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Jimmy H9 Pro vertical cordless vacuum cleaner review

22.05.2024 09:20

The vertical vacuum cleaner has become an integral part of our everyday life, serving not only for quick cleaning, but also for basic cleanliness. Therefore, it should be easy to use, provide a long operating time on a single battery charge, and also have a sufficient number of attachments and accessories for various tasks.

Let's see how the Jimmy H9 Pro meets these criteria. Let’s admit right away: we really liked the look of it. But this did not affect the objectivity of testing in any way.


ModelH9 Pro
Typevertical cordless vacuum cleaner
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Life time *5 years
Type of cleaningdry
Power600 W
Suction powerup to 200 aW
BatteryLi-Ion, 28.8 V, 3000 mAh
Battery lifeup to 80 minutes
Charging time5 o'clock
Dust container volume0.6 l
Number of cleaning modes3
IndicationLED (charge level)
Noise levelup to 82 dB
Weight3 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)250×1200×200 mm
Network cable length1.6 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The vacuum cleaner comes in a large white cardboard box with a plastic handle.

There is a minimal amount of information on the packaging: on the front and back sides there is only a color image of the floor cleaning device, the manufacturer’s logo and the model index. The remaining sides remain white.

Found inside the box:

  • Motor unit with waste bin
  • Battery
  • Motorized floor nozzle with attached brush for hard surfaces
  • Second brush for carpets and rugs
  • Electric brush for furniture
  • Brush attachment with soft bristles
  • Two combination nozzles “2 in 1”: wide and narrow
  • Extension tube
  • Flexible corrugated tube
  • Swivel joint
  • Stand for charging and storage when disassembled
  • Desktop charger
  • Power adapter
  • User guide
  • Warranty card

The Jimmy H9 Pro package includes two motorized and three non-electric attachments. In addition, a flexible corrugated and swivel joint are included with the extension tube. The vacuum cleaner can be charged in two ways: on a vertical stand or using a desktop device.

At first sight

The body of the vacuum cleaner is made of smooth steel-gray plastic, the finishing elements are copper-gold.

The layout of the Jimmy H9 Pro is transverse: the garbage container with a cyclone filter is located at right angles to the air path, just below it.

There is a door on the left side of the garbage disposal, through which it is convenient to empty the container, and on the right there is a fine filter.

The air filter is connected to the engine, which is located perpendicular to the air path. The exhaust grille is located on the left side of the motor block, which avoids dust from being deposited in uncleaned areas and does not cause irritation to the user.

Through the hatch at the end of the container, its contents can be shaken out without getting your hands dirty. You will have to carry the entire motor unit to the trash can: the tank on this model is non-removable.

The air flow containing debris and dust is directed into a cylindrical container, where it swirls around a cyclone element. Large particles settle on the left side of the container, while small particles are retained by a micro-perforated steel mesh. For more thorough cleaning, a cylindrical HEPA filter is located on the right side of the garbage disposal.

The rear of the motor block houses a cylindrical battery held in place by a push-button latch. The battery capacity of the Jimmy H9 Pro is 3000 mAh, operating voltage is 28.8 V.

At the bottom of the motor block we see two large contacts: they are used to charge the device on the vertical base stand.

The floor head's articulated mount provides two degrees of freedom, allowing the brush to flex back and forth and left and right over a wide range. The movement of the joint is very smooth, and the attachment does not have a specific parking position. The upper part of the nozzle is equipped with translucent gray plastic, which allows you to control the rotation of its rollers.

The device is equipped with two rotary brushes: a soft velor brush for hard surfaces and a lamella brush for carpets and rugs.

The rotors are held in place by a yellow latch, which is immediately visible at the bottom, next to the additional rows of fine bristles.

The nozzle for upholstered furniture and mattresses is designed to combat dust mites and traces of their activity, in addition to regular garbage. Its main element is an electric brush with alternating rows of synthetic bristles and flexible plastic slats, slightly twisted in the direction of rotation.

The brush is removed from the nozzle by turning the round handle on one of the ends of the body.

In the middle of the extension tube there is a hinge that allows it to bend at an almost right angle. This provides increased mobility when cleaning and allows you to use the power heads in hard-to-reach places, such as tight spaces under furniture, without bending over or having to kneel.

The bend is fixed in two extreme positions using a latch on the hinge.

To use non-electrified attachments, the vacuum cleaner kit includes a flexible corrugated tube 50 cm long. It bends easily and can stretch to a length of over a meter.

If necessary, an angle joint with a stroke of more than 90 degrees can be used to connect nozzles or corrugated tubing.

