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Review of mini waffle maker Felfri FWM-001

17.01.2024 08:24

The Felfri FWM-001 electric waffle maker is a compact device weighing only 500 g, capable of quickly preparing just one waffle at a time. The manufacturer assures that it is convenient, and such a small device is always at hand, allowing you to quickly enjoy a delicious breakfast. Let's check it out.


Typewaffle iron
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Life time *not specified
Declared power350 W
Housing materialplastic
Removable panel materialTeflon coated aluminum
Grip zone materialplastic
Case colorwhite
Panels includedfor waffles (non-removable)
Indicatorsswitching on, heating
Temperature adjustmentNo
Panel sizes (diameter)105 mm
Additionallyoil brush
Weight0.51 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)160×120×80 mm
Network cable length0.6 m


In a black box, the size of a small rectangle, the Felfri FWM-001 waffle maker found its place. It is convenient to carry under your armpit, and is also easy to store in a small closet or pantry.

The box of this waffle iron is presented with a bright photo of the device on the front side, indicating the model and manufacturer. The sides and back are decorated with the slogans “Fast/Easy/Tasty” and additional images of the device. Below are technical specifications and brief information about the manufacturer.

Opening the box, we found an instruction manual, a compact silicone brush, and the waffle iron itself. The device was neatly packed in a plastic bag and securely fixed in the box thanks to a cardboard insert.

At first sight

The waffle iron has a surprisingly compact design that resembles a folding pocket mirror. Its design includes a base with a lower frying panel and an upper folding part with a handle and a second frying panel.

On top of the case there is a heating indicator, which turns on to signal that the device is connected to the network and the heating process has begun. The body and handle are made of heat-resistant plastic in white, while the base is black.

The waffle iron is stable both closed and open, thanks to proper weight distribution and the presence of rubberized and plastic legs.

In the open position, the frying panels are placed at an angle of more than 90°, which makes it easier to insert dough and reduces the risk of soiling the upper frying surface.

Raising and lowering the lid occurs smoothly, without clicks. However, the hinges make a slight creaking sound when moving and have a slight play.

The shaped panels are made of durable aluminum alloy and coated with a non-stick Teflon layer. They are non-removable, and the non-stick coating even extends to their sides. The appearance of the panels looks high quality and reliable. The diameter of the working area of the panels is 10.5 cm.

On the protrusion of the base, which hides the cord exit from the body, there is a nameplate with technical information about the waffle iron. On the reverse side there are two plastic legs, complemented by rubberized pads for improved stability.

The cord of the waffle iron is quite short, so you can only place the device far from the outlet with the help of an extension cord.

The device comes with a small silicone brush, with which you can evenly lubricate the panels with a small amount of oil.


The booklet with operating instructions is located on 14 bound pocket-size pages.

The manufacturer provides detailed instructions on the rules of operation, maintenance, care, storage and disposal of the waffle iron. The kit also includes 12 different waffle recipes, which is a nice and useful addition. Reading through the instructions will only take a few minutes.


Operating our waffle iron is as simple as possible.

After connecting the device to the mains, you must close the waffle iron and wait until the panels are completely heated. The blue indicator lights up during heating and turns off when the desired temperature has been reached to start baking.

When cooking several waffles, the waffle iron periodically reheats, indicating this with a lit indicator. As soon as the indicator turns off, you can add the next portion of dough and continue baking.


The manufacturer recommends preheating the waffle iron for five minutes before using it for the first time, then allowing it to cool and wiping the panels with a damp cloth. Please be advised that this process may produce a slight burning odor and a small amount of smoke, which is normal as the factory non-stick coating burns off. However, during the first warm-up no foreign odors or smoke were noticed.

Further, the instructions emphasize ease of use: wait for the panels to heat up, open the device, add a portion of dough, close and wait until ready.

The waffles are easily removed from the baking sheet using a heat-resistant plastic spatula, or you can also use a wooden or silicone one. Metal utensils are not recommended to avoid damaging the non-stick coating.

Steam may form during the first minutes of baking, please take this into account to avoid condensation on adjacent surfaces.

The heating of the top and bottom panels, as well as within one panel, is uniform, which is confirmed by measurements.

On average, it takes about 5 minutes to prepare one serving of waffles, but the time may vary depending on the recipe and user preferences. The device can be stored both horizontally and vertically.

The overall impression of using the waffle iron is positive. An efficient and compact device that meets the needs of 1 to 3 people. Safe and easy to use, the waffle iron copes successfully with various types of dough.


One of the main advantages of this waffle iron is the minimal maintenance required. After use, simply remove any remaining dried dough from the molds, if any, and wipe the inside surface with a paper towel. If necessary, you can also wipe the molds and body of the waffle iron with a damp and dry cloth.

The use of abrasive products and immersion of the device in water is prohibited. It is not recommended to pour cold water into heated pans to avoid damaging the non-stick coating. Based on our experience, the remaining batter can be easily removed from the surface of the waffle iron without the need for additional effort.

Our measurements

The power of the waffle iron during heating fluctuated within 345 W, which corresponds to that declared by the manufacturer.

The heating indicator turns off after about 2-3 minutes. The temperature of the top and bottom panels is almost the same.

