Review of hair styler Felfri BY-570

21.02.2024 11:10

The choice of styler can be quite varied, but the key factors when choosing are ease of use and the availability of different temperature conditions. The Felfri BY-570 model promises to create beautiful waves on medium and long hair. However, it is important to note that this styler is not designed for drying or styling short hair. We will check the remaining characteristics during testing.


Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Life time*3 years
Power45 W
Control typemechanical
Housing materialplastic
Protection against electric shockclass II
Number of operating modes1
Number of temperature modes3
Heating temperature160°C, 180°C, 200°C
360° cord rotationThere is
LED indication of temperature conditionsThere is
Automatic shutdownin 60-120 minutes
Plate coatingaluminum plates coated with vegetable protein
Size of working (heating) surface80×75 mm
Net weight408 g
Dimensions (W×H×D)305×55×35 mm
Network cable length2 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


Felfri BY-570 is presented for testing in an elegant black rectangular box. On the top cover there is an image of the styler, the brand name and the device identification number. On the back of the box the main characteristics are indicated: power, material of heating plates, model, voltage, frequency, dimensions of the device.

The lid fits tightly onto the bottom of the box. Inside:

  • styler
  • three plastic hair clips
  • flat comb
  • instructions

At first sight

The product is made in a delicate lilac shade and has a classic tongs shape with a slightly expanded surface for heating plates. Roughly speaking, its design can be divided into two main parts: a handle with a control panel and a platform with heating plates.

The weight of the styler is acceptable: 408 g. You can feel it in your hand, but this does not interfere with the work process; you quickly get used to it. The manufacturer emphasizes the stylish design of the device on the packaging, and in this he is absolutely right — it is pleasant to hold it in your hand. Smooth shapes, logical arrangement of functional parts, highlighting the necessary buttons with a slightly more saturated shade, all this creates a pleasant visual perception.

On the front there is a button and an on/off indicator light, and above them there are three indicators of temperature modes: 160 °C, 180 °C, 200 °C. On the back side there is a convenient foot — a locking button for the pliers. This convenient tool allows you to temporarily fix the device, for example, when combing strands or securing curls with hairpins.

The length of the handle is 15.5 cm, and the size of the working plates is 8x7.5 cm. The surface of the aluminum heating plates feels pleasant, coated with something very smooth, presumably vegetable protein, although this cannot be verified. However, the hair loves this delicate coating. All corners of the styler are smoothed and there are no visible damages or defects.

The device is comfortable to hold with both your right and left hands, which is important when creating your own hairstyle. We easily transferred the styler from hand to hand, and this did not interfere with the process.

The power button and switching temperature modes are logically located on the front of the handle, it is convenient for the thumb of both hands. After selecting the desired temperature, you can safely move your finger higher, and this will prevent accidental changes in modes. The locking tab on the back of the device requires a certain force to unfasten, which prevents accidental opening. Experiments have shown that it is possible to unfasten the tongs with one hand, but fastening them will require a focused effort and a second hand.

According to the instructions, the power cord is 2m long and can rotate 360°, although this is a bit exaggerated. The connection point is protected by a flexible plastic casing, although there is no external hinge, which, however, does not pose a problem. During testing, several people of different ages experimented with rotating the device in their hands, and the wire did not interfere with anyone during installation, even without a hinge.

The first impression of the Felfri BY-570 was very positive: it is easy to use, intuitive, beautiful and, thanks to its design, looks very reliable.


Inside the box is a small paper brochure neatly folded into four layers. After the cover there is an illustration — a simple diagram of the device, followed by the main parameters, brief instructions for use, product features, care and storage recommendations, as well as safety precautions. A table for troubleshooting minor faults is also provided, including only two possible cases. The brochure also includes warranty information and descriptions of non-warranty situations.

All warnings are easy to understand and logical: avoid contact of the device with water, do not throw it into the bathtub, and if the cord is damaged, contact the manufacturer for a replacement without attempting to do so yourself. The operating instructions are supplemented with visual drawings explaining the sequence of actions.


The control process of this styler is very simple and straightforward. First, connect the device to the outlet, then press the power button to activate the device. The temperature mode is selected by short pressing the same button, and the current mode is displayed by LED indicators. There are three modes in total, and switching between them occurs cyclically (1-2-3-1...).

To activate the device, you must hold down the single button for 2 seconds; To switch modes, just press it. Automatic shutdown is activated after 60-120 minutes, according to the instructions.

Now about temperature conditions. Their choice depends on the individual characteristics and condition of the hair. It is recommended to consult your hairdresser for advice, especially if you are a beginner. For everyday styling, it is believed that 160–180 °C is sufficient for normal hair, while 200 °C is recommended for thick or unruly hair. Our tests showed that the Low setting was suitable for children, the Medium setting was good for color-treated hair, and the High setting was used to see if it was necessary. The speed of installation depends more on the user's experience than on the temperature.

Accidental switching of modes is excluded, since it is enough to simply hold the handle above the indicated button.

The length of the wave, its frequency and the pomp of the hairstyle are determined by the distance between the clips and the thickness of the strand being laid. The durability of the hairstyle depends on various factors, but not on the styler itself.


