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Review of the electric Turk Centek CT-1099

01.12.2023 09:20


Typeelectric Turk
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Life time*2 years
Power consumption480 W
Housing materialsteel
Case colorsteel with black base
Tank capacity0.5 l
Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)120×160×140 mm
Network cable length0.7 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


The electric Turk Centek ST-1099 arrived for testing in a compact and neat glossy package, which is striking in its small size — small enough to easily fit in a woman’s palm.

Photos of the Turk from various angles, the brand name, model code and main characteristics, such as volume, power, case material (stainless steel), folding handle and overheat protection, adorn the lid and side panels of the package. Each visible side also contains the Centek website email address. The outer bottom provides information about the manufacturer and importer in four languages.

Inside the packaging, the device is reliably protected from damage using plastic bags. The kit includes:

  • Turk
  • Power base with cable
  • Instructions and promotional materials

At first sight

Centek ST-1099 is visually almost indistinguishable from a traditional large-volume Turk. With the exception of the electric base, it is a regular stainless steel Turk with a capacity of 500 ml. Its shape resembles a jug, tapering towards the neck, and is equipped with a comfortable spout and a folding handle. It is especially convenient to use the folding handle, which is adjusted by a small lever on the handle itself.

The Turkish power base is supplied separately and with a wire, very similar to the base of any electric kettle. The only difference is the absence of an on/off button on the device: after connecting the base to the power supply and installing the Turk on it, the process begins automatically.

The Turka is made simply and elegantly. The device has a nice stainless steel case, an attractive shape and the brand name on one of the sides. It lies comfortably in the hand, the handle is easy to fold and disassemble. All details are made without unnecessary details, which makes it easy to use and pleasant to the touch, without causing irritation or confusion.

The base is made of black plastic, as is the folding handle. The heating element is hidden and tucked away safely, and there is a sticker on the bottom of the base indicating the brand, model, voltage, wattage and recycling information. It is noticeable that the wire is quite short, which limits the places for connecting the Turks. The base is a very compact unit and does not have separate feet or locking mechanisms, so it is not recommended for use on soft or uneven surfaces.

And now the differences: at the bottom of our Turk there is a contact group of concentric rings, like any electric kettle you know. Therefore, the Turk should not be washed in the dishwasher, soaked or filled with water.

Inside the Turka everything is very familiar: just a steel vessel. There are no additional indicators or labels to indicate maximum or minimum levels. There is an LED indicator built into the base of the Turk, which turns red after the device is turned on.


The user manual can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website or it is presented in the form of a small black brochure that is included in the box with the device. The manual focuses on clearly listing basic safety precautions and instructions for using the device. An important warning is also highlighted: you should not heat milk in the Turk.

There is a description of the device, a list of equipment, recommendations for care and cleaning, plus technical specifications and a description of the correct disposal of the Turk.

There is a description of the device, a list of equipment, recommendations for care and cleaning, plus technical specifications and a description of the correct disposal of the Turk.


The operating principle of the Turk is mechanical and very simple. First, we connect the power base to the network, put water and coffee in the Turk, then turn on the device. The indicator will light up and we will monitor the process of preparing the drink. When the drink is ready, we remove the Turk. It is important to note that the Turk has protection against overheating and preventing it from turning on without water, but there is no special indicator indicating the readiness of the drink.

Turka quickly brings the drink to readiness, usually it takes from 3.5 to 8 minutes depending on the volume of water. However, if the coffee begins to boil, it may affect its flavor profile by reducing the crema. In the worst case, as when cooking in a regular Turk on the stove, the coffee may spill out and spread evenly over the surface. Although the Turk has overheat protection to prevent damage to the device itself, there is no protection against coffee spilling on the surrounding surface.


We’ll have to repeat ourselves a little, we have already indicated that the device’s wire is only 0.7 meters, and the base has no other attachment than its own flat surface. Fortunately, it is very, very compact. That is, first we need to find a place close to the outlet on the most flat and dry surface. To be honest, there were enough such places in a working kitchen, in a motorhome, in a country house, in a business trip almost a suite.

After installing the base on a horizontal surface, we filled the Turk with cold water, added coffee and placed it on the base. The manufacturer did not promise any extraneous odors, and indeed there were none, but the aroma of the coffee drink quickly spread throughout the room.

Note that steel can be “neutral” or “affecting” the taste of the drink. This is a very subjective feeling, which has its basis: good steel does not absorb oil and is easy to clean. It also helps to better develop the flavors of coffee and allows for various experiments.

