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What kind of equipment should you give as a gift on February 14th? Seven universal gift ideas for him and her

09.02.2024 11:04

Smart garden Red Evolution RSG-01: hydroponic system for growing flowers and other plants

It becomes possible to receive flowers or fresh berries from your loved one all year round with the help of an original device. However, not only flowers — you can also grow berries, such as strawberries, wild strawberries, blueberries, and even herbs and vegetables, such as peppers or cherry tomatoes. The system offers three modes for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers, each of which differs in the time of illumination and its absence, as well as in the color spectrum of lighting.

Without a lover on hand, during testing we had to grow not flowers, but greens using the Vegetables mode. We followed the instructions: we planted the seeds in special sponges, watered them, added fertilizer, turned on the program, and the timer began counting down. The whole process happened automatically — the greenery grew, and we watched it with pleasure. We then used the grown greens to garnish salads. The device does not require special gardening skills, is easy to maintain, attractive and compact. The only drawback is its high cost.

Gaming chair Evolution Legend Gray: pleasure and health care

If your significant other is a gamer or just likes to spend a lot of time at the computer, then such a chair will be appreciated more than any other gift. A chair with a multifunctional mechanism, 4D armrests, a 350-mm metal cross, top-class gas lift, a swing mechanism, armrests with four degrees of freedom and two pillows made an indelible impression on the gaming section of the editorial staff. However, everyone else present also enjoyed the comfort.

The chair is easy to assemble, designed for people of different heights (from 165 to 185 cm, according to the manufacturer) and provides support for the back, head and arms in natural positions during prolonged computer use. The chair cushions have a memory effect, which allows them to take the shape of the body of the person sitting. Wide (10 cm) comfortable armrests, a smooth swing mechanism with a large range, as well as excellent operation of the lifting mechanism are its advantages. However, it should be noted that the headrest and leg support are not adjustable. Overall, this chair makes a great gift, especially since you can choose the color you want, including a black and gold option.

Viomi V2 Max robot vacuum cleaner: quick cleanliness

It is better to give such a device with prior approval, but the surprise will still be great if you choose not a simple and budget-friendly model, but a truly outstanding one. In testing, this robot was able to collect 98.7% of test debris in just 16 minutes in two passes, thanks to the use of a laser navigation system (lidar, or laser rangefinder). This technology allows it to clean even in hard-to-reach places, as the developers eliminated the problem of “blind spots” near the base by placing contacts on only one side of the device body. The robot is designed for dry and wet cleaning, and performs wet cleaning using a microfiber damp cloth.

In addition, the robot can be controlled via a smartphone using the Mi Home application and is integrated into the Xiaomi smart home system. The app allows you to configure various cleaning options, including scheduling different days of the week and limiting cleaning areas. When used for the first time, the robot automatically creates a detailed map of the room, which the user can edit. There can be several cards, which is especially convenient for multi-storey premises. The maximum operating time of the robot, according to our measurements, was 125 minutes, but in real conditions it can handle cleaning much faster.

Smoothie blender Silanga BL550 Smoothie maker: joy in a bottle

Featuring a removable shaker that doubles as a convenient drinking bottle, this small model is a great gift for smoothie lovers and those who enjoy healthy snacking outside the home. The bottle capacity is 550 ml, it is made of transparent plastic with finger grooves for a comfortable grip. In addition, this blender can act as a spice grinder and coffee grinder — a successful test was carried out with coffee beans. The rest of the tests included vegetables, fruits and frozen ingredients, and the blender passed all tests, earning good to excellent ratings. It is important to remember that the container should not be more than half full of frozen ingredients.

Planetary mixer Redmond FM601: technological creativity

Those who dream of mixers with planetary mixing technology are most often those who are passionate about cooking, especially confectionery, as well as home baking. The mixer we tested, although compact (358x303x224 cm), meets these requirements. It has three classic attachments: a hook for kneading hard dough, a whisk for beating and a spatula for mixing soft products. This is a planetary mixer that does not have many additional functions, but does have three automatic programs for different tasks.

The mixer is equipped with 8 speeds and a pulse mode, and the selected parameters are displayed on the touch screen. During testing, we made meringues, bread dough, shortcrust pastry and much more. We were pleased with the results and found no flaws in the design or build quality of the device. The work process was efficient: everything was whipped, mixed and kneaded at the highest level in just a few minutes. We also note the reliable fixation of the mixer on the work surface thanks to seven suction cups. Visually, the device looks stylish and laconic, fitting perfectly into the interior of any kitchen.

Coffee machine Kitfort KT-7166: coffee with milk foam for lovers of tenderness

A coffee machine is a wonderful gift, a sign of care and a source of pleasure. Although the model is not so sophisticated as to satisfy many coffee gourmets, it is great for making drinks from freshly ground coffee (15 grind levels of the built-in grinder) and making lattes and cappuccinos with an automatic cappuccino maker. Our tests confirmed that the machine produces high-quality espresso, the basis for any coffee drink, and easily froths and froths milk into the cup.

The model does not offer many advanced settings (there is no separate adjustment of strength, only the volume of espresso), which may not satisfy sophisticated coffee lovers. However, for a lover of good espresso, Americano, latte and cappuccino, it will be a pleasant gift. Its stylish appearance and simple controls (touch buttons on the control panel are visible only when switched on) make it attractive. The preparation of drinks is carried out with one touch, with pre-setting of the volume of espresso and milk foam. We also mentioned some shortcomings in the review, but we consider them minor. For example, the hot milk foam system requires cleaning after each use, which is a common feature of many coffee machines.

Dishwasher Midea MID60S720i: high-quality cleaning and excellent ergonomics

In fact, a dishwasher as a gift can be of any brand and model, the main thing is that it harmonizes with the kitchen interior, fits on the countertop or is installed in a cabinet if necessary. The full-size model below was our test subject and we were pleasantly impressed. But in general, a dishwasher, as a representative of household appliances, can be an excellent investment in a relationship and a gift for him, for her, or for a couple just starting their life together.

This model turned out to be effective in terms of washing quality, economical (according to our measurements, the consumption of electricity and water was even less than indicated in the technical specifications), and the presence of several advanced technologies (expansion of functionality through a mobile application, compatibility with the Yandex Alice voice assistant, ionizer inside the chamber, etc.) makes using the machine not only convenient, but also enjoyable.

The dishwasher is equipped with nine automatic programs, including a fast cycle, a low-noise night cycle and a program for sterilizing dishes. During drying, the door can automatically open to a small angle, allowing ventilation of the dishes and chamber, which reduces the formation of condensation on the dishes and the internal walls of the machine. Recently, this feature was only available in high-end premium dishwashers.

And Midea MID60S720i projects blue bright numbers onto the floor, displaying the time remaining until the end of the program — very convenient and unusual. In a word, the machine pleasantly surprised us: it successfully coped with our not so simple tests, and we confidently recommend this dishwasher as an appliance that can preserve our love for household chores. Well, at least reduce the risk of breaking the boat of family harmony against everyday obstacles.

If you are planning to give home appliances as a gift for Valentine's Day, it is better to clarify the recipient's preferences in advance (unless you are absolutely sure that the chosen gift will please him/her). It is important that the chosen technology brings joy, and you should not choose devices that could be perceived as an invitation to take care of your home or partner. Our review will help you navigate possible directions for choosing a gift.