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If you want to please your mother, loved one or friend with something more meaningful than just a flower bouquet, pay attention to five devices that have been successfully tested in our laboratory and meet the following criteria: simplify everyday worries, free up more time for self-care, promote preserve health and beauty, perform their functions perfectly, and are also convenient and pleasant to use.

Hair dryer Redmond HD 1701

A reliable hair dryer is something that will always come in handy, especially if it is a modern device. Our option will delight you with its lightness (only half a kilo of weight) and compactness, despite its high performance. It is powerful and efficient: drying and styling your hair will be a real pleasure. An innovative brushless DC motor with relatively low power (1600 W) is responsible for the quality and speed of installation. The design of the model also evokes positive impressions — a matte non-slip soft-touch coating, neat assembly, and a stylish graphite or dusty pink body. The functionality of the hairdryer is also impressive: digital control, 3 blowing modes, 3 temperature modes with color display, cold blowing function for fixing the hairstyle, automatic dust cleaning (blowing the hair dryer with a reverse air flow) and ionization. The latter is designed to eliminate static electricity, making hair smooth and shiny. The noise level of this model is lower than most hair dryers, and its tone is calm and pleasant.

The kit includes a 360-degree rotating magnetic concentrator attachment designed to create volume at the roots and easily style strands on the brush. Thus, this model is ideal for those who prefer to straighten their hair or dry it quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, for fans of the “curly method” of hair care, it is recommended to pay attention to the following model with a diffuser attachment.

Atvel AirJet HD6 hair dryer with diffuser

We have previously offered this hair dryer as a universal gift, and since then, our laboratory has not introduced a more exciting and advanced hair care product. Since testing in the fall of 2023, this hair dryer has won the hearts of everyone who has used it, be it men or women. Firstly, its weight without attachments is only 300 grams, which not only ensures ease of use, but also brings aesthetic pleasure. It is efficient both when drying and styling, and is also convenient in every detail: for example, the air intake grille and nozzles are attached using magnets. This hair dryer is suitable for all hair types and lengths, including air concentrators for styling and lifting hair, as well as a diffuser for creating volume at the roots and a stylish «curly method» of styling. The method is becoming increasingly popular, especially among women, as it helps to effectively care for curly hair and create natural curls.

The hairdryer provides the ability to adjust the temperature of the air flow ranging from room temperature to 120 degrees in steps of 60 and 90 degrees. It is equipped with three blowing modes and a cold air supply function. For the outstanding design of this model, our editors awarded it a special recognition. In practical tests, the hairdryer showed excellent results, including successful shutdown when overheating: the system coped with this task flawlessly.

Handheld steamer Polaris PGS 2277C

This device is ideal for quickly caring for clothes or curtains in just a few minutes. It becomes an indispensable assistant in removing wrinkles, refreshing things, and is ideal for items that require careful care, such as delicate linen, down jackets, woolen sweaters and jackets. The main advantage is the ability to get rid of the need for ironing in situations where the item can do without it (for example, with a dress).

A unique feature of this model is that it not only has a compact, removable water tank (which is usually enough to handle one item), but also an additional tank with a capacity of 1000 ml. This makes it possible to use the steamer without the need to “refill”, which is especially convenient. Another advantage is the high power of the device — 2200 W, which is comparable to the power of steam irons.

The design of the device is distinguished by its stylish appearance, and the high build quality and the use of plastic that is pleasant to the touch are pleasantly surprising. Ergonomics are at a high level, and, to be honest, we did not find any shortcomings during testing. Practical tests including smoothing various types of fabrics, removing stains and eliminating odors were successful and the user experience was praised.

Steam station Silanga ST800 Pro Station

Let's move on to the “heavy artillery” — a powerful and impressive steam generator. This model is designed for effective horizontal and vertical steaming, going beyond the functionality of a conventional iron and surpassing it in speed and efficiency. This is facilitated by an impressive tank with a volume of almost 2 liters — which does not require refueling during use, high power of 3000 W, a constant steam flow of 170 g/min and the possibility of a powerful steam boost of up to 550 g/min.

