Review of the Garlyn GT-250 iron

15.04.2024 11:10

In the modern world, the use of irons is becoming increasingly rare. The pace of life for many people does not allow time for thorough ironing of clothes or bed linen. However, for some people, having an iron is not just a matter of convenience, but an urgent necessity. Work or personal style may require a flawless appearance, and in such cases, an iron becomes an indispensable assistant.

Today we will look at the Garlyn GT-250 steam iron. It is a compact and stylish device with high power (2500 W), which is expected to be perfect for everyday use at home.


Typesteam iron
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year + 1 year if you enroll in the extended warranty program
Estimated service life*3 years
Declared power2500 W
Sole coatingceramic
Control typemechanical
Automatic shutdownYes
Constant steam supply30 g/min
Steam boost170 g/min
Number of steam outlets29
Peculiaritiesboost of steam, constant steam supply, self-cleaning system, anti-drip system, adjustable steam supply, dry ironing, vertical steaming
Dimensions94×125×290 mm
Water tank volume300 ml
Cord length3m
Iron weight1.31 kg

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The device was delivered for testing in two boxes at the same time: first in a thick technical cardboard box with the name of the brand, model and a schematic representation of the device, and then inside this box — in a bright and attractive box in orange and black tones. This is a smart move considering that home appliances are often purchased as gifts. Thanks to the second box, the iron can be unpacked immediately before delivery, without worrying about the safety of the holiday packaging during transportation.

In addition to this, the set includes an elegant orange gift ribbon. This is a small detail that costs a penny to produce, but significantly gives the box a more solemn and elegant look.

On the front side of the outer box, made in black, a photograph of the device is presented and the main characteristics of the model are indicated.

On the side edges we find brief technical information, information about the manufacturer and a QR code leading to the Garlyn website.

Having opened the box, inside we found:

  • the iron itself
  • measuring cup
  • instruction manual, brief instructions and warranty card

All parts are packaged in protective plastic bags, printed materials are also placed in a separate plastic bag, and the iron is inserted into a corrugated cardboard mold for fixation.

At first sight

It's worth noting that we've always valued Garlyn's approach to product design, and our new iron is no exception. The positive impression begins from the moment of unpacking and continues when you pick up the device.

The Garlyn GT-250 steam iron does not look bulky; its dimensions are rather standard. At the same time, the color scheme is chosen well, which makes the device light and airy in appearance. The design is elegant: the main colors of the plastic body are white and gray, and the buttons and controls are orange.

The sole of the iron has standard dimensions: approximately 24 cm in length and 12 in width. There are many steam outlets on it: 24 on the right, 24 on the left and 5 in the front. The Garlyn logo on the sole and the mention of ceramics (Ceramic G-Pro) indicate its quality. The model sticker provides technical information about the device.

The handle of this model is very comfortable. The top is equipped with an anti-slip rubber pad for a secure grip. Nearby, under the thumb and forefinger, there are two steam intensity switches, which makes their control as convenient as possible.

Thus, almost all control can be done with one hand, without lowering the device onto the table.

At a short distance from the nose there is a spray nozzle, above there is a transparent lid that covers a large hole for pouring water into the tank.

The lid opens and closes with a light touch. Next to the self-cleaning button on the body there is a Max mark indicating the maximum water level in the tank, which is only 300 ml.

The self-cleaning button is located on the left side of the body, next to the steam adjustment lever. There are icons nearby that clearly illustrate the functions available to the user.

At the top there is a simple display. To the right and left of it there are buttons for switching modes “−” and “+”.

At the base there is a hinge for fastening the cord, protected by a rubber casing. The length of the electrical cable is 3 meters — enough for any situation.

The measuring cup has a convenient spout for adding water, as well as marks for 50, 100, 150 and 200 ml.

The iron weighs only 1.3 kg, which is light for this type of device. Thanks to its light weight, it is comfortable to hold in your hand, and your hand does not get tired even after prolonged use. However, as ironing time increases, it becomes necessary to add water to the tank more often, given its small volume. In general, this approach has its advantages and disadvantages, which depend on the individual preferences and habits of the user.


The device comes with three printed materials: a user manual and a warranty card in A6 format, as well as a brief user manual made from thick A5 paper.

The 26-page instruction manual contains all the information necessary to operate the iron. The information in it is divided into relevant sections, presented in detail and clearly. The table of contents makes it easier to find the information you need.

