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Honor Choice: what has already been added to the Honor Choice ecosystem in 2024

24.05.2024 10:30

Almost four years ago, the Honor brand introduced the Honor Choice project, the goal of which is clear from its name — to provide choice to consumers. This is an “ecosystem” that includes devices from third-party Chinese manufacturers, which, although they produce quality products, do not yet have the widespread popularity that allows them to be successfully sold around the world.

The Honor brand provides its authority, loyal audience and access to retail chains, and in return receives an expanded range of products and additional income. Lesser-known manufacturers are increasing their sales, which also leads to increased profits. Consumers, in turn, receive affordable devices whose quality is controlled by a reputable company. As a result, all stakeholders are satisfied.

It is important to note that the emphasis is on affordable devices. Unlike other “ecosystems,” where sometimes there are products that are considered “premium” by the authors and therefore have a higher price, devices in Honor Choice are inexpensive, but provide acceptable quality for the consumer.

Starting with audio devices, today Honor Choice has expanded to many different products, from watches to vacuum cleaners. This year, four interesting products appeared on sale, which we will talk about today.

Honor Choice Open-Ear TWS headphones

Recently, many major manufacturers have returned to experimenting with the form of completely wireless headphones, seeking to create TWS with an open design, which has a number of important advantages — from wearing comfort to the ability to control what is happening around. Honor also got involved in this process, but instead of bold experiments, it decided to return to the classic form — to release on the market headsets with plastic “earhooks”, which are familiar to many users from monophonic headsets for communication from the not so distant past. But this time in stereo and with high-quality sound. This is how Honor Choice Open-Ear, developed by the Chinese company TiinLab, was born.

The device turned out to be modest, but interesting. The developers decided not to use decorative elements, logos and other details that would attract the attention of others. This applies to both the headphones themselves and the case. Honor Choice Open-Ear is an example of discreet and minimalist design that will certainly find its fans. For those who prefer to stand out from the crowd, a light gold option is available, while for the rest, a black option is available. The assembly of the headset is excellent, the quality of workmanship is beyond doubt, and the price is quite reasonable — about 6 thousand rubles at the time of writing this article. So the “choice of Honor” in this case can be considered successful.

In general, ease of use is excellent. The body of the headphones is compact and discreet, and the earhooks are covered with soft silicone with a matte texture, which makes them pleasant to the touch and ensures a good fit. However, some users may find it uncomfortable due to the pressure of the housing on the front of the ear and the protrusion of the earhooks at the back. In such cases, it is enough to slightly change the position of the headphones to ensure a comfortable fit.

There's no doubt that this headset is great for outdoor activities — that's what it was designed for. Reliable fastening of the earhooks ensures that the headphones will not fall out even with sudden movements. The open design allows you to control your surroundings and avoid dangerous situations on the road. In addition, IP54 protection provides protection against dust, sweat and light rain.

The headphones support two codecs — SBC and AAC, which is quite enough for a budget headset with an open design. Setup is done through the AI Space application, which is compatible with many Honor devices. Control occurs using touch zones, which can be customized through the application. Sound characteristics are largely determined by the design features of the headphones. The low-frequency range is slightly muted, while the mids and high frequencies are presented more clearly. This creates a balanced sound suitable for listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks in the background. The application does not have a full-fledged equalizer, but there are three presets.

The microphone does not provide perfect voice transmission, but is intelligible enough to carry on conversations. Autonomy at a high level thanks to a capacious battery that provides more than 9 hours of operation. Overall, the Honor Choice Open-Ear headphones successfully redefine the behind-the-ear headset format, offering a comfortable and functional device for active outdoor activities.

Bluetooth speaker Honor Choice Portable Speaker Pro

Let's continue our review of audio devices with the Honor Choice Portable Speaker Pro. This barrel-shaped portable Bluetooth speaker is a typical representative of its class, with characteristic parameters such as power, dimensions (base diameter 72 mm and height 210 mm), as well as autonomy. However, it also has several interesting features, including IP67 protection, backlighting and a built-in microphone. Available in three color options: white, black and bright orange.

There is a removable lanyard for ease of use, and the design remains very minimalist — the only decorative element is the logo on the side. Plus, of course, there is a backlight, but it can be turned off if desired. Control is carried out using buttons on the side surface. The playback and volume buttons are easy to press with a pleasant amount of force, and stand out above the surface of the body, making them easy to find by touch. However, the power, pairing, and power buttons recess slightly into the body and require more force to press. Sometimes this can cause discomfort, but they are protected from accidental operation.

It also supports interaction with the Honor AI Space app for customization, although there aren't many options available. In any case, it provides information about the battery charge and offers you to choose one of three sound presets — standard, as well as with an emphasis on low or high frequencies.