The set also includes three non-electrified nozzles: a long nozzle with soft bristles for clothes and two “2 in 1” nozzles with movable brushes — narrow and wide. There is nothing innovative in the design of these accessories: they are typical for many modern vacuum cleaners.

The set also includes three non-electrified nozzles: a long nozzle with soft bristles for clothes and two “2 in 1” nozzles with movable brushes — narrow and wide. There is nothing innovative in the design of these accessories: they are typical for many modern vacuum cleaners.

In the central part of the rack there is a shelf with attachments for attachments. Here you can conveniently place the entire set of non-electrified brushes, an electric nozzle for furniture, a corner joint and a corrugated tube.

All accessories are conveniently and securely fastened; during the cleaning process they are easy to take out, change and put back.

A DC adapter is connected to the top of the structure: the stand allows you to not only store, but also charge the vacuum cleaner. When the device is installed in place, charging begins automatically.

The Jimmy H9 Pro kit also includes a desktop charger designed to recharge the battery removed from the vacuum cleaner. The completion of the charging procedure is indicated by a two-color LED on the case: when the battery charge level reaches one hundred percent, the LED changes color from red to green.


The Jimmy H9 Pro user manual is available in six languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian. The brochure is in A5 format, the cover is made of glossy material, and the text is printed in one color.

The book is equipped with a large number of drawings and diagrams explaining the structure and use of the vacuum cleaner. They are quite legible and can be read without difficulty thanks to the good quality of printing.

The Russian-language part of the document is 15 pages. It covers the process of preparing the vacuum cleaner for use, describes the functionality and use of various attachments, and also contains instructions for troubleshooting problems. The translation sometimes leaves much to be desired (which has already been noticed with other devices from this manufacturer), but the meaning of what is presented is easily understood. The documentation set also includes a warranty card.


Two keys that control the vacuum cleaner are located on the upper side of the U-shaped handle. One of them turns the device on and off, the second switches operating modes.

The Jimmy H9 Pro vacuum cleaner has three power levels and four operating modes. The device starts in automatic mode, and then by successively pressing the “I II III” button you can select the Eco, Turbo and Max programs.

Large numbers on the display indicate the current battery charge level. The name of the selected mode lights up below them.

Large numbers on the display indicate the current battery charge level. The name of the selected mode lights up below them.


Before using the vacuum cleaner, you must empty it from its packaging and fully charge it.

The charging station, which also doubles as storage space, takes a little time to assemble and install, but the process is intuitive. The upper and lower racks are inserted into the base and the upper part, respectively, a shelf for attachments is installed between them, after which the entire structure is fixed with the screws included in the kit.

While charging, the display shows the current battery charge level. Once the battery is fully charged, the display turns off, which means the device is ready for use.

The weight of the vacuum cleaner turned out to be higher than that of most devices in this class, but this does not interfere with the ease of working with it. The well-balanced design allows you to comfortably hold the vacuum cleaner both when cleaning the floor and during manual cleaning.

The maneuverability of the nozzle was a pleasant surprise: it easily turns back and forth and left and right without much effort. However, the lack of a parking position proved to be a disappointment. You have to be careful not to press the attachment against walls or furniture during pauses, so as not to risk it falling.

Unfortunately, the floor nozzle is not equipped with work area lighting. This feature, already familiar to modern vacuum cleaners, was greatly missed during testing.

We found the articulated extension tube to be a very useful feature. It makes cleaning under cabinets and sofas an easy task. By pressing the release button, you can easily fold the extension tube and slide the floor nozzle under the furniture. Returning to the original position is also easy: just lift the vacuum cleaner and the tube will lock under its own weight with a slight click.

With a folded tube and a floor nozzle, you can easily clean under furniture with a height of 70 mm to a depth of 60 cm. Many upright vacuum cleaners do not allow you to lower the extension completely horizontally due to the protruding body of the dust collector or motor unit. In the case of the Jimmy H9 Pro, such difficulties do not arise.

The collapsible extension tube combined with the corner joint allows you to tidy up even the most difficult to reach areas.

The corrugated tube is great for maintaining clothes and for cleaning hard-to-reach places like cracks and nooks. However, when using this accessory, you will have to hold the vacuum cleaner with both hands. It should be noted that an electric furniture brush cannot be used with a corrugated tube, since in this case there are no necessary connectors and wires to power the motor.

The nozzle for mattresses and upholstered furniture is also movable, but not as much as the floor one: relative to the motor unit, it bends back and forth by about thirty degrees. This is quite enough for cleaning surfaces.

The vacuum cleaner starts in a mode called “Auto”, but we did not find anything automatic in it: when operating in this mode, the power does not change depending on the amount of dust and remains approximately at a level between minimum and average. There is no information about the presence of a pollution sensor even in the user manual.