I would also like to note the visual style of the instructions: high quality printing and eye-pleasing fonts. The instruction manual is easy to read and contains answers to all user questions. The brief instructions are convenient for use while working with the device: there is no need to flip through the pages, and the thick paper does not wrinkle from frequent use.


The Garlyn GT-250 has mechanical, intuitive controls. Additionally, we have a compact black and white backlit display that shows the current mode.

The “+” and “−” buttons are located to the right and left of the display, providing the ability to select the heating temperature, according to the recommendations on the clothing label. The display shows different ironing modes corresponding to different types of fabrics.

It is worth noting that the location of the buttons for switching modes of the iron is “Chinese”: the “+” button is on the left, and the “−” button is on the right. It will take some getting used to. You may have to look at the display at first.

To spray, press the large button on top, which shows the corresponding icon. Next to it is a lever for intensive steam supply (steam boost), convenient for use with your index finger. The buttons are pressed firmly enough to avoid accidental pressing. The steam intensity is controlled by a rotary switch, which can be turned to the desired level.

Steam is supplied only when the iron is in a horizontal position. To stop the steam supply, you need to set the steam supply regulator to position “0” or hold the iron vertically.

The self-cleaning button is located slightly to the side of the temperature control and cannot be pressed accidentally. For self-cleaning, you must set the steam control to the maximum position and set the maximum temperature. Then the iron should be unplugged and placed horizontally over the sink. Press and hold the self-cleaning button until all the steam and boiling water comes out.

The device automatically turns off in a vertical position after about 8 minutes or in a horizontal position after about 30 seconds. The corresponding indicator will light up on the display. When you move the iron, operation will resume.


Before starting use, we wiped the ceramic sole and body, correctly filled the reservoir with water and turned on the iron. The manufacturer warns about the possible appearance of a slight odor, which we noticed only in the first minutes after switching on.

Water for use in the iron can be tap water. If it is too hard, it is recommended to mix it with distilled water in a 1:1 ratio. It is important to avoid adding flavored liquids, vinegar, starchy water and other substances that may damage the appliance.

Our iron is stable in both vertical and horizontal positions, is easily visible on any surface, and is almost impossible to forget to turn off. However, even in case of a forgotten shutdown, the iron has an automatic shutdown (as well as a shutdown when dropped on its side), which works properly.

The iron warms up to maximum temperature in an average of 37 seconds and cools down in 3-4 minutes.

The spray nozzle is conveniently located, providing fine drops that moisturize the fabric well and do not leave streaks. We practically did not observe any leaks or random drops (there were only isolated small drops).

A steam boost at maximum temperature can be used up to four to five times in a row, after which you should wait a while. The ability to use the iron for vertical steaming, for example, curtains, is provided, but this is not its main purpose, and in this respect it does not compete with a steamer.


Upon completion of ironing, you should turn off the iron, let it cool and be sure to drain the remaining water. The body of the device can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge. Any starch deposits, stains or residue remaining on the ceramic soleplate can be removed with a damp cloth or a mild, non-abrasive detergent. The self-cleaning function is useful for cleaning the inside of the sole and removing dirt, and it is recommended to do it every 10-15 days.

It is important to avoid immersing the iron in water and using abrasive or alcohol-containing products, as well as wire brushes and the like.

The device should be stored in a dry, dark place, out of reach of children and pets.

Our measurements

The maximum power consumption measured with a wattmeter during testing was 2060 W, which is slightly lower than the declared power. During an hour of operation of the iron in all modes with an almost constant steam supply, about 0.69 kWh was consumed.

The iron reaches its maximum operating temperature in 37 seconds. The tests revealed that the water supply in the tank is enough for 24 minutes of continuous operation, with periodic use of a steam boost. Without it, water consumption will be less.

Practice tests

During testing, we conducted experiments with different types of fabrics to evaluate the performance of the iron in practice. We mainly used the maximum steam setting and, if necessary, used a burst of steam to remove the most difficult wrinkles. Temperature conditions varied from medium to high, depending on the fabric material.

Trousers, thick fabric (cotton)

The 100% cotton trousers were quite wrinkled to begin with. We selected the appropriate mode for this fabric and started ironing.

We started with the pants. After the first pass, the difference is obvious! Although, of course, a few folds still remain.

But after the second pass. Everything looks very, very good.