To prepare one portion of waffles, depending on the dough recipe, the device requires from 4 to 7 minutes. The total time spent testing was 46 minutes, and electricity consumption during this period was 0.264 kWh.

For clarity, we have summarized the measurements in a table:

RecipeNumber of wafers, pcs.Total baking time, min.Energy consumption, kWh
Apple waffles2140.07
Curd waffles4150.064
Chocolate waffles290.05
Cheese waffles with bacon280.04

Practice tests

Our waffle iron comes with 12 different classic waffle recipes. We chose three of them — apple, cheese and cottage cheese waffles, and added one of our own recipes — chocolate-apple waffles.

Apple waffles

Since our waffle iron is tiny, we took only one apple and grated it on a coarse grater.

Added egg, sugar, cinnamon, half a cup of flour, half a cup of milk and baking powder.

All ingredients were thoroughly mixed using a regular fork.

Next, we turned on and heated the waffle iron closed, put the resulting dough on baking sheets, closed the waffle iron and after 7 minutes we got the first hot and fragrant waffle.

In another 7 minutes we baked the second waffle. Although we still had some dough left over, we decided to make improvements to the recipe for our next cooking experiment.

We were unable to save the first waffle until the second was prepared, as its aroma was so attractive. When serving the second waffle, we sprinkled it with cinnamon for extra flavor.

It turned out very tasty and original; inside each waffle there was a lot of juicy apple, but the taste of a sweet waffle, like a Vienna waffle, was preserved, and not a charlotte or other usual apple pastries.

Result: excellent

Chocolate-apple wafers

We used the leftover apple waffle batter and added cocoa powder to it.

After a short vigorous stirring, we obtained the chocolate mass, heated the waffle iron closed and laid out the first portion of the dough.

We baked another waffle from the leftover dough and served our baked goods with whipped cream, crushed peanuts and condensed milk.

It turned out very tasty, and we were also pleased with the clean panels of the waffle iron after cooking.

Result: excellent

Curd waffles

To prepare cottage cheese wafers, we took 200 g of soft cottage cheese, half a glass of rice flour, a couple of tablespoons of wheat flour, 2 egg whites, 1 yolk, a tablespoon of vegetable oil, vanilla sugar, baking powder.

All ingredients were thoroughly mixed using a whisk. The dough turned out liquid, but quite dense.

Next, we preheated the waffle iron closed and placed the dough on the panel.

In 4 minutes our first waffle was perfectly baked and crispy. After which we baked a few more pieces.

It only took us 15 minutes to prepare 4 waffles in total.

The aroma of hot cottage cheese waffles is delicious, reminiscent of a casserole with light hints of vanilla. Their taste is unmatched, even among the most popular store-bought desserts. Thanks to the addition of cottage cheese, they have a rich and delicate taste.

To serve, we decorated the waffles with raspberry jam and whipped cream. It was the perfect breakfast, prepared in very little time in the kitchen.

Result: excellent

Cheese waffles with bacon

We also took the recipe for cheese waffles in the book that came with the waffle iron.

To prepare them we needed: 100 g of grated cheese, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, 1 egg, baking powder, half a glass of wheat flour, half a glass of water, salt.

We combined all the ingredients in a bowl and mixed them thoroughly with a fork.

The resulting mass turned out to be quite liquid, and when placed on a baking sheet, it spread impressively in all directions. We added a piece of bacon to the recipe by simply placing it on top of the dough.

In 4 minutes the waffles set perfectly and took shape.

Hot waffles stretch when cracked thanks to the generous amount of cheese, and bacon complements this dish perfectly, so we simply garnished them with fresh red pepper to serve. It took us 8 minutes for two waffles.

Result: excellent


The model we tested impressed with its compact size, while maintaining high ease of use. Despite its affordable price, the Felfri FWM-001 uses a high-quality non-stick surface that can be easily cleaned with a paper towel after use and then stored away. This is especially convenient when preparing breakfast or a snack takes a minimum of time and effort.

The appearance of the device may not impress; it looks more budget-friendly and resembles a toy device. However, it is clear that the emphasis in this case is on the functionality of the device, and in this aspect everything is at the highest level.

We considered non-removable panels to be a negative aspect, although this is rather a minor comment, since in practice there was no situation where they needed to be removed. We also noted that the device gets quite hot over the entire area of the body, but this is not a significant drawback, since it is most convenient to use the handle, the temperature of which remains acceptable with a short touch.

We considered non-removable panels to be a negative aspect, although this is rather a minor comment, since in practice there was no situation where they needed to be removed. We also noted that the device gets quite hot over the entire area of the body, but this is not a significant drawback, since it is most convenient to use the handle, the temperature of which remains acceptable with a short touch.

We considered non-removable panels to be a negative aspect, although this is rather a minor comment, since in practice there was no situation where they needed to be removed. We also noted that the device gets quite hot over the entire area of the body, but this is not a significant drawback, since it is most convenient to use the handle, the temperature of which remains acceptable with a short touch.


  • high quality non-stick coating
  • heat-resistant housing
  • low price


  • fixed panels
  • strong heating of the case