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Review of the Redmond VH1313 vertical cordless vacuum cleaner

18.06.2024 09:27

Effective daily cleaning often requires something as simple as possible: a lightweight upright vacuum that fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to easily clean under furniture without bending over. In such conditions, dust has no chance.

The Redmond VH1313 is a great example of a reliable and inexpensive device that is ideal for frequent cleaning. We'll test it to find out how easy it is to use, how well it fits in your hand, and how the swivel extension tube affects the cleaning performance.


Typevertical cordless vacuum cleaner
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Life time *4 years
Type of cleaningdry
Power200 W
Suction powerup to 21 kPa
BatteryLi-ion, 22.2 V, 2200 mAh
Battery lifeup to 37 minutes
Charging time5 o'clock
Dust container volume0.5 l
Noise levelup to 73 dB
Filter typeEPA
Operating modes2
Cleaning area lightingThere is
Weight3.3 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)270×1122×230 mm
Network cable length1.6 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


On the top cover of the gray branded box, the manufacturer placed two color photographs of our vacuum cleaner: in configurations for floor cleaning and for manual tidying.

There is not much information on the packaging, but there is a QR code leading to the manufacturer’s website.

Having opened the box, inside we found:

  • vacuum cleaner motor unit with garbage container and cyclone filter
  • removable battery
  • electric floor brush
  • additional rotor for electric brush
  • extension tube
  • two non-electrified attachments: a 2-in-1 brush and a crevice nozzle
  • wall mount with hardware kit
  • DC adapter
  • cleaning device
  • user guide
  • service book

The equipment package of the Redmond VH1313 is not too extensive: the vacuum cleaner comes with three attachments (motorized and two without electric drive). One could call it modest if not for the additional rotor for cleaning hard surfaces (a universal brush is already installed). Consumables such as additional filters are not included.

At first sight

The body of the Redmond VH1313 is made of smooth black plastic that doesn't look or feel too expensive. Decorative and movable elements are dark red.

The layout of this model is transverse: the cyclone filter block with a garbage collector is located perpendicular to the air path.

Behind the cylindrical waste bin is the engine compartment. The ventilation grille through which the exhaust air exits is on the right side of the case.

The nozzle, to which the extension tube and attachments are connected, is equipped with a two-pole plug for powering the electric brush.

On the back of the case there is a power level selection button and an LED display made of smooth black plastic. The display on the off screen is invisible, so the manufacturer added a sticker with an example of operation. Later we will turn on the vacuum cleaner and look at all its functions in detail.

The waste bin is closed with a hinged lid, which allows you to empty the container without getting your hands dirty.

The air flow with debris and dust enters a cylindrical container and swirls around the cyclone element. Large and heavy particles are thrown away by the cyclone skirt and remain in the lower part of the container, and a metal mesh with micro-perforation is used to retain small particles.

The third stage of filtration is a disk EPA element made of non-woven material, placed above the cyclone.

The removable battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh is equipped with a round connector for connecting an AC adapter. You can charge the device in two ways: either with the battery installed on the vacuum cleaner, or directly by connecting the adapter to the removed battery pack.

The electrified cleaning head has excellent mobility: it can rotate almost 90° to the right and left and 90° back and forth. But this model does not have a parking position.

Through the transparent window you can easily control the rotation of the rotor. In the front part of the nozzle there is a work area illumination unit — four bright white LEDs.

When cleaning the floor, the main weight of the structure rests on two large rubberized rollers at the rear of the nozzle. Two small wheels are located on the leading edge, and soft velor elements on the back and sides of the rotor provide better adherence to the surface and smooth gliding.

The Redmond VH1313 set includes two round brushes: a soft velor one for parquet, laminate and tiles, and a universal one with three V-shaped rows of multi-colored bristles of medium hardness. The rotor is secured with a latch at one end of the nozzle.

The extension tube is equipped with a hinge that allows it to be bent almost 180°.

This design increases mobility when cleaning and allows you to use the power tools in hard-to-reach places, such as narrow spaces under furniture, without the need to bend or kneel.

The kit also includes two non-electrified accessories: a crevice nozzle for hard-to-reach areas and a wide 2-in-1 nozzle with sliding brushes. We didn’t notice anything innovative in their design: similar accessories are included with many modern vacuum cleaners.

The included inlet mount allows you to store the vacuum cleaner in assembled form. However, it does not have special compartments for attachments — they will have to be stored separately. There is also no gimbal or automatic connection: the user must manually connect the charger plug. The box also contained two self-tapping screws and two nylon dowels.

The cleaning tool includes a small brush for cleaning the filtration system and a blade for removing threads and long hair that wrap around the rotary brush.


The user manual is a horizontal 20-page brochure in A5 format, published on thick glossy paper.

The document is compiled in two languages ​​- Russian and Kazakh. The brochure is preceded by seven pages of illustrations. Thanks to them, you can immediately start cleaning and not have to read what’s next.

The text part of the instructions briefly describes the technical characteristics of the device, its equipment, and tips for operation and care. The instructions end with a list of possible faults with recommendations for eliminating them yourself and information about warranty obligations.


The vacuum cleaner is turned on and off using a trigger on the pistol grip. This is convenient to do with both the right and left hands. The button on the body, opposite the handle, is designed to secure the waste container.

The button on the end switches power levels. This model has only two of them: “Eco” and “Turbo”.

