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Silanga ST800 Pro Station steam generator review

25.01.2024 08:27

The Silanga ST800 Pro Station steam generator is a stylish and functional appliance with an efficient boiler heating system and an impressive 3000 Watt power. This device, designed for horizontal and vertical steaming, is equipped with a removable water tank with a capacity of almost 2 liters and is capable of delivering a steam boost of up to 550 g/min.

During testing, we plan to take a closer look at all the declared characteristics and evaluate the effectiveness and ease of use of this steam generator in everyday life.


ModelST800 Pro Station
Typeboiler steam generator
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Life time*2 years
Declared power3000 W
Control typemechanical, electronic
Case colorWhite gray
Tank volume1.9 l
Storage tankremovable
Outsole materialceramics
Steam pressure8 bar
Constant steam supply170 g/min
Steam boost550 g/min
Adjusting the steam supplyYes
Vertical steamingYes
Dry ironingYes
Self-cleaning functionYes
Anti-scale protectionYes
Auto shutdownYes
Leakage protectionYes
Steam hose length1.4 m
Power cord length2 m
Iron weight1 kg
Device weight (net)4.56 kg
Device dimensions (W×H×D)43.5×29.5×25 cm

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The steam generator is supplied in double packaging. The first box, made of plain brown cardboard, contains the company logo, a large diagram of the device, its full name, information about the weight of the box and its dimensions.

Inside we are greeted with more familiar, aesthetically pleasing packaging with high-quality color printing. On the front and back sides the device itself is clearly and clearly presented in the form of photographs, next to which the logo and model name are located. The side edges are decorated with pictograms explaining the key features of the device.

Inside the box, the device is packed in a plastic bag and securely fixed using foam inserts. For ease of carrying, there are slots on the sides.

The Silanga ST800 Pro Station kit includes a steam generator with an attached iron, a measuring cup, as well as accompanying documents in the form of instructions and a warranty card.

At first sight

The body of the steam generator is made of durable glossy plastic in two shades: white and dark gray with a slight blue tint. The massive design with curved shapes gives the device a fresh and attractive appearance.

The classic design of a steam generator is based on a base with a removable boiler and a platform for placing an iron connected to the body via a steam hose. The total weight of the device is 4.56 kg.

The steam hose, covered with fabric braiding, has a length of 140 cm. For convenient storage of the compressed hose, a recess with clamps is provided in the lower part of the base.

The hose attachments to the body and iron are equipped with protective covers made of durable rubber that prevent kinks. A two-meter power cord emerges from the base, also covered with a fabric braid.

The main part of the base is occupied by a removable 1.9-liter boiler, made of translucent darkened plastic. The visibility of the water level is not ideal, but in general it can be determined. There are minimum and maximum water level marks on both sides of the container.

To make it easier to remove the tank from the body, there is a recess in the upper part for easy grip by hand. The container fits tightly into the socket, requiring noticeable effort, especially when it is filled with water. The full tank weighs 2.36 kg.

The measuring cup included in the kit is made of plastic and has marks on the walls: 50, 100 and 150 ml.

On the back of the case at the bottom there is a valve for descaling.

At the bottom there are 6 small feet with rubberized inserts and a sticker with technical information.

The control panel is located at the end of the base base.

The platform, which has exactly the same shape as the iron, is equipped with a special lock. When the lock button is activated, the locking plate fits into a groove located in the nose of the iron, providing a secure fit. This mechanism prevents the iron from accidentally slipping and allows you to use it as a convenient handle when carrying the entire device.

The iron weighs 1 kg and has a standard teardrop shape. The ceramic sole is slightly rough to the touch, and the coating is applied evenly.

The steam outlet holes are located in two rows along the side edges of the sole, with five holes at the top.

The base of the iron is made in the shape of a triangular frame with a cutout for the power cord.

There is a steam button on the inside of the handle. On the outside of the handle there is a readiness indicator built into the handle.

The build quality of the steam generator is excellent, all parts fit neatly together. We did not find any visible defects.


The user manual is presented in the form of a 38-page A5 brochure. The document is made on high-quality glossy paper and decorated in a pleasant color scheme that matches the design of the device itself.

The instructions cover in detail all aspects of operation, management and care of the device. The text is structured logically, presented in simple and understandable language, and is also provided with illustrations for visual understanding.


There are three touch buttons on the control panel of the steam generator:

  • Set — to switch the temperature mode from minimum to maximum. At minimum mode, the Set button is highlighted in blue, and at maximum mode it is highlighted in green.
  • Turn the device on/off
  • Eco — to activate energy saving mode. This function can be enabled in both temperature modes.

During the heating process, the indicator built into the handle of the iron flashes, and when the operating temperature is reached, it begins to burn evenly.

There are two indicators above the touch buttons. The left one, with the image of a drop, notifies about the lack of water in the tank: it lights up when the water level reaches the minimum level (0.25 l). At this moment, the steam generator emits a short beep and stops heating.

The appearance of a red light on the right indicator indicates the need to descale. You can turn off the indication by holding the power button for three seconds.

If there is no activity for 10 minutes, the device automatically stops heating and turns off. To resume operation, just touch any button. When dry ironing without steam, the appliance will also turn off after 10 minutes.

Steam is supplied in both modes. A single press of the button on the inside of the handle provides a short-term release of steam; holding the button for three seconds starts a constant supply of steam. Switching off is carried out with one click on the same button.


To prepare to use the steam generator, just follow a few steps. First of all, remove all packaging materials. Place the iron base on a stable, horizontal surface. Then fill the reservoir with water and connect the device to the mains. When arranging the location for the base, keep its dimensions and weight in mind to ensure the stability of the device.