The steam generator is equipped with all the necessary functionality, including auto-cleaning, anti-scale protection, auto-shut-off and leakage prevention. The device provides the ability to iron in dry mode, with continuous steam, as well as vertical steaming of items on a hanger. Thanks to the steam boost, you can effectively smooth out even the most stubborn wrinkles on fabrics.

From the point of view of ease of use, everything is thought out at a high level: a removable water tank, the ability to add water during operation (although the volume of the tank allows you to avoid this for a long time), a fairly long steam hose. When working, you can select automatic mode or optimal mode depending on the type of fabric. The ceramic sole provides excellent glide, and numerous holes create an effective steam cushion. It is important to note that no significant deficiencies were identified in this steam station.

Planetary mixer “6 in 1” Kitfort KT-3413

Planetary mixers are the cherished dream of true gourmets, especially those who are devoted to the culinary art, and especially the skill of confectioners. These devices are an ideal assistant when working with various types of dough, be it shortbread, yeast or dumplings. However, this is only the first of six functions: this model is complemented by a blender jug, meat grinder, citrus juicer, chopper and vegetable grater. With this mixer you can safely consider it a full-fledged kitchen machine.

The large 10 liter bowl of this mixer makes it ideal for working with significant volumes of dough, which expands its functionality and makes it suitable for semi-professional use, for example, in small confectionery businesses. In addition, the food processor bowl has a usable volume of 1.4 liters. Starting testing with some doubts due to the size and abundance of attachments, we were pleasantly surprised when we got acquainted with the device in action.

We were especially pleased with the careful design and safety of the design, as well as the quality of every detail (for example, the meat grinder is a full-fledged device, all its components are made of thick metal). Ease of assembly and the impossibility of turning on the device if assembled incorrectly complemented the positive impression of using this multifunctional device.

The device has six adjustable speeds controlled by a rotary switch, and also has a pulse mode and a built-in timer. Practical test results show excellent performance when mixing and especially whipping. It is also important to note the excellent performance of all included attachments.

Hobot Legee D8 robot vacuum cleaner and Legee LuLu self-cleaning station

The Hobot Legee D8 robot vacuum cleaner is available as a standalone device, but in our testing we used it with the unique LuLu self-cleaning wipe station. This innovative station is designed to free the user (or user — in honor of the holiday, do not be shy about using the feminine!) from the need to independently care for floor cleaning equipment.

Let's start with a robot designed for dry and wet cleaning, featuring a D-shape that makes cleaning in corners much easier. We immediately noticed that a lot of supplies are included in the package, which is a nice bonus: wipes, filters and side brushes do not need to be purchased anytime soon.

The Hobot Legee D8 robot is equipped with lidar, a laser range finder, which allows it to create a map of the room and move efficiently, avoiding obstacles. Between the guide wheel and the central brush there is an unusual element — a slot for air suction. This avoids tangling of hair, long hair and light debris on the center brush, which is especially convenient in homes with pets. A moving vibrating mop increases the efficiency of wet cleaning. The robot also automatically detects carpets, changing its operating mode accordingly.

The robot is controlled using a mobile application, allowing you to set up a cleaning schedule, edit room maps, select cleaning modes and monitor the status of consumables. The self-cleaning station provides the robot with clean water, washes, wrings and dries floor cleaning cloths, providing autonomous wet cleaning. The robot can also play custom sounds, adding a creative touch.

The only criticism concerns the difficulties with cleaning dark floors, but the review presents solutions to this problem.

Nowadays, it is increasingly realized that International Women's Day is not only about beauty and femininity, but, above all, about the rights and opportunities of women in life. That is why our main idea is to give women — be it a mother, a loved one or a friend — technology that will help them free up time, bring joy and inspiration.