9 hours from cover
Accessorieswireless charging base, travel case, attachment storage, 2 standard attachments
Additionallyautomatic shutdown, UV sterilization, remembering the last mode
Weight with attachment300 g
Dimensions27×252×26 mm
USB cord length0.8 m


The Redmond TB4602 toothbrush is packaged in a lightweight, neat box, which is additionally protected by a thin white outer paper case. On the top of the case there is a photograph of the model with the brand name, and the main advantages are indicated on the side panels. Features and barcodes are shown on the back. Under the outer case is a white box with a minimalist design, on which only the brand name is highlighted in gold embossing.

The kit includes:

  • USB-C cable
  • storage and charging case
  • toothbrush (body)
  • 2 standard toothbrush heads with protective caps
  • Warranty card and instruction manual

The box and its contents are pleasant to hold in your hands, unpacking is easy and comfortable, and in general, even in the packaging, everything looks elegant and intuitive.

At first sight

The main parts of the toothbrush are made of light plastic. The brush body has a recognizable shape, resembling an oblong cylinder, with a metal axis for the nozzle on top. Its color is not pure white, but with a slight shade of gray, which is noticeable only against the background of the white case and attachment. This design not only adds elegance to the device, but also makes it less prone to staining, unlike the typical medical white color.

The brand name, two control buttons and markings for five modes with corresponding indications are highlighted on the body of the toothbrush. The device fits comfortably in the hand, does not feel heavy, and is easy to move thanks to the non-slip plastic. The power button is conveniently located under the thumb, which prevents accidental pressing, especially when switching modes, which can only be done deliberately. The brush is recommended for children over 12 years old, so younger children are only allowed to hold the device in their hands to avoid unexpected pressure.

The attachment is installed on a recognizable axis reliably and is removed only with a certain force, which is standard for most electric toothbrushes. Redmond TB4602 is waterproof according to the IPX7 standard, which allows you to safely use it in the bath or under the shower, as well as wash both the bristles of the nozzle and the body of the device under running water.

The kit, as mentioned earlier, comes with two standard Pedex brush heads with multi-colored bristles. This bristle, produced in Germany, is considered highly effective, as it is gentle on enamel and cleans the surface of teeth well. The bristles feel really thin, flexible, moderately soft and pleasant to the touch. The manufacturer promises that when it's time to replace the brush head, the bristles will automatically change color, but we didn't have enough time to test this feature hands-on. Natural contaminants are easily washed off from the bristles using standard methods, for example, under running water.

The brushes have well-designed caps for hygienic protection. They feature slots on the top to allow the bristles to dry naturally, and the cap itself does not exert any compressive pressure, which prevents damage to the wet brush after use.

Now let's look at the Redmond TB4602 protective carrying case, which has two additional functions: it serves as both a charger and a device for UV sterilization of attachments. The built-in UV lamp allows you to disinfect the bristles, which can be combined with additional charging of the device.

The case is elegant and compact, takes up minimal space, but is well structured and functional. It's a pleasure to hold in your hands, and connection to the source is via a USB-C cable that's compatible with any available port. It takes 9 hours to fully charge.

This toothbrush is equipped with an automatic shut-off timer: after two minutes of use in any of the five modes, the device automatically turns off. Each mode has its own characteristic sound design, easily distinguishable by ear. We were so fascinated by this feature that for some time we could even “guess” the current operating mode by sound.


The booklet is presented from one glossy sheet, unfolded in four. It compactly presents safety information, a diagram of the device, assembly and charging methods, cleaning and operating rules, technical specifications, equipment, as well as advice and warranty obligations. The reverse side contains the same information in Kazakh, as well as a warranty card. This compact booklet contains everything the user needs, the diagrams are clear and the text is clear and clear. It is easy to store both in a box and among other papers.


Before we talk about controlling the device, let’s remember and list all five available operating modes of the brush.

  • «Clean» mode — for daily use.
  • «White» mode — for whitening, no more than 1 time per week.
  • «Polish» mode — for polishing, no more than once a month.
  • «Gum Care» mode — for gum care.
  • «Fresh» mode — for gentle cleaning.

To adjust the intensity in each mode, you must hold the mode button while operating. The indicator will turn green and changes can be made by releasing the button when the desired power is reached.

Control is carried out by two buttons: the first is for turning on, the second is for selecting modes. The device remembers the last selected mode and starts from it the next time it is used. The timer turns off the device after 2 minutes, and a sound notification after 30 seconds reminds you to change the cleaning zone.

When the battery is low, the charge level indicator on the case will remain green and the mode indicators on the brush will flash green.


After unpacking the device, we followed the manufacturer's standard recommendations: wiped the body and case with a damp cloth, installed the attachment, and fully charged the device, leaving it overnight. In the morning we received the device ready for use.

Getting recommendations from your dentist is really important. Knowing your “painful” places, you can choose the appropriate regime. For vulnerable gums and teeth, as well as for beginners, it is recommended to start with the gentle cleaning mode (Fresh). The standard regimen didn't work for us, but we really liked the gum care regimen. Getting used to the brush was easy.

UV sterilization has become commonplace and has a soothing effect on sensitive gums. We pre-wetted the bristles of the nozzle, applied a little paste, and only then turned on the device to avoid smearing the paste. Every 30 seconds the device paused, reminding you to change the cleaning area, and after 2 minutes it turned off. The manufacturer's recommendations, including tilting the nozzle head at an angle of 45 degrees, have proven effective.


Caring for Redmond TB4602 is intuitive and logical:

The brush body and cover should be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. If your toothpaste contains peroxides or bicarbonates, it is best to wash the bristles in soapy water and rinse thoroughly. It is not recommended to immerse the body and case in water for a long time, especially the case. Avoid using abrasives or chemicals to clean the bristles and body. The use of nozzles should be strictly individual. Store the device in a dry and ventilated place. It is recommended to rinse the brush completely after each use, and at least once a week.

A special feature is the built-in UV sterilization function, accessible through a protective transport case equipped with a special lamp. After installing the nozzle into the case, closing it and connecting it to charging, the lamp automatically turns on. The sterilization process takes about 10 minutes, after which the lamp turns off on its own.

Our measurements

We've thoroughly tested all the features: a full charge does take 9 hours, but even after two weeks of intensive use the charge still lasts. The manufacturer claimed 6.4 hours of continuous operation.

The auto-shutdown timer works accurately after 2 minutes, and every 30 seconds there is an audio reminder to change the cleaning zone.

The operating noise of the device ranges from 45 to 58 dBA, depending on the selected mode, which turned out to be within the 60 dBA promised by the manufacturer. The noisiest mode is standard, and the most pleasant to the ear is delicate. However, it should be noted that the sound is perceived louder inside the head of the attachment.


The Redmond TB4602 electric toothbrush made a good impression: its sleek design, ease of use and functionality make it an attractive choice. Five operating modes allow you to solve various hygiene problems, and a compact case equipped with charging and UV sterilization functions adds convenience. Overall, this device looks stylish, performs efficiently, and is great for travel use.


  • nice design
  • compactness
  • multifunctional case — charger and UV sterilizer
  • remembering the last selected mode
  • USB-C power supply
  • bristles indicating the need to replace the brush head


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