The product is not suitable for standard ironing boards. It is recommended to use distilled water to fill the reservoir. Based on our observations, a full boiler (1.9 l) lasts for approximately 35-40 minutes of active and constant steam supply.

Steam control is convenient. The auto-off function after 10 minutes of dry ironing without steam does not cause any inconvenience. When the iron operation indicator disappears, just press the steam button to resume operation of the device. Steam will not appear at this moment; To activate the steam supply, you must press the button again.

Steaming occurs at lightning speed with short-term and constant steam supply. A powerful and uniform flow of steam easily removes wrinkles, and vertical steaming allows you to avoid strong tension on the fabric and pressing the iron against the material. The steam power is the same in the horizontal and vertical positions of the iron. During use, not a single drop was observed falling out of the iron.

The iron itself is comfortable, its weight is optimal. It glides easily across a variety of materials, and its spout easily penetrates pockets and gaps between buttons. When vertical steaming, you feel the weight, but thanks to the power of the steam, the process goes so quickly that your hand does not get tired.


To care for the steam generator body, it is recommended to wipe it with a damp and then dry soft cloth.

After each use, you must empty the reservoir of any remaining water. If deposits form on the soleplate of the iron, they can be removed with a damp cloth. It is important to avoid using chemically aggressive and abrasive products.

If you need to remove scale, you should follow a certain procedure: unplug the appliance, let it cool, unscrew the valve, tilt the base over the sink and let all the water drain. Then, using the included measuring cup, pour 300-500 ml of water into the hole, gently shake the base and pour the water into the sink. This procedure must be repeated until the pouring water becomes completely clean. The iron is cleaned in the same way: pour water into the hole closed by the valve, place the iron on a rag and, while holding the steam button, pass all the water through the iron nozzles, washing away the accumulated deposits.

Our measurements

Using a wattmeter, we measured the maximum power consumption of the Silanga ST800 Pro Station steam generator in continuous steam mode, and it was 2970 W.

In maximum mode, the device’s full boiler heats up in just 2 minutes 20 seconds, consuming 0.093 kWh of electricity during this time.

Energy consumption with almost continuous steam supply in maximum mode for 30 minutes was 1.068 kWh.

We also measured the temperature of the soleplate of the iron and recorded the maximum energy consumption in all operating modes.

ModeIron sole temperatureMaximum power consumption
with steam supplywithout steam supply
Blue109—115 °C1895 W1770 W
Green174—183 °C2970 W1890 W
Blue + Eco105—117 °C1874 W1130 W
Green + Eco153—185 °C2967 W1130 W

From the presented data it is clear that the power of the steam generator corresponds to the declared parameters.

During operation, a noticeable hissing sound appears when steam is supplied and moderate grumbling when the boiler heats up. The beep that accompanies pressing the control buttons is not excessively loud.

The thermal insulation efficiency of the housing is good. During prolonged steaming, the sides of the base heat up to 45-50 degrees, the base — up to 43°C, and the handle of the iron reaches a maximum of 30°C.

The automatic shut-off system works exactly as described in the instructions.

Practice tests

T-shirt with print

Contrary to the rules, we processed the wrinkled T-shirt from the front side. The steam generator operated in minimum heating mode. We supplied steam periodically.

After a couple of minutes, the item was completely ironed. All folds disappeared, and the print was not damaged by the powerful steam.

Result: excellent.

Cotton shirt

A shirt made of thick cotton itself wrinkles easily, but we tried and, after washing, additionally dried it on a radiator in a crumpled form. We turned on maximum heat and used a continuous supply of steam almost constantly. First we processed the product from the inside, and then from the outside.

The material was smoothed out without any problems, all wrinkles disappeared under the influence of constant steam supply. On average, it took no more than two or three times to go over the same place with an iron.

Result: excellent.


Jeans made of thick thick fabric were wrung out when washed at high speeds and overdried on the radiator, just like the shirt in the previous test.

Exactly 2 minutes from the front side and another 1 from the back — and in front of us are perfectly ironed jeans. Here we also almost never turned off the steam. The heating mode was still the same, maximum.

Result: excellent.

Thin cotton jumper

We first steamed the cotton jumper vertically. The bottom of the product was not pulled tight, the iron was not pressed tightly, a powerful stream of hot air straightened the fabric quite quickly. The creases on the sleeves were especially noticeable, so we steamed them already on the board.

Result: excellent.

Lyocell jumpsuit

The thin, wrinkled overalls took on a decent look in an incredible 2 minutes. Steam treatment occurred vertically, on both sides. As with the jumper, the iron barely touched the fabric. The result is excellent.

In principle, this was enough, but the process was slow. It was much faster with steam. The fabric was not deformed during the process.

Result: excellent.


For the final test we prepared four pillowcases. We stacked them on top of each other, turned on the maximum heating mode and tried to break through these eight layers with steam.

30 seconds of ironing the top pillowcase with a constant supply of powerful steam — and we got an excellent result.

Result: excellent.


The Silanga ST800 Pro Station steam generator demonstrated outstanding technical and functional characteristics during our testing. This device, equipped with a steam boost function and continuous steam supply, does an excellent job of steaming both horizontally and vertically. The flow power is impressive: the steam generator is able to instantly smooth out even the most complex wrinkles on rough and dense materials. For more sensitive tissues, the device provides a minimum heating mode.

We will also add to the list of advantages the very attractive design of the device, well-thought-out ergonomics, a comfortable iron with a ceramic sole that glides easily over any material, and automatic shutdown when inactive, adding safety to the overall comfort of use.


  • quick readiness for work
  • powerful continuous supply and optimal steam distribution
  • removable 1.9 l tank
  • excellent test results
  • no drops of water on the fabric during horizontal and vertical steaming
  • good thermal insulation of the case


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