Shipping and payment

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Welcome to Cavuun Marketplace, where your satisfaction is our priority!

We aim to make the ordering process as simple and convenient for you, offering various delivery and payment options so that every customer can choose what suits them best.
We understand that each customer is unique, and we have several delivery options to meet all your needs:


Courier Delivery:
Our reliable courier will deliver your goods right to your door at a time convenient for you. This method is perfect for those who want to receive their order at home or at work.
Pickup Points:
If you prefer to pick up your order yourself, you can choose the nearest pickup point, such as a store or post office.
Mail or Courier Services:
We also offer delivery through postal services or courier companies right to the specified address.
4. Express Delivery:
If you have an urgent order, don't worry! We can deliver it within 24 hours or even faster.

To simplify the payment process, we offer several options for your convenience:
1. Card Payment:
We accept credit and debit cards, allowing you to pay for your order online. This is the most common and secure method of payment in online stores.

Cash on Delivery:
Pay for your order in cash or by card when you receive it from the courier or at the pickup point.

Bank Transfer:
If you prefer to make payment through a bank transfer, this option is also available.
Delivery Cost:
We appreciate the trust you place in Cavuun Marketplace and strive to offer transparent and fair collaboration conditions.

The cost of delivery may vary depending on several factors:
- Delivery Distance:
The farther you are from the warehouse or the place of dispatch, the possibly higher the delivery cost.
- Weight and Dimensions of Goods:
Large and heavy items may require additional delivery expenses.
- Delivery Method:
The delivery method you choose (courier service, mail, or self-pickup) can also affect the cost.
- Urgency of Delivery:
If you need an urgent order, this may require additional expenses for express delivery.
- Free Delivery:
We are pleased to offer free delivery when you reach the ___ order amount. It's our little care for you.
We always strive to find the optimal solution for each customer and provide complete information on the delivery cost at the order placement stage.
always strive to find the optimal solution for each customer
and provide complete information

At Cavuun Marketplace
1. Open the product page:
Go to the page of the product you are interested in to get all the necessary information.
2. Find the delivery section:
On the product page, you will find all the information about delivery.
3. Choose your city:
To find available delivery methods and the nearest delivery time, select your city from the list.
4. Review available delivery methods:
Check all available delivery methods for your city.
5. For delivery to post offices:
If you choose delivery to a post office, we specify the date of shipment of the item.
6. For courier delivery and self-pickup:
If you prefer courier delivery or self-pickup, you will be able to see the nearest time to receive the item.
7. Choose a convenient time:
When placing an order, you can choose the most convenient time for item pickup or delivery that suits your needs.