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Review of the Kraft KF-MO 3200 R mini-oven with a volume of 32 l

16.01.2024 07:57

The idea of equipping cabins, cottages and office kitchens with affordable and reliable electric ovens sounds attractive. It remains only to clarify to what extent the Kraft KF-MO 3200 R electric oven can successfully solve the tasks.


ModelKF-MO 3200 R
Typeelectric mini oven
Country of OriginTürkiye
Guarantee1 year
Life time*3 years
Control typemechanical
Power1500 W
Selecting a heating elementtop, bottom, top+bottom
Temperature range50—320 °C
Chamber volume32 liters
Timerup to 90 minutes
Net weight9 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)500×340×400 mm
Network cable length0.9 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The Kraft KF-MO 3200 R electric oven was delivered for testing in a stylish box with expressive craft elements. Advertising slogans, icons and images of the mini oven are displayed on a white background, creating a strong first impression.

Inside, neatly wrapped in polyethylene and foam molds, the following are packed:

  • The oven itself is red
  • deep enamel baking tray
  • lattice
  • legs and fastenings
  • instruction manual with warranty card

All components are securely fastened and remain stationary during transportation. The only thing that is sorely lacking in this case is handles or slots for carrying.

At first sight

The device has a laconic and intuitive design, while being very compact. The capacity of the model is 32 liters and its weight is 9 kg. Three operating modes and a wide temperature range from 50 to 320 °C provide a variety of application possibilities. The timer allows you to set the time up to 90 minutes. This oven is designed specifically for home and office kitchens, making it a versatile and convenient choice.

At the beginning of assembly, it is necessary to attach the rubber feet to the bottom of the device, and then select the optimal location for installing the electric furnace. It is recommended to choose flat horizontal surfaces, slightly away from walls and other heating devices, while proximity to an outlet is also important. We tested various places such as the kitchen table, a wide window sill and a kitchen cabinet. In terms of dimensions, the oven is slightly larger than a conventional microwave and is installed in a similar way, opening forward, but it gets very hot.

These features determine the conditions for placing the device: it is recommended to install it away from flammable materials and avoid proximity to children and pets. The instructions also warn against installing the device next to a refrigerator to avoid reducing its performance.

The control panels are located on the right and have divisions that are directly printed on the body. The top part is occupied by a temperature regulator, followed by a timer (with an operation indicator), and the last is a mode switch that allows you to select the upper heating element, the lower heating element, or both at once. There is a thermometer icon next to the thermostat, and a clock is located next to the timer. The control knobs are round, rotate easily and are fixed with light force.

Inside the oven there are loops of the upper and lower heating elements, located one above the other. There are grooves on the walls for installing a baking sheet, there are only three levels: lower, middle and upper. The set includes a deep enameled rectangular baking tray and a wire rack, which provides ample opportunities for frying, baking meat, vegetables, fish and other culinary preparations. There is no lighting inside the oven.

The heat-resistant glass of the door contains recommendations regarding the temperature and baking modes of various types of meat and poultry. The door itself is elegant, the upper part is equipped with a plastic handle, opens forward and should be conveniently locked in the lower position so as not to interfere with when removing or installing the baking sheet. However, we didn't succeed on the first try, and we had to get used to using some force.

Ventilation holes are located on the sides and back of the case, and the power cord is attached there. A standard socket is used to connect the oven.

Below the ventilation slots on the back side there is a sticker with technical information about the device, and a significant part of the rear part is occupied by a convex protective screen. As mentioned earlier, there are four legs screwed to the bottom to ensure a stable placement of the device and raise it above the surface.

The oven body looks solid, with some roughness, except for a small dent on the lid, which turned out to be a normal element, since there is a heating element loop underneath it. Overall, the Kraft KF-MO 3200 R is pleasantly impressive and fits easily into any kitchen space.


