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Redmond HS1714 hair straightener review

07.03.2024 10:38

The Redmond HS1714 hair straightener is available in two colors: gray and red, and the second option has arrived for testing. This stylish and colorful appliance features six temperature settings, an indicator light, ceramic-coated sliding panels, a plate locking mechanism and a long 360° swivel cord.

We will meticulously examine the device from all sides and find out how quickly and effectively hair styling occurs with its help and how convenient it is to use.


Typehair straightener
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee12 months
Life time*3 years
Claimed maximum power55 W
Case colorred
Housing materialplastic
Work plate coatingceramic
Size of working (heating) surface2.5×10.5 cm
Control typeelectromechanical
DisplayLCD indicators
Temperature adjustment130—230 °C (6 modes)
Peculiaritiesfloating plates, 360° cord rotation, auto shut off after 60 minutes
Network cable length2.6 m
Case length30.5 cm
Net weight520 g ± 3%
Device dimensions (W×H×D)30.5×3×3.8 cm

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


Redmond's packaging retains its traditional design, looks nice and is made of high quality materials. It provides enough information to give you an idea of the device before unpacking it.

Inside the small dark gray box was a straightener in a plastic bag and instructions with a warranty card.

At first sight

The body of the Redmond HS1714 rectifier is made of matte plastic, giving it a pleasant appearance. The material is resistant to fingerprints and is also lightweight — the body weight, excluding the cord, is approximately 400 g.

The straightener handle also serves as a temperature regulator. It features a moderate force stroke, which prevents accidental mode switching during use.

The length of the styler body is almost 31 cm.

On the outside of the top panel there is a temperature scale with an indicator displaying the current heating mode in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The length of the working plates with a perfectly smooth ceramic coating is 10.5 cm, width is 2.5 cm.

The plates have a floating mount, which minimizes the risk of hair damage when the panels are compressed, which contributes to a more gentle straightening.

On the outside of the bottom panel there is a plate lock in the closed position.

In the open position, the distance between the tips of the plates is 4.5 cm.

In the closed position, the latch does not compress the plates completely, but only reduces the distance between them to 2 cm at the widest part.

The 2.5 m long cord is equipped with a 360° swivel mount. It is protected from kinks by a thick rubber casing.

Velcro is provided for easy storage when folded. There is no hanging loop.


The instruction manual is presented in the form of a very small rectangular brochure printed on high-quality glossy paper.

The instructions, covering 22 pages, contain detailed information about the device, including rules for operation, management and care of the device. The instructions are presented in two languages: Russian and Kazakh. The last three pages contain the warranty card.


The only control element of the styler is a rotary clock regulator for temperature modes.

After connecting to the mains, turn the knob to the right to select the heating level in the range from 130 to 230 °C in 20 °C steps. At the moment of heating, the scale and temperature values ​​on the top panel of the styler begin to flash, and when the set temperature is reached, they begin to light steadily.

To turn off the device, the regulator should be returned to the «Off» position. (turn all the way to the left), which is indicated by the icon on the regulator itself. In addition, the Redmond HS1714 has an automatic shutdown feature when not used for 60 minutes.


Before first use, you must remove the packaging material, unwind the cord and connect the rectifier to the network, setting the plate lock to the open position. The initial training process is very simple and fast. After this, you can turn on the heating. During testing, when styling not too fine, slightly curly hair, we most often chose temperatures of 190 or 210 °C. With such heating, it was enough to stretch the strand sandwiched between the plates once or twice. The hair received a well-groomed glossy appearance, became soft and shiny, did not electrify and maintained this condition for two days. We did not use any products before or after installation. Styling thick hair about 45 cm long at a temperature of 190 °C took an average of 15–18 minutes.

When using a lower temperature, styling was also of high quality, but noticeably slower: for perfect smoothing, three passes were required on each strand. Temperature range from 130 to 170°C is ideal for fine and manageable hair that requires careful handling.

In addition to the straightening function, thanks to the rounded edges of the working plates and body, the device skillfully created curls. To do this, it was enough to pinch the strand at the roots, turn the styler once (inward or outward) and slowly pull it down to the ends, freeing the hair.

The plates glide easily through the hair, securely fixing the strand without catching or breaking hairs. It should be noted that the body of the device in the area of ​​the working plates becomes very hot. This is a common phenomenon for budget devices. However, the handle remains cool and if you are careful, discomfort from the heat is minimal. The disadvantages also include the imperfect implementation of the plate clamp, which does not always fully perform its function. Among the advantages, it is worth highlighting the articulated rotation of the cord and its sufficient length.


Recommendations for caring for the device are standard and are suitable for most devices of this type. It is important to avoid immersing the straightener in water or using abrasive or chemically aggressive cleaning products. Clean the plates and housing regularly with a damp cloth, and then dry the device by unplugging it and allowing it to cool completely.

Our measurements

The device heats up in just 30 seconds until the maximum temperature (230 °C) is reached.

The maximum power measured by a wattmeter when heated to 230 °C was 462 W. Energy consumption for 15 minutes of operation at this temperature was 0.032 kWh.

We also measured the temperature of the plates. Three minutes after reaching the set temperature they were as follows:

Set temperatureHeats up in 3 minutes
130 °C125—137 °C
150 °C130—147 °C
170 °C148—168 °C
190 °C178—193 °C
210 °C185—215 °C
230 °C217—229 °C

We also measured the temperature of the outer surface of the device. Within 10 minutes of operation at maximum power (230 °C), the plastic case in the area of the plates warmed up to 109 °C. The part of the case where the scale with indication and the handle are located remained at room temperature.


The Redmond HS1714 straightener does a great job of taming thick, curly hair in a short time. The device is ready to use in just 30 seconds, has a convenient visual heat indication scale and a wide range of temperature settings, making it an ideal choice for use with any hair type.

The perfectly smooth ceramic coating of the panels and their floating fastening prevent hair from being pulled out and damaged during the styling process. The moderate weight of the device does not create discomfort in the hand. Pluses include a hinged power cord, a 2.5-meter length, and an auto-shutoff function after 60 minutes of inactivity.

The disadvantages include two points: strong heating of the housing in the area of ​​the working panels and their incomplete closure in the closed position of the latch. In the first case, it is enough to be careful and hold the device strictly by the handle, which remains cold.


  • bright, attractive design and pleasant to the touch, non-staining coating of the case
  • floating ceramic plates
  • Fast heating and wide range of temperature settings
  • automatic shutdown when inactive
  • cord 2.5 meters long with swivel fastening


  • strong heating of the case in the panel area
  • incomplete closure of panels in the closed position