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Review of decorative kitchen hood Lex Gamma 350 Black

18.03.2024 08:18

We received the Lex Gamma 350 Black model for testing, which immediately attracted attention with its unusual design: its cylindrical shape. This is the ideal solution for modern high-tech kitchens.

And now we’ll tell you what features and limitations of use it has.


ModelGamma 350 Black
Typedecorative hood
Country of OriginChina
Guarantee36.6 months
Life time *10 years
Width350 mm
Housing materialpainted steel
TimerThere is
Power consumption230 W
Free exit850—1050 m³/h
Ventilation650—850 m³/h
Recycling450—630 m³/h
Number of speeds3
Noise level40-50 dB
BacklightLED 2×1.25 W
Duct diameter150 mm
Filteraluminum (included), carbon L1 (optional)
Weight12 kg
Dimensions (W×H×D)350×930×430
Network cable length1.2 m

* Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time limit after which the device will necessarily break down. However, after this period, the manufacturer ceases to bear any responsibility for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.


We received the Lex Gamma 350 hood, which was packaged in durable cardboard with nylon straps for added protection. On the front of the box we notice a vector image of the device and a QR code that directs us to the manufacturer's website.

In the lower right corner there are icons describing the key features of the Gamma 350 model, according to the manufacturer: electronic control, LED backlight, single-motor design and compact dimensions (only 35 cm wide).

Technical specifications and contact details of the manufacturer are indicated on the sides of the packaging. After opening the box, the following is found inside:

  • Hood with installed aluminum anti-grease filter.
  • Metal bracket for hanging.
  • Set of non-return valve petals.
  • Corrugated aluminum sleeve.
  • User guide.
  • Warranty card.
  • Paper template for mounting the device.

At first sight

The Lex Gamma 350 hood stands out for its unusual design and non-standard appearance: the device is a tall (93 cm) black cylinder (also available in white). The metal body is coated with matte paint, which ensures easy surface care.

This device can be connected to an exhaust ventilation system or operate in recirculation mode. In the first case, the air duct can be routed through a rectangular duct, which ensures that the housing adheres to the wall, or through the open top of the cylinder. In recirculation mode, ventilation grilles on the sides are used to remove purified air.

On the round bottom side there is an aluminum grease filter, to the right and left of which rectangular lamp shades are installed.

The filter has a traditional design without any unique technological features: it consists