Preparing to style with Felfri BY-570 follows standard steps, best starting with clean, dry hair. After washing your hair, it is important to thoroughly dry and comb your hair, then separate it into strands. The styler allows you to apply pre-products for better styling. For adults, sprays and powder were added, while for children, simple styling was used on dry hair.

After removing the device from the protective bag, we wiped it with a damp cloth, plugged it in, selected the temperature mode and began installation. The process is quite simple: select the required amount of hair in a strand, secure it with a styler, and hold for 3 to 10 seconds. The longer we hold it, the stronger the curl and the higher the effect of temperature on the hair. For more fragile children's hair, we spent 3 seconds holding, passing a strand and pinching the next section. The more often we clamp, the smaller the wave turns out. We repeat these steps along the entire length of the strand.

The process of using Felfri BY-570 is simple and even suitable for beginners, and the results improve with each use. Initially, the waves on different sides came out slightly different, which, in fact, added a certain charm to the image. With each next ten minutes, your hands become more accustomed to the process, and the strands are laid more confidently. We styled our hair both independently and helped each other, and in both cases the process was comfortable. After styling, the hair was combed, the waves were broken up, products were added, and the styler helped create the basis for various styles.

It is recommended to curl the strands from the head and along the length of the hair. The minimum hair length to create a beautiful wave is 30-40 cm. The styler does not take shorter hair, but only bends it in different directions, which can give the hairstyle the necessary lightness or carelessness.

When using the styler on naturally wavy hair, we were able to achieve a certain effect, although it is far from ideal. It's important to note that Felfri BY-570 does not straighten hair, and adding waves to already wavy hair can produce unusual results. Despite this, we were able to achieve a certain formality.

We also tried fixing the straightened hairstyle at the end of the day using a styler on dirty hair. The styling was successful, but the hair was slightly dull, perhaps due to the duplication of products for better styling, and not from the temperature itself.

The thickness of the strands depends on the type of hair. Experimenting, we chose a width of 5 cm for thick and unruly hair. Using a temperature of 200°C and a small amount of powder, the waves turned out wide and neat, in the style of Hollywood. Durability depends on the structure of the hair and its ability to hold styling.

During testing, the handle of the styler remained almost not heated and comfortable. We spent over 1.5 hours styling children's hair and the device remained safe without causing burns. The temperature in the area above the heating panels reached a palpable 127 °C, so care should be taken when pressing against exposed skin on the arms, neck and head.

The heating rate of the Felfri BY-570 from 160 °C took 35 seconds, and to the maximum temperature (200 °C) took 2 minutes 11 seconds. When first turned on and subsequent use, no foreign odors or noise were detected. The cord was long enough, and working close to an outlet, the mirror could be placed in a convenient place. When styling another person's hair, style

er easily switched between hands.

In addition to being easy to use, Felfri BY-570 also delivers good results, making styling more professional with every use. The set includes hairpins and a comb; their use remains an individual preference.

We confidently installed the hot styler on work tables and towels without causing damage. It cooled down to an acceptable level in 27 minutes and completely in 31 minutes.


Caring for the Felfri BY-570 is carried out in the standard way: avoid immersion in water, especially when plugged in; do not use abrasive cleaning products; wait until it cools completely before cleaning, wipe it with a light damp cloth; Avoid wrapping the wire around the device. After use, keep out of the reach of children, in a dry and safe place.

Our measurements

Reaching a temperature of 160°C, the styler heats up in just 32 seconds, to 180°C in 87 seconds, and to a maximum of 200°C in 2 minutes 11 seconds. Cooling time after use exceeds half an hour.

By measuring the temperature of the outer surface of the device, we found that after three minutes of operation at maximum power, the plastic case in the area of the plate heats up to 127°C, while the handle of the device remains almost unheated.

The maximum power recorded by the wattmeter was 386 W.

The Felfri BY-570's auto-shutdown function worked after 98 minutes, which is within the manufacturer's stated period of 60-120 minutes. A repeat test showed a shutdown time of 86 minutes. Perhaps the difference is due to the fact that we noticed the disconnection later the first time.

The temperature of the working plates was measured three times: 3 minutes after switching on, after 15 and after 25 minutes. Because the readings remained stable after 25 minutes, we did not include them in the table.

 160°C180 °C200 °C
3 minutes158—161 °C178°C189—194 °C
15 minutes159—161 °C178—180 °C179—189 °C

The temperature measurements of the bottom and top plates were almost identical, but the width of the plate affected the heat distribution: the maximum temperature peaked in the middle, with a slight decrease in temperature at the bottom of the wave.


The Felfri BY-570 styler does an excellent job of styling medium and long hair, especially if it is straight or pre-straightened. The appearance of the waves created on the strands depends on the thickness of the hair, the styling tasks, as well as the use of special products. This styler is delicate, easy to operate and intuitive even for a beginner. Hair strands of three different types and even baby braids look great after use and are not damaged.


  • design
  • fast heating
  • intuitive controls and comfortable use process
  • delicacy


  • The device has only one function — wave curling
  • not suitable for short hairstyles