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Review of kitchen hood Lex GS Bloc GS 600 White with remote control

29.01.2024 09:03

The hood plays a modest but important role in the operation of any kitchen. The features of these devices are limited and the choice usually comes down to design, power, ease of control and brightness of lighting. Let's look at what parameters the Lex GS Bloc GS 600 White model offers.


ModelGS Bloc GS 600 White
Typebuilt-in kitchen hood
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee36.6 months
Life time *10 years
Housing materialmetal, glass
Installationbuilt-in cabinet
Embedding typefully built-in
Filter typealuminum, optional carbon
Number of filters2
BacklightLED, 2×2 W
Free exit850—1050 m³/h
Ventilation650—850 m³/h
Recycling450—640 m³/h
Noise level42-48 dB
Number of speeds3
Duct diameter150 mm
Remote controlThere is
TimerThere is
Weight9 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)330×600×380 mm
Network cable length1m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The hood comes in a brown cardboard box with a two-color print. On the front wall, the image of the device, the model name and the company logo attracts attention. It also provides information about the main characteristics and functions of the GS Bloc GS 600 model: it is a 60 centimeter wide hood with one motor, touch controls, LED lighting and a high-power motor.

Other technical specifications are printed on the sides of the packaging. Having opened it, we found:

  • hood housing with installed metal anti-grease filter
  • flap kit for non-return valve
  • manual
  • warranty card
  • paper template to facilitate marking during installation

At first sight

The Lex GS Bloc GS 600 White hood has a similar appearance to the previously reviewed black model. It is designed for full installation in an over-slab cabinet, with only the bottom white glass panel with a hinged hatch in the center available to the user.

There is a large gap around the hatch, providing effective ventilation. Rectangular LED lamps open to the right and left, providing bright and comfortable lighting with a cool spectrum.

The hatch cover opens downwards using metal hinges, and is held closed using magnetic fasteners with rubber dampers. These dampers provide smooth and silent closing.

Under the lid, as always, there is an anti-grease filter made of a three-dimensional metal mesh installed in a thin aluminum frame. This traditional design is designed to trap grease splashes, preventing them from penetrating into the engine compartment.

The filter is held in place with a standard plastic latch. Below it is the engine compartment, in which you can see a single fan in a plastic cylindrical housing.

The GS Bloc GS 600 hood provides the ability to operate both in recirculation mode and when connected to exhaust ventilation. In the first option, additional carbon filters are installed at the ends of the engine housing, designed to trap dust and unpleasant kitchen odors. These filters are not included and must be purchased separately. Lex L1 cartridges are suitable for our hood model, which can be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website.

There is another hatch on the front panel of the case: it provides more convenient access to the engine if it needs repair or maintenance.

An electronics control unit is also located inside the housing.

There are holes on the smooth side walls of the case for easy installation.

The outlet of the device has a diameter of 150 mm and is equipped with grooves for installing the petals of the non-return valve, which is included in the kit. Installation of these petals is necessary if the device is connected to exhaust ventilation. An electrical cord with a Euro plug is also attached next to the hole.


The instruction manual included with the device is a 25-page A5 brochure on thick paper with good quality printing and many illustrations.

The document, which we have already reviewed in previous reviews of hoods from Lex, is intended for thirteen models of this manufacturer. Its content summarizes recommendations for installation in various versions: both a free-standing device and a built-in one, with the possibility of using recirculation or connecting to a ventilation duct.

The manual also presents the technical characteristics of the devices, a table of potential malfunctions with methods for eliminating them, as well as recommendations for care.


On the control panel of the hood, the main touch button that turns on the device is circled in gray. To the right and left of it are four more, invisible when turned off.

When the device is turned on, the timer, power adjustment and backlight on/off buttons are illuminated. Inside the ring surrounding the central button is a seven-segment digital indicator that displays the current fan speed: 0, 1, 2 or 3.

Using the buttons to adjust power and backlight is easy and intuitive.

The timer function allows you to program the exhaust fan to automatically turn off after 1-9 minutes. To do this, just hold down the corresponding button for three seconds. You can use the arrows to set the desired time, and the choice is confirmed by additionally pressing the timer button.

Remote control

The device comes with a small infrared remote control with buttons that duplicate those on the hood itself.

The remote control is powered by the CR2032 element.


We have decided not to test the hoods in real kitchen conditions as the installation of the appliance may vary in each case. The Lex GS Bloc GS 600 has been evaluated based on laboratory tests including performance, noise and power consumption measurements.

During the tests, it was noticed that the touch control keys are well placed and respond well to pressing. Their use is extremely intuitive. The built-in lighting is quite bright and can not only illuminate the work area, but also serve as a source of side light in a small kitchen.


To clean the metal parts of the device, it is recommended to use a hot soapy solution and then wipe them with a dry cloth. Stainless steel surfaces should only be cleaned in the direction of grinding and exclusively using special metal care products.

It is recommended to wipe the glass panel with a soft cloth, avoiding the use of scrapers and hard objects.

Aluminum filters must be cleaned at least once every two months. Do not use strong acidic or alkaline detergents; use only a hot solution of dishwashing detergent. It is possible to clean the filters in a dishwasher, but the manufacturer warns about possible darkening of the metal, since aluminum is sensitive to such effects.

Our measurements

Энергопотребление вытяжки зависит от скорости работы ее вентиляторов.

Энергопотребление, Вт
Скорость 1149
Скорость 2184
Скорость 3209

Уровень шума мы измеряем, отведя микрофон шумомера на расстояние 1 м от работающей вытяжки и направив на нее. Чтобы максимально хорошо сымитировать реальные условия, к выходу вытяжки мы подсоединили 2-метровую трубу — «тыловой» шум в этом испытании отводится достаточно далеко, чтобы не влиять на результаты измерений.

Уровень шума, дБА
Скорость 155
Скорость 259
Скорость 363

To evaluate performance, we connect the hood to a smooth PVC pipe with a diameter of 160 mm and a length of two meters. This makes it possible to achieve relative stabilization of the difference in air flow speed at the outlet of the device. We measure the airflow velocity at 17 points on the outer opening of the pipe, and then average these values using the arithmetic average method.

The average speed is then used to calculate the hood's capacity in cubic meters of air per minute. Our measurements for the Lex GS Bloc GS 600 are shown below (numbers represent speed in meters per second).

Thus, the average air flow speed at the outlet of the pipe is estimated at 8.2 m/s. Considering the pipe diameter (160 mm), the productivity of the Lex GS Bloc GS 600 model, measured using the iXBT.com methodology, is 9.7 cubic meters per minute or 588 m³/h.

These results are practically no different, within the limits of measurement error, from the previous black model that we examined earlier.


The built-in kitchen hood Lex GS Bloc GS 600 has a stylish design that will easily fit into any kitchen interior. Its strict appearance will emphasize the elegance of the space. We also praised the good performance and intuitive control panel. The provided remote control is useful in spacious kitchens, providing the ability to control the hood without having to go near the stove. For those who prefer a different color, the manufacturer also offers a similar model in black.

The only drawback of the device seems to us to be the high noise level during operation.


  • good performance
  • stylish design
  • original control panel design
  • presence of remote control


  • high noise level