The Honor Choice Portable Speaker Pro has IP67 protection, which allows it to withstand not only splashes, but also short-term immersion in water — making the speaker an ideal companion for nature, the beach and other places. Another important feature is the built-in microphone for voice calls. It works stably, providing comfortable communication with the interlocutor, similar to using the speakerphone on a smartphone, but without the need to switch the Bluetooth device or select the active device in the call menu.

The set includes standard codecs — SBC and AAC. Two speakers are responsible for the sound quality: a broadband speaker with a power of 20 W and a high-frequency speaker with a power of 10 W. “Bass support” is provided by passive radiators at the ends of the body, which are also equipped with metal elements for various purposes. One of them serves as a base and slightly raises the speaker above the surface, and the second provides a backlight that works smoothly and changes colors with a “rotating effect,” making the design of the device more attractive.

The manufacturer claims that the speaker's built-in battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh is capable of providing autonomous operation for 12 hours, but in practice the operating time greatly depends on the selected volume. At the lower volume level you can achieve the stated 12 hours, but with daily use it is realistic to expect 8-9 hours of operation.

When it comes to sound quality, the Honor Choice Portable Speaker Pro delivers impressive results for its design and size. It stands out from competitors, even more expensive ones. The sound starts at frequencies of about 60 Hz, although the manufacturer indicates a minimum of 100 Hz. The bass is present but not too prominent, making the sound more versatile. Mids are crisp, although detail may be limited. High frequencies are also present without characteristic defects.

Overall, Honor has come up with a great device that stands out from the competition thanks to its specifications and additional features such as a microphone for voice calling and lighting. At the same time, it is affordable, slightly lower than the flagship models of other manufacturers.

Robot vacuum cleaner Honor Choice Robot Cleaner R2s

Two models of robotic vacuum cleaners from Honor Choice have appeared in stores: Robot Cleaner R2s and Robot Cleaner R2s Plus, differing in the volume of waste containers and the presence of a self-cleaning station. We thoroughly tested the more advanced model and were very pleased with the results, although there were some points that require criticism. The design of the robots retains its rigor and laconicism: a white body with a minimum number of controls, and the only decorative element is the brand logo on the top panel. The design is typical for most robot vacuum cleaners: a round shape, a small control panel, three wheels and a semicircular bumper.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-quality navigation system that allows it to effectively navigate in space. At the top of the body is a laser rangefinder, also known as lidar, which is used to accurately determine the distance to obstacles and create a map of the area for cleaning planning. In the event of a collision with an obstacle, sensors on the movable bumper register this event. The soft pad on the bumper prevents damage to the contacting surface. Additional IR sensors located behind the oval windows provide additional navigation capabilities and also help the vacuum cleaner find the base station. In addition, the vacuum cleaner has three surface sensors next to the wheels, which prevent it from falling from heights, such as the steps of a staircase.

The running gear of the vacuum cleaner also has a standard design: two drive wheels on the sides and a spherical support wheel in the front. The suspension has a pitch from 8 to 33 mm, which provides the robot with the ability to easily overcome thresholds and uneven surfaces. In addition, the design of the robot vacuum cleaner has other important features, which we examined in detail in previous testing. Particularly worth noting is the universal waste container, which consists of two modules — for dry and wet cleaning.

The design of the base station meets modern standards. It looks quite standard and fits discreetly into the interior of the room without attracting undue attention. The robot vacuum cleaner plugs into the charging and maintenance station, sucking up dust and debris from its container.

Although the operation of the station is accompanied by a fairly loud noise, this does not last long — only about 20 seconds, which is quite acceptable. This small drawback is easily tolerated given the ability to automatically clean the container after cleaning. A large disposable bag with a capacity of 4 liters for collecting dust inside the station allows you to do this much less often. It is also worth noting that when operating, the vacuum cleaner in the station provides a suction pressure of 26,000 Pa, which is very impressive.

Basic control of the robot vacuum cleaner is carried out using buttons on the top panel, but most settings are available through the Robot Sweeper mobile application (Grit Technology). In it you can view cleaning schedules, manage various modes and settings, and also receive information about the status of the device. After the first cleaning, the robot builds a map of the room, automatically recognizing rooms and marking them with different colors. If necessary, the map can be edited manually.

It is especially convenient to interact with the robot through the virtual assistant Alice. With its help, you can start cleaning using voice commands and receive information about the cleaning status while in another room. In addition, the application integrates with other smart home devices, making control even more convenient.

The suction power of the Honor Choice Robot Cleaner R2s is 5000 Pa, which allows it to effectively remove even heavy dirt on smooth surfaces. Wet cleaning is also effective, although it requires some manual preparation after completion. Thanks to its capacious battery, the robot is able to clean up to 200 m² of area without having to return to the base to charge.