Without much difficulty we formed the creases and smoothed out the legs...

We encountered some difficulties ironing the top due to the number of wrinkles. The first pass of the iron resulted in close to the desired result on the left, but we needed additional ironing on the right to achieve the perfect result.

We evaluate the final result as very good. To achieve the ideal result, hang your trousers on hangers and go over difficult areas with a steam blast several times.

Result: excellent

Result: excellent

Light children's hoodie (muslin)

Let's check how the iron handles muslin — an airy and light fabric. We had a children's tunic at our disposal.

Here is the initial state of the thing:

But after just 3-4 minutes of light ironing.

Using an iron, I was able to easily get rid of all the wrinkles on the first pass.

Result: excellent

Corduroy shirt

Corduroy is not the easiest material to care for. The texture of the fabric is such that it is not always possible to smooth it perfectly. Let's see what we can come up with.

Despite the characteristic vertical stripes, we were able to iron the shirt without much difficulty. Most areas required two passes. In especially difficult places — three plus steam boost.

Result: excellent

Result: excellent

Blouse (thin cotton)

Another thin and not the easiest cotton item to care for is a white blouse with lace.

During testing, it became obvious that cotton fabrics were easy to iron with our test iron. This was confirmed by the example of our blouse, which was easily ironed the first time, even in areas with lace elements.

We rate the result as ideal.

Result: excellent

Result: excellent

Black blouse (viscose)

We traditionally expect a catch from viscose: this fabric is too finicky to care for and strives to retain folds. For the test, we took a small blouse in a clearly wrinkled state.

We started to smooth it out and immediately felt some “resistance” from the fabric. Small folds were straightened out only on the second pass, large ones did not want to disappear at all.

Having spent 2-3 times more time than is usually required for a standard blouse or shirt, we improved the overall picture, but still did not achieve an excellent result.

At the same time, although we did not achieve an ideal result, we will not consider this a disadvantage of the iron: the fabric is quite complex, and ironing it perfectly is, in principle, a difficult task.

Result: good

Shirt made of cotton and elastane (synthetic fiber)

A men's standard-fit shirt is an item that has to be ironed quite often. This fabric contains elastane (a synthetic fiber), which should give it increased durability and, we expect, help combat wrinkles.

First we smoothed out the sleeves and collar...

Then — the front of the shirt.

The impressions are the best. The shirt is ironed easily, almost all wrinkles are smoothed out the first time. And those who refuse to do this right away give up after the first burst of steam.

Result: excellent

Applying thermal stickers

As a bonus test, we tried applying iron-on adhesive. We had a down jacket with several burnt holes at our disposal.

To eliminate such damage, special thermal patches or thermal stickers are usually used. To work with them, a low temperature is required (we set mode “3”).

We set the iron to «no steam» mode, applied the sticker and ironed it for 20-30 seconds. We then pressed it tightly over the entire area for a few seconds and left it to cool.

All you have to do is wait for the sticker to cool down and remove the protective film. To be safe, after this you can reapply the film and iron it again.

The photo shows several areas where the glue did not lie quite evenly, but in real use this is completely unnoticeable. We are more than pleased with the result: the down jacket will last for many more years, and it only took us a few minutes to eliminate the small “nuances”.

Result: excellent


The Garlyn GT-250 steam iron is an elegant and modern device that attracts attention with its stylish design and wide range of functions. It is equipped with 11 temperature settings designed for different types of fabrics. When working at high temperatures, a steam boost is available, which can be used 4-5 times in a row after full warm-up.

During testing, the Garlyn GT-250 iron proved to be a convenient and easy-to-use device. It was easy and pleasant to work with, and the filled reservoir lasted about 20-25 minutes of work.

While the battery life may seem insufficient for heavy ironing, the iron's lightness makes up for it. Its weight is only 1.31 kg, which avoids hand fatigue even with prolonged use. We believe that it is more convenient to periodically add water than to suffer from the heaviness and inconvenience of large size and weight.

It’s especially nice that the iron automatically turns off 30 seconds after falling on its side and 8 minutes after standing in an upright position. This adds confidence and allows you to use the iron without unnecessary worries.


  • stylish design
  • excellent ironing and steaming results
  • steam boost up to 5 times in a row
  • ease of use and maintenance
  • fast heating and cooling
  • correctly functioning fall protection
  • auto shutdown after 8 minutes of inactivity


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