We have before our eyes a brochure with a volume of 45 pages on thin A5 paper, designed in the form of a book. The main content inside is usually related to security aspects. Various aspects and limitations in using the oven are discussed in detail and consistently. The text emphasizes that children are prohibited from playing with the elements of the device, as well as performing maintenance, cleaning, opening, using, repairing, disassembling or connecting to the electrical network. It feels like the manufacturer has taken an extremely responsible approach to safety.

In addition to this, the brochure describes in detail the processes of installation, connection, mandatory grounding, operation, cleaning and disposal. The specification and warranty card are also presented. The instructions are written in three languages: Russian, English and Kazakh, which ensures wide availability of information for users with different linguistic backgrounds.


This device is really easy to use. Temperature, time and mode are controlled mechanically by rotating the corresponding knobs. After setting the necessary parameters, the device is connected to the network. The temperature is set first, then the time, the mode is selected, and you're done.

The lower regulator is responsible for three heating options: upper heating element, lower heating element and both at the same time. Simplicity and clarity of controls make it easy to use.

There is an important note: the oven must be turned off manually. The timer can be set to any time from 5 to 90 minutes, after which a sound signal alerts you when the time is up. However, after the signal, nothing happens automatically, and the oven must be turned off manually by turning the controls to the zero position.


We unpacked the Kraft KF-MO 3200 R electric oven, attached the legs to the body and installed it on a flat surface according to the manufacturer's recommendations — at least 10 centimeters from the wall, refrigerator, curtains and children. We noticed that the walls of the case heat up significantly during operation, so it is recommended to avoid installation near fusible objects or other heating devices. Legs that raise the oven above the countertop provide protection for the bottom.

We also took into account the proximity to a stationary outlet, following the instructions, which do not recommend the use of adapters and extension cords.

Before starting use, we wiped all internal and external surfaces with a damp cloth. The manual warned about a possible pungent odor after the first start-up, and this was due to burnt-out factory lubricant, but this effect did not recur in the future.

The oven operates silently, with the exception of loud clicks during the heating process, the nature of which we have not identified. Once the required temperature is reached, these sounds disappear. The ticking of the timer is not intrusive, and the sound signal is quite expressive, especially if you are in the same room as the oven.

The set comes with a standard and reliably made grill, as well as a deep baking tray, which is a nice addition for those who like to stew meat and poultry in the oven.

Working with the Kraft KF-MO 3200 R electric oven turned out to be incredibly simple: its control is completely transparent, it warms up quickly, reliably keeps the set temperature and fulfills all its promises. We encountered some difficulties with the door, which initially did not lock securely in the open position. Although we were a little surprised that we had to manually turn off the oven, it wasn't technically too difficult. The timer worked properly, a sound signal notified, and we turned off the device.

During testing, we sometimes got grease on the bottom of the oven, but this was easily fixed. Like any other oven, the Kraft KF-MO 3200 R takes some time to break in, but it didn't let us down — it delivered exactly what we expected it to do. It is important to note that some attention to detail is required.

For example, the manufacturer recommends defrosting food at a temperature of 50 °C, and the oven copes with this task. Although there are fancier options, this model is also suitable for defrosting meat.

As far as modes go, it's hard to recommend one in particular since we tried different combinations. As a pleasant bonus, the oven turned out to be roomy; a chicken weighing 1.7 kg easily fit into it.

Cooking time and speed depend entirely on the preferences of the cook, the set temperature and the selected mode. This oven is not about speed, it is about taste and quality. And, of course, the result was delicious.


Before cleaning the oven, you must turn it off and let it cool. It is recommended to wash the enamel surface of the oven with warm water adding a small amount of detergent, preferably immediately after use. You can use a sponge to remove any remaining grease. If you want to be sure there are no foreign odors the next time you cook, we recommend using a damp cloth soaked in soapy water. It is important to avoid the use of abrasives, solvents, hot water, wire brushes, and to avoid flooding the oven with water or submerging it in water. It is also not recommended to clutter the top of the oven with towels, dishes and other items that may accumulate in the kitchen.