Although the kit does not include spare garbage bags, all necessary consumables can be purchased from the official store or marketplaces. Despite this shortcoming, the Honor Choice robot vacuum cleaner offers a full range of features and good performance at a reasonable price, making it an attractive choice for consumers.

Smartwatch Honor Choice Watch

A new product from Honor is the Honor Choice Watch, created with the participation of Haylou, a well-known company in the market. They offer an impressive range of features, including the ability to receive calls, SpO2 measurement, moisture protection and even GPS, all for a reasonable price, starting from 6,500 rubles. The watch is available in black and white colors, which is a reasonable choice for a budget device. The design, like other Honor products, is typical: a rectangular screen, a side button, a body with a metallic finish, but made of plastic.

One of the key features of the watch is its large 1.95-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 502x410 pixels, which provides a high pixel density of 332 PPI. This display is slightly curved at the edges (2.5D), which adds to the sleek appearance of the device. In testing, the watch demonstrated excellent image quality, receiving high marks. Some users note the lack of a light sensor and, therefore, the lack of automatic screen brightness adjustment. While having this feature would be a nice bonus, it's worth noting that its presence on similarly priced models isn't all that common.

Communication with the smartphone is carried out through the Honor Health application, which provides a wide range of features typical for such devices. A distinctive feature is the presentation of statistics in the most understandable and convenient format. It's important to note that the watch constantly monitors your blood oxygen levels (SpO2) and heart rate, but this feature can be turned off to save battery power.

The watch interface is intuitive and easy to understand, consistent with the standard logic inherent in such devices. This makes it easier to navigate without any extra effort. Control is carried out by a touch screen and a physical button, which, although it does not support rotation to scroll through content, still allows you to conveniently navigate the menu. The lack of a rotating wheel is understandable for a device in this price segment, and in fact, in most cases, swiping on the screen turns out to be a more convenient way to interact. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of a built-in microphone and speaker, which allows you to receive calls directly from the watch — this function can be very convenient in certain situations.

One of the subtle but important advantages of the Honor Choice Watch is its thin body. This avoids the inconvenience of snagging on the sleeves of clothes, but, unfortunately, there was not enough space for a large battery. The battery capacity is only 300 mAh. During testing, it turned out that with active use of the device you can count on several days of battery life, and in a more economical mode – for a week. The manufacturer claims up to 12 days of operation, but for this you will have to seriously save battery. Although autonomy is not a record, it still remains at an acceptable level.

Of course, we had to make compromises: the case is made of plastic, battery life is not the highest, and choosing a replacement strap can be a bit of a problem. But for a low price, the user gets everything that until recently was offered only in expensive flagship models, as well as a high-quality screen and an attractive design.

Other devices

On the domestic market, many brands offer a much wider range than on the foreign market, and Honor Choice is no exception. Let's look at what else the brand can please Russian users with. For example, it has a wonderful Ongo JD camera. This device shoots in 2.5K, can rotate 360 degrees, also works as an intercom and is equipped with IR illumination for night shooting. In addition, there is Little Dolphin Camera, which already shoots in 3K. It would be interesting to see the integration of these devices into the smart home ecosystem with a Russian-language voice assistant, for example, from Yandex. This is, of course, not the easiest or fastest task, but given the success with the vacuum cleaner described above, nothing is impossible here.

There's a lot going on in the Honor Choice smart device segment. For example, there is a lamp with a learning system that allows you to integrate a tablet with special software for educational purposes. However, adapting such a device for Russian-speaking users would require significant localization, so we probably won't see such a product on the market in the near future.

As the user continues to choose the Honor brand, he begins to pay attention to the household appliances segment. For example, the Hugolife handheld steamer looks very attractive at first glance: compact, but at the same time powerful. Such devices are presented quite widely in stores, but if Honor Choice offers a truly effective steamer that can cope with all the stated functions, and at a good price, that will be great.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning another device that may not be in high demand, but will still find its audience — a folding neck massager. Such a device can be useful while working at a computer, for example. Although the idea is not new, there are many options on the market to implement it. However, the issue of quality always remains open, especially when purchasing from Chinese online stores. If the opportunity arises to buy a high-quality massager in Russia, then perhaps there will be interested buyers. Moreover, a wide range of functions is promised – from massage to “hot compresses”, with the ability to control via a smartphone application.

This is only a small part of the range that the brand offers. The variety of their products is much wider, and the development of the Honor Choice line continues. Over the four years of the brand's existence, Honor Choice has pleased us with affordable and high-quality devices, including those that were released this spring. We look forward to further development and look forward to even more exciting new products in the future.