2+1 penthouse with roof terrace (Mediterra: MEDITERRANEAN LIFE) 425 000 ₺

2+1 penthouse with roof terrace (Mediterra: MEDITERRANEAN LIFE)

Created: 1 March 2024
Property type: Apartments 
Location: Girne 
Number of rooms: 2-room 
Total area:
128 m2
Mediterranean life.

Imagine a place where Mediterranean lifestyle meets sustainable living... You instantly meet wonderful people and share stories, as well as beautiful places, food and a sense of belonging.



Inspired by the concept of a Mediterranean village, life in Mediterra carries both the architectural and social heritage of Cyprus and is shaped around two main axes.

A production axis where you can grow your own organic food, and a social axis where residents can carry out daily sustainability practices in the courtyards and all public areas.

Mediterra's main development priority is to protect the environment of Cyprus.

With a set of principles and specially designed infrastructure, we work to minimize the use of natural resources and preserve unique local biodiversity.

The main concept of the Mediterra project is to build a settlement that does not consume, but produces, that defies time rather than aging.


Mediterra Houses; It reflects integrity using natural materials born and mined from the earth, such as dark gray limestone from the Beshparmak Mountains, warm iroko wood and luxurious ceramic tiles.


Courtyards, a traditional element of Cypriot and Mediterranean architecture, connect each home and keep homes cool.

The ceiling of the courtyards is the sky and allows for the formation of air flow, balancing sunlight and shadow. Courtyards are also social areas in Mediterranean homes.


interiors; in warm and natural colors; It was designed to reflect sophisticated simplicity, using minimalist and contemporary accessories and materials derived from the earth.

Transition from porcelain ceramic floors to courtyards and shaded terraces; everyday life flows between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The interior of each residence is designed with spacious spaces; Generous natural light and panoramic views form the basis of the architectural design.

It is clear that greater exposure to daylight improves mood and overall well-being. It also allows homes to use as much renewable energy as possible.


Mediterra is not only a year-round destination offering a unique rural experience; it is also located in a different geography consisting of pristine beaches, beautiful mountains and unexplored islets.

Along with 5-star hotels, a wide range of sports and outdoor activities, a world-class spa and outstanding gastronomic offerings, Mediterra will also help you develop a strong connection with nature.


24/7 controlled access

Professional website management

Walking distance to Gave and Natura SPA & Wellness

Easy access to the beach, restaurant, supermarket, medical care and essentials

International schools and universities in the area

Uninterrupted generator in all properties and residences

High-speed fiber internet infrastructure

EDGE International Sustainability Certificate

Landscaped common areas and courtyards with fruit trees

Pedestrian and bicycle paths

Mediterra Events Square and Amphitheater

Seasonal fruit and vegetable growing areas

Compost zone

Pool for adults


Children's swimming pool


Fitness and yoga studio

Recreation areas

Tennis court

Bocce Court
Created: 1 March 2024
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