The manufacturer clearly states that this pot is intended exclusively for making coffee and reminds you not to boil milk in it. Starting with 100 ml of water, a few spoons of coffee and a little cinnamon, we subsequently experimented with volume and ingredients. The boiling rate depends on the volume of water and its hardness. Using pre-boiled water speeds up the process, but does not always improve the taste of the drink. Otherwise, the drink stays hot and delicious for morning time. The most convenient was to use room temperature water or filtered water, but the difference in taste may be slight.

In addition to coffee, we also prepared fructose and cocoa chocolate in the Turk, and the device coped with these tasks quickly and without problems. During our experiments, we used the Centek ST-1099 for more than thirty minutes straight, and no problems arose. Without water on the electric base, the Turk simply does not turn on; overheating protection is triggered.

The on/off button was really lacking and it took some time to get used to the lack of this feature. After a couple of weeks of use, the operating algorithm became more familiar and stopped raising questions. However, when the drink is ready, it is important to have a convenient place to remove the Turk. The surface of the Turk does not get very hot, but the base can get hot enough to, for example, damage the thin film or stain the fabric surface in the motorhome.

The lack of a readiness indicator also takes some getting used to. Just like on a regular stove, when using an electric Turk, you need to monitor the process to avoid violent boiling. The manufacturer recommends not to use the entire volume of the turk, or more precisely, not to exceed 300 ml. During testing, we deviated slightly from this recommendation, although it initially seemed reasonable. In our experience, a maximum volume of 400 ml can be considered if you need to prepare three larger servings of coffee. However, the smaller volume boils faster, allowing you to cook three servings of different flavors in almost the same amount of time.


The manufacturer's recommendations can be divided into two parts: daily cleaning and descaling. Daily cleaning is simple: rinse the inside of the Turk with water, remove dirt with a soft sponge if necessary, and wipe the outer surface with a dry cloth.

To remove coffee residues stuck to the walls, just use hot water and a soft brush. It is not recommended to use rough and abrasive products.

The scale is removed using a mixture of water and food vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 2. The solution is left overnight, then the inside of the Turk is thoroughly rinsed with cold water.

Our measurements

During operation of the device, the maximum wattmeter reading was 465 W, which is slightly lower than declared, and the average was 420 W.

To prepare one serving of coffee (100 ml) it will take approximately 0.09 kWh and 3.5 minutes.

Practice tests

The cooking process was no different from the version with a classic cezve; the drink was poured into cold water and gradually heated. It was important to ensure that the foam did not “run out” and that the coffee did not boil over. The taste of the drink directly depends on the type of coffee and the purity of the water. The Turkish steel body does not give any aftertaste and allows you to experiment with options — the slightest change in the ingredients changed the feel of the coffee.

Coffee with cinnamon

A great motivator for a sleepy autumn morning. While the regular recipe makes heavy use of sugar or salt to enhance the cinnamon flavor, we omitted this. We filled the pot with 300 ml of water, poured in two heaped spoons of ground coffee, and added almost a spoonful of cinnamon 10 seconds after the start of boiling. This drink is best served and drunk hot; the cinnamon taste is sharper immediately, in the first minutes after preparation. It won't be spoiled by milk or sweeteners, or even a tiny pinch of ginger mixture.

Result: excellent.

Coffee «French style»

A bit of an ambitious name for a familiar drink. Pour in water, add coffee, turn on the pot, heat for a minute and add a spoonful of cognac or brandy. Keep an eye on the foam and serve when ready. This option is good even slightly cooled, it has a sharpness and charm that can brighten up a cold evening. If you want to add cinnamon or ground ginger to your drink, add it in small quantities (literally a pinch) along with the coffee.

Result: excellent.

Hot chocolate

A drink for those who are very tired. The process is similar to the previous ones: add water, add dry chocolate, and watch for foam. It is better to add condensed milk rather than regular milk to the finished drink. We used fructose-based chocolate; it cannot be over-sweetened.

Result: excellent.


Electric Turk Centek ST-1099 is a simple and effective device. Its compactness, ease of care and use make it attractive. Turka easily finds a place in everyday life, quickly prepares a drink and is easy to clean. The main benefit of this coffee pot is its ease of use, although having to control the brewing process can be a little inconvenient for those accustomed to more automated coffee brewing systems.

Turka does not require special conditions for operation; it does not require special water or specific storage. Its functionality is limited to coffee brewing, making it convenient for those who need a quick and easy way to prepare hot coffee whenever they need it.


  • compact and unpretentious
  • reasonable price
  • sufficient volume (can prepare up to 400 ml of drink)
  • easy to operate


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