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How to upgrade household appliances in simple ways? Accessories that will make the device better and more convenient

31.05.2024 11:49

Sometimes users are not fully satisfied with the use of a device due to lack of convenience, functionality or security. However, this can be corrected with the help of simple and affordable accessories for household appliances, which can often be found on marketplaces.

The user's task is to select an accessory that corresponds to the sizes usually indicated in the product description.

Organizers for refrigerators

Plastic drawers and shelves play an important role in organizing the interior space of the refrigerator, helping to maintain order and efficiently use every centimeter. They also allow you to better see how much food actually fits in the refrigerator, freeing up unnecessary items that take up unnecessary space.

Containers with and without lids, convenient shelves, organizers for the door and for freezing dumplings, berries and vegetables transform the interior space of the refrigerator and help maintain the freshness of food. They also make meal planning easier, especially for those watching for a week or more.

The history of organizers for freezing dumplings is a separate topic. Vacuum organizers are especially valuable. In them, dumplings do not stick together, freeze quickly and retain their properties for a long time, because they lie in one layer and do not accumulate in a heap.

Microwave steamers

If you have a microwave, purchasing an electric steamer is not necessary: ​​just purchase a special container for steaming in the microwave. Water is poured into the bottom of the container, the food is placed in the perforated insert, the lid is closed, and everything is cooked faster than in a conventional steamer thanks to the simultaneous action of steam and microwave radiation. This makes food denser and maintains its structure better than in a conventional steamer. Another plus is that there is no need to clean the heating elements, as in an electric steamer. This container is ideal for quick and tasty preparation of fish, vegetables, diet omelettes, casseroles and other dishes.

Anti-vibration stands and laundry bags for washing machines

No matter how hard we try to ensure that a properly installed washing machine does not cause vibrations, it still happens sometimes — laundry still tends to bunch up and get stuck in the duvet cover (who doesn't sew up the hole before washing, raise your hand). Special rubber stands with anti-slip coating can absorb vibrations and reduce noise, which will satisfy the anger of neighbors complaining about your washing machine that “jumps” at night. But one of the most interesting reviews on one of the marketplaces sounds like this: “finally my machine stopped trying to escape from the bathroom.”

Mesh laundry bags have become a real salvation for the careful care of delicate items, but not only that. They also take care of the condition of the washing machine itself. Even though it is recommended not to machine wash underwired bras, many still adhere to this, preferring the convenience of machine washing. Special mesh bags and organizers prevent pits from escaping and protect both the machine and the laundry itself. You can wash tights, stockings, and bras in them without the risk of puffs, while maintaining the shape and appearance of the products. Some bags are shaped like underwear, such as a bra, and also come in cylindrical shapes or in different sizes. The main rule: use a program for delicate washing or for washing wool.

LED or laser light for vacuum cleaner

The presence of LED or laser backlight on a vacuum cleaner is becoming a rare occurrence even for expensive models. However, the backlight makes cleaning much easier by helping you see dust, hair, fur and debris, which greatly improves efficiency. Although not every attachment comes with a light, you can easily solve this problem with an inexpensive light device that is attached with double-sided tape and runs on batteries. This lighting makes cleaning more convenient and helps you find small debris even under furniture. There are even ways to modify a vacuum cleaner using LED strips, but it requires some skill and attention to detail. However, in the long run, lighting makes the cleaning process more efficient and enjoyable.

Air flow distribution screen for air conditioner

The approach of summer often pushes people to install split systems in their homes. However, many people face misconceptions, especially among older relatives and parents of infants, that air conditioning can cause colds or other illnesses due to the directional air flow. Modern models of air conditioners, of course, provide the function of dissipating the air flow and directing it upward, towards the ceiling. However, there is also a mechanical solution: installing a special deflector screen that evenly distributes the air flow. This avoids direct blowing and the risk of illness, providing a comfortable and safe atmosphere in the home during the hot months.

Installation of such a device is very simple, and the result is impressive: restful sleep or comfortable work in a room where there is air conditioning. Thanks to the deflector, there is no need to move furniture to optimally position the air conditioner, which makes the installation process even more convenient. In addition, the use of a deflector increases the safety of elderly people and children in the home. If you have doubts about installing an air conditioner in a children's room, the answer is simple: with a deflector it is possible and even recommended.

Protective folding splash screen for slab or tile

Although installing a screen around the stove will not affect its operation, it will help avoid the problem of dirt around it. This is especially important when it comes to countertop tiles, which can be placed anywhere, regardless of the presence of a washable “apron” in the kitchen. Tempered glass screens are convenient for constant use, while aluminum screens are better suited for moving options.

The screen not only protects the walls from grease splashes, but also protects sockets and other small household appliances nearby. Compared to cleaning the surfaces and objects around the stove, cleaning the screen under the faucet (some models can even be washed in the dishwasher) is much easier. A portable screen is also useful for use at the dacha or in rented housing, especially if you use tiles outside the city.

Thermal steamer for steamer or iron

Sometimes, to achieve uniform steaming, you need to place something flat under your clothes. However, not all steamers provide a screen to facilitate vertical steaming. In such cases, a thermal glove becomes a useful and affordable solution. It helps to quickly and safely steam hard-to-reach places and small parts, and also makes working with curtains easier. The glove is conveniently fixed on the hand using a loop. If your steamer sometimes spits out hot steam and ironing while hanging is inconvenient, take a closer look at this simple accessory.

Simple and very inexpensive methods make household appliances more convenient and functional, which means that the equipment will better earn the money invested in it.