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Review of the Evolution KP18171 electric kettle: 1.7 liter metal flask and thermos effect

12.01.2024 10:34

In this review, we will look at the Evolution KP18171 electric kettle, which, thanks to its insulating body, prevents heating of the outer surface, ensuring safety of use and heat retention inside the device. In simple words, this is a kettle with a thermos effect.

The kettle has a stylish and laconic design, and during operation its body is beautifully illuminated. The inner flask is made of stainless steel, which eliminates the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the water. The outer casing is made of safe and durable impact-resistant ABS plastic.


TypeElectric kettle
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee1 year
Life timenot specified
Declared power1800 W
Housing materialplastic, stainless steel
Cover materialplastic
Declared tank volume1.7 l
Additionallythermos effect, backlight, double-walled housing
Weightteapot — 1055 g, base — 177 g
Dimensions (W×H×D)235×260×140 mm
Network cable length0.67 m


The device was delivered in a small rectangular white cardboard box with a plastic handle on top. The front side of the box contains the brand name, the kettle model and a colorful photo of the device.

The sides of the box provide brief technical information about the device, including mention of the use of the reliable and durable British Strix controller. Also highlighted is the double wall technology, which prevents burns and allows the kettle to maintain a high temperature longer after boiling.

Having opened the box, inside we found:

  • kettle
  • base with power cord
  • manual

Inside the box, all parts are packed in protective plastic bags, printed materials are also placed in a separate plastic bag, and the kettle is secured at the top and bottom with a corrugated cardboard form.

At first sight

The Evolution KP18171 electric kettle attracts attention not only with its innovative design, but also with its impressive dimensions: when placed on the stand (which smoothly merges into its base), its height is 26 cm, giving the device an impressive appearance. Its all-white matte body and high-quality build make it look stylish and luxurious. A truly presentable appearance does not leave anyone indifferent.

The metal spout of the kettle continues the flask and looks reliable and stylish. The inner flask fits close to the spout and acts as a filter, as it has large holes for spillage.

The kettle handle is made of plastic. It is completely white, as is the lid opening button located on top of it.

The housing can be easily removed from the base using the handle by pulling upward. Under the handle there is a small white plastic rectangular button to start and turn off the heating.

Looking at the open kettle from above, we see the walls and bottom made of stainless steel. Also inside there is a volumetric graduation of 3 marks — 0.5, 1.0, 1.7 l.

The kettle lid is made of white shockproof plastic on the outside and stainless steel on the inside. Using a button, the lid silently and smoothly tilts back approximately 60 degrees; you can additionally open it manually up to 80 degrees. The lid is closed manually by applying light pressure on it.

At the bottom of the kettle you will find a plate with brief technical information about the device, a number of ventilation holes and a pair of windows with LED backlighting, which is activated when the device is operating. The contact group, represented by one ring and a central pin, was manufactured by the British company Strix, one of the leading manufacturers of such components.

On the top of the base of the device we see a plastic nozzle for the contact group.

Having examined the base from below, we find the place where the power cord exits, the cord itself and the compartment for winding it. The manufacturer added three small rubber feet to minimize the base from sliding on the table. There is also a label with brief technical information on the device.


Interestingly, the manufacturer did not provide page numbers in this manual, but our calculation tells us that this is a 10 page booklet. The material is in A5 format, uses plain paper, and includes colorful images of the kettle, as well as useful information on its operation.

The manual is divided into thematic sections, providing detailed and clear instructions on how to use the kettle.

After a quick study of the instructions, we were left with no questions as to what kind of device was presented to us, how to operate it correctly and how to care for it.


The operation of the kettle is controlled using a button located at the bottom of the body under the handle of the device. When you press the button, the water starts heating and the blue LED lighting under the kettle body turns on.

Pressing the button and its manual/automatic shutdown upon completion of work is accompanied by a soft click.

To add water to the kettle, you need to press the button on the top of the kettle handle, then the lid will open.

The lid is closed manually by applying light pressure on it.


Before first use, it is recommended to rinse the kettle with cold water and boil it several times.

The kettle lid cannot be removed. Using a button, it gently and silently reclines to approximately 60 degrees, and you can also manually open it further up to 80 degrees. However, closing the lid is done manually and is accompanied by a fairly loud click that cannot be adjusted.

Pouring water from the kettle occurs quickly and accurately. Changing the tilt angle affects the pouring speed, so to avoid spilling boiling water, it is better not to tilt the kettle too sharply.

The double walls of the kettle turned out to be a good solution. Immediately after boiling, you can safely place your palm on the plastic-coated part of the flask and feel only heat — 46 ° C (according to an infrared thermometer).

The capacity of the flask is slightly different from the declared volume (detailed measurements are given in the corresponding chapter). The useful volume of the flask is 1,690 liters.

When turned on without water, the kettle emits a characteristic technical smell and goes into emergency mode (turns off for a short time), during which it does not respond to controls. After cooling (about five minutes), the kettle turns on again and is ready for use.


To begin cleaning, it is recommended to unplug the kettle and allow it to cool completely. The housing should be wiped with a damp soft cloth if dirty.

Cleaning the kettle is done using a damp cloth and then a dry cloth. If scale forms, it is recommended to clean it using citric acid, vinegar or special descaling agents. The use of abrasive and caustic cleaning agents is prohibited.

Our measurements

The weight of the kettle is 1055 g, the weight of the base is 177 g.

All the marks placed inside the kettle did not coincide slightly with reality; in fact, the volume of water poured into the marks is 479, 990 and 1690 ml.

When carrying out measurements, we used filtered water at a temperature of 20 °C.

Useful volume1690 ml
A full kettle (1.7 liters) of water at 20 °C is brought to a boil in6 minutes 28 seconds
What is the amount of electricity spent on?0.178 kWh
1 liter of water at 20 °C is brought to a boil in4 minutes 10 seconds
What is the amount of electricity spent on?0.111 kWh
Temperature of the kettle body 3 minutes after boiling66°C
Maximum power consumption at a network voltage of 220 V1700 W
Idle consumption0 W
Water temperature in the kettle 1 hour after boiling79.3 °C
Water temperature in the kettle 2 hours after boiling65 °C
Water temperature in the kettle 3 hours after boiling57 °C
Time to pour out the full volume of water in the normal way15 seconds

The maximum power consumption during operation of the device was 1700 W, the average was 1650 W.

The noise level when boiling water reached 65 dBA, which is the average value for teapots.

Note that after boiling, the water boils vigorously for another 5-8 seconds — the boiling sensor does not respond instantly.


The Evolution KP18171 kettle is a successful combination of functionality and stylish design. Thanks to the innovative design with double metal walls, the device has two advantages: long-term temperature maintenance after boiling and protection against burns, since its body remains only warm. This kettle has the potential to save energy by storing hot water for later use.

The design of the device stands out for its stylish simplicity and conciseness, making it not only functional, but also a pleasant visual accent on the table.

We were able to discover only one small drawback of the device: when closing the lid, a rather loud bang occurs, which, unfortunately, cannot be adjusted in any way. It's a small thing, but if used regularly, some may not like it.


  • double-walled housing that protects against burns
  • stylish design
  • wide hinged lid
  • thermos effect


  • loud bang when closing the lid