When the vacuum cleaner is running, the display shows the current battery charge as a percentage. Below the numbers is a symbol of the selected mode: for minimum power there is an image of a green leaf, and for maximum power there is a drawing of a muscular biceps.

This model does not provide any warning signals on the display.

This model does not provide any warning signals on the display.


Before use, it is recommended to wipe the device body with a damp cloth and let it dry to get rid of any possible factory smell. Although we didn't think this was necessary the first time we turned it on, we still followed this advice — just in case.

As with any battery-powered device, the Redmond VH1313 should be fully charged before first use. The first charge cycle for new lithium-ion batteries can take longer, so we simply plugged the device into the charger overnight and started using it in the morning.

The vacuum cleaner has good balance, is easy to control and fits comfortably in the hand. The center of gravity is optimally distributed: its low weight does not create additional inconvenience when cleaning both on the floor and in manual mode.

The articulated extension tube was very convenient. It allows you to easily clean under cabinets and sofas up to the full length of your lower knee, without having to bend. The tube folds when you press a button in the central part, which makes it easier for the nozzle to penetrate under furniture. Returning to its original position is also simple: just lift the vacuum cleaner slightly, and the tube will lock in a straight position under its own weight.

We were pleasantly surprised by the maneuverability of the attachment, which easily rotates back and forth and left and right without effort. However, we didn't like its lack of a parking position. During pauses in cleaning, you have to lean the vacuum cleaner against walls and furniture, which can lead to it falling and being damaged.

Illumination of the work area greatly facilitates cleaning: it avoids the need to turn on all the lighting in the apartment, and also makes small debris clearly visible due to the low location of the light source.

In manual mode, the vacuum cleaner is just as convenient to clean as in full mode, thanks to its good balancing. In this form it does not have significant weight.

The simple design of the accessories did not provide us with any surprises: the crevice nozzle and 2-in-1 brush attachment completely satisfy most manual cleaning needs. However, for cleaning upholstered furniture and mattresses, we needed a second motorized nozzle.

The vacuum cleaner also does an excellent job inside the car. However, to clean narrow niches, glove compartments or the space under seats, it requires a flexible corrugated tube.

Through the transparent walls of the waste bin it is easy to control its filling level. This is especially convenient, since the model does not provide notifications about container overfilling or air ducts being clogged.

A hinged lid at the end of the container allows you to conveniently pour most of the garbage into the bucket, avoiding the risk of contaminating your hands. However, some contaminants may accumulate above the plastic “skirt” of the cyclone — between the mesh and the walls of the tank. To completely remove them, you need to remove the central element.

A significant amount of fine dust accumulates on the inner surface of the non-woven EPA element. However, the fine filter successfully retains contaminants: the outer surface of the disc only slightly darkened after several cleanings.

We consider the overall filtration quality of the Redmond VH1313 model to be satisfactory.


The body of the vacuum cleaner can be cleaned, if necessary, using a damp, soft cloth, then dried. However, any part of the device other than the dust container should not be heavily moistened or immersed in water. The use of chemically aggressive or abrasive substances should also be avoided.

It is recommended to rinse the dust collector with a stream of water, wipe it with a soft cloth and dry it completely before reinstalling it.

The fine filter should be cleaned at least once a month.

Our measurements

We present the mass measurements of the main components of the vacuum cleaner in the table:

Weight, g
Main unit with dust collector and filter1065
Extension tube360
Floor nozzle with electric brush515
2-in-1 brush attachment45
Crevice telescopic nozzle40

In the maximum configuration (main unit, battery, extension tube and floor nozzle), the weight of the vacuum cleaner is 2320 g, and in the minimum configuration – 1485 g.

Suction power was measured while operating the vacuum cleaner without the pipe and attachments installed in both modes. The graph of the dependence of suction power on the created vacuum is presented below:

The measured suction power was 18.4 W in minimum mode and 53.6 W in maximum mode.

The noise level depends on the selected speed and operating mode of the nozzle. Below are the measurement data in table form.

Noise level, dBALarge electric nozzleWithout attachments
Minimum power6967
Maximum power7473

The battery life of the vacuum cleaner also depends on the attachment used and the selected power mode.

Battery lifeLarge electric nozzleWithout attachments
Minimum power37 minutes 30 seconds39 minutes 30 seconds
Maximum power14 minutes 10 seconds17 minutes 20 seconds

A fully discharged device is powered for approximately 4 hours 50 minutes. The charger consumes up to 13.9 W, and a full cycle requires about 0.060 kWh.

Let's summarize our measurements in one table.

Maximum suction power54 aW
Duration of operation at maximum powerup to 17 minutes 20 seconds
Duration of operation in manual modeup to 40 minutes
Noise levelfrom 67 to 74 dBA
Weight in floor configuration2320 g
Weight in manual configuration1485 g


Redmond VH1313 is a modern upright vacuum cleaner, ideal for quick daily cleaning at an affordable price. In testing, it produced average power, but its ergonomic design and effective floor nozzle make up for this. The model is lightweight, well balanced, provides long battery life and has a moderate noise level.

The foldable extension tube and work area illumination greatly improve floor cleaning efficiency.

The negative aspects of this model include the relatively modest equipment: to increase the efficiency of using the device, an electric attachment for furniture and a flexible extension tube would greatly help. The only significant design flaw is the lack of a parking position for the floor cleaning attachment.


  • foldable extension tube
  • work area lighting
  • low price


  • minimalist equipment
  • no parking position