When operating at maximum, the device automatically reduces the suction power to a medium level when the battery charge drops to 20%. Thanks to this feature, the user can complete cleaning at a reduced power without completely draining the battery.

The risk of overfilling the upper part of the dust container during operation is displayed by an almost vertical indication, but is not very clear.

The contents of the container are clearly visible from the end, but this area is filled first.

The contents of the container are clearly visible from the end, but this area is filled first.

Large dirt from the bottom of the bin can be easily shaken out without getting your hands dirty. However, to remove medium-sized contaminants retained by the perforated element in the middle of the structure, the cyclone must be completely removed.

Despite these shortcomings, we assess the efficiency of its operation as very good: only a very small part of very fine dust reaches the fine filter.

Dirt is also not noticeable on the outer surface of the HEPA element.

The inner surface of the cyclone filter also remains completely clean.

We rate the filtration quality of the Jimmy H9 Pro as excellent: this is facilitated by the successful design of the cyclonic element in combination with an effective fine filter.

We rate the filtration quality of the Jimmy H9 Pro as excellent: this is facilitated by the successful design of the cyclonic element in combination with an effective fine filter.


The manufacturer recommends cleaning the dust container and filters after each use.

After the debris is shaken out of the container, it is necessary to rinse all elements of the cyclone filter under the tap, with the exception of the housing. Although the instruction manual allows you to wash the HEPA filter, our experience has shown that this shortens its service life.

The instructions remind you that vacuum cleaner filters are consumables and can be purchased separately. Additional batteries and roller brushes are also available for this model on the manufacturer’s website.

The elements of electric brushes must be regularly cleaned of threads and hair, as their accumulation can cause the rollers to stop working.

All components must be thoroughly dried before installation in the vacuum cleaner.

If necessary, the housing should be wiped with a damp soft cloth. However, it is not recommended to place parts of the vacuum cleaner in the dishwasher.

Our measurements

We present the mass measurements of the main components of the vacuum cleaner in the table:

Weight, g
Main unit with dust collector and filter1375
Extension tube420
Electric brush, large725
Electric brush, small330
Crevice nozzle, large55
Crevice nozzle, small45
Brush attachment85
Corrugated tube225

In the maximum configuration, including the main unit, battery, extension tube and floor nozzle, the vacuum cleaner weighs 3045 g, and in the minimum configuration — 1945. This weight is significantly higher than the average for this class of devices.

The suction power was measured in three modes of operation of the vacuum cleaner without a pipe and nozzles. The graph of the dependence of suction power on the created vacuum is presented below:

The suction power we measured was 64.1 W in maximum mode, 28.9 W in average and 8.4 W in minimum mode.

The noise level at maximum power with an attached floor electric brush is 82 dBA, at minimum power — 72 dBA. Disabling the motor attachment has little effect on volume, although it does change the tone of the sound. In the most powerful mode, our device is comparable in sound strength to an average corded vacuum cleaner.

The battery life of the device depends on the accessories used and the selected power mode. The collected data is presented in the form of a table.

 Large electric nozzleWithout attachments
Minimum power1 hour 8 minutes1 hour 26 minutes
Average power31 minutes33 minutes
Maximum power12 (17) minutes13 (18) minutes

At maximum power, remember, the vacuum cleaner operates until it reaches 20% charge, after which it switches to medium power. Thus, using a large electric attachment, the operating time at maximum is 12 minutes, and the total battery life is 17 minutes.

A completely discharged device “feeds” for an average of 4 hours 50 minutes. The charger consumes up to 21 W, and a full cycle requires about 0.095 kWh.

Let's summarize our measurements in one table:

Maximum suction power64.1 aW
Duration of operation at maximum power12 minutes
Duration of operation in manual mode86 minutes
Noise levelup to 82 dBA
Weight in floor configuration3045 g
Weight in minimum configuration1945


The Jimmy H9 Pro upright cordless vacuum cleaner pleased us with its good power in medium and maximum suction modes, and in economy mode it impressed us with its long battery life.

Indication of the battery charge level allows you to plan the duration of cleaning, which makes working with the device more efficient. The collapsible extension tube is another nice feature of the device: it allows you to conveniently and quickly clean hard-to-reach spaces under furniture without bending over.

The vacuum cleaner's rich set of accessories and the ability to combine a set of attachments and accessories very widely makes the Jimmy H9 Pro an excellent and versatile assistant for daily use.

The disadvantages of the device include the lack of vertical parking and illumination of the work area.


  • high power at medium and maximum power modes and good efficiency at minimum
  • good design of folding extension tube
  • excellent equipment
  • efficient motor attachments
  • Convenient storage and charging solution


  • impossibility of vertical parking without a storage rack