Our measurements

During 4 hours of operation, the oven consumed 2.79 kWh of electricity, with a maximum consumption recorded by a wattmeter of 1531 W.

The heating process of the furnace does not occur continuously: after reaching the set temperature, the heating elements are temporarily turned off and then resume operation. For example, at a set temperature of 200 °C, the heating process for the baking tray is as follows:

196 °C -> 200 °C -> 201 °C -> 203 °C

The maximum case temperature reached 96 °C at the top, 63 °C at the left, 60 °C at the right, and 78 °C at the door glass.

The manufacturer states that the maximum oven temperature can reach 320 °C. Our measurements, carried out with a Weber iGrill Mini digital thermometer, recorded a maximum heating of 300 °C, which is close to the declared characteristics.

Practice tests

A delicious hot dish from the oven is usually enjoyed by both the youngest and the oldest. We used different facets of the oven, persistently testing its strength.

Pizza preparation:

We used frozen Roman dough, onto which we evenly distributed the filling: bacon, frozen mushrooms, sauce, melted cheese, cut into strips. The entire cooking process, starting with defrosting the dough, took a little more than 17 minutes until the dish was completely cooked.

Result: excellent.


Making baked goods from ready-made puff pastry is a task that, on the one hand, seems simple, but, on the other hand, requires some experience and the ability to operate the oven.

We defrosted some croissants and placed them on a wire rack lined with baking paper. It should be noted that this is a bit of a bold step that we took consciously. Puff pastry actively expands during baking, so it is better to bake it on a hard baking sheet. We preheated the oven, set the temperature to 150 °C and the time to 15 minutes with the heating elements in complex mode. Then, as an experiment, we added another 5 minutes, watching how the croissants began to unfold, and took them out literally after 2 minutes, without waiting for the end of the second period.

Result: satisfactory.

Salted chicken:

One of the favorite recipes in the post-Soviet space: they took a chicken weighing 1.7 kg, rubbed it with spices, put cloves of garlic and cilantro inside for taste, tied the legs and pinned the wings. Then they placed it on a prepared baking sheet, on a layer of salt. There is no need to salt the carcass itself, and there is no need to worry about the salt underneath: the bird absorbs the required amount during the roasting process. The temperature was set to 200 °C and the time was 30 minutes. Ready meat stores well and remains tasty even after cooling.

Result: excellent.

Turnips baked in foil:

We decided to add a dish for vegetarians to our list of culinary experiments. You will need turnips, vegetable oil, cilantro and salt to taste. Wash the root vegetables thoroughly, peel them, cut them into small slices, then mix with oil, cilantro and salt. Let it brew for 5-10 minutes. While we preheat the oven to 180°C, create foil envelopes in which we place the turnips, then put them in the oven for 20-25 minutes. The result will appeal not only to vegetarians; it is an excellent, original side dish for lunch.

Result: excellent.

Carrot cake:

This is a favorite fall and winter treat. We mix carrots, eggs, butter, salt and sugar, then, using a blender, beat the mass until foam forms. Sift the flour and add to the mixture, then mix again. At this time, preheat the oven to 160°C, grease the mold, lay out the dough and decorate. Some people add raisins, others prefer apples; We're sure everyone has their own secrets. Bake for 40 minutes, making sure the top crust does not dry out. The intensity of the color of the pie depends on the freshness and juiciness of the carrots.


The Kraft KF-MO 3200 R oven is an honest, slightly straightforward device. It is capable of heating, baking and maintaining the desired temperature, heating up to a maximum of 300 °C. This oven is suitable for both an office kitchen and a country house, change house or apartment.

The device does not have automatic selection, suggestion or alert functions, and it does not even have internal lighting. But by involving a person, we get all the necessary functions from a compact oven — which, in itself, is a good achievement.


  • reasonable price
  • ease of operation
  • warms up to 300°C


  • the case gets very hot
  • clicks while it heats up
  • does not turn off on its own