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6 features of the Honor Choice Robot Cleaner R2s robot vacuum cleaner that make it an excellent cleaner

03.05.2024 10:48

The Honor Choice Robot Cleaner R2s robot vacuum cleaner has appeared on store shelves. This is a new product that seems to retain all the advantages of the previous model, Robot Cleaner R2, but even improves some characteristics. Let's take a look at what this new model is and how it can help you keep any floors in your home clean.

High suction power

Robot vacuum cleaners had a reputation for being «wimpy,» designed for light cleaning rather than tackling serious dirt. However, Honor Choice Robot Cleaner R2s changes this stereotype thanks to almost double the power — up to 5000 Pa compared to the previous model. Now it can cope with any dirt on smooth surfaces. If you have such a robot in your home, a classic vacuum cleaner will only be needed for deep cleaning of dust stuck in high carpets. However, a robot vacuum cleaner can handle crumbs, hair and fur even on carpets. Automatic regulation of suction power allows it to be adapted to different types of coatings.

Wet cleaning

The Honor Choice Robot Cleaner R2s robot vacuum cleaner has a dust container surrounded by another water compartment. A microfiber cloth is attached to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, which is automatically wetted using a pump. After cleaning is completed, the napkin can be easily rinsed under the tap and dried naturally.

Self-cleaning station

The accessory offered with the Robot Cleaner R2s Plus is an important and convenient addition. For its cost, which ranges from 8 to 10 thousand rubles, it provides a number of advantages. The vacuum cleaner station is a tower containing a powerful motor and a 4-liter disposable dust bag. When the robot approaches the charging station, the motor starts and creates a suction pressure of 26,000 Pa, which allows you to pull out all the dust from the vacuum cleaner container. Thanks to this scheme, vacuum cleaner maintenance becomes much less frequent. Changing the bag is also easier than emptying the container.

LiDAR navigation and delicate bumper

Honor Choice Robot Cleaner R2s has everything you need to move around the house independently. Its equipment includes a lidar, that is, a laser rangefinder. This sensor allows the robot to quickly scan its environment and accurately determine the distance to walls, furniture and other large objects on the floor. During operation, the robot carefully approaches objects such as table legs and contacts them with a bumper that is covered with a rubber pad, which prevents damage to any surfaces.

The robot also has separate anti-fall sensors: they look at the floor, and if suddenly the vacuum cleaner approaches the edge of the stairs, it will stop in time and turn back, instead of flying head over heels.

Smartphone control

The mobile application for Honor Choice Robot Cleaner R2s provides extensive control options. Here you can view a map compiled by the vacuum cleaner itself, set restricted zones, select cleaning modes for each room and create a work schedule. You can also specify specific areas to deep clean or give general instructions. The application works through cloud storage, which allows you to control the robot from anywhere, even while away from home.

Manual piloting

Another fun feature is to control the robot vacuum cleaner via a joystick in a mobile application, like a radio-controlled car. This is not only entertaining, but also convenient for collecting small dirt, such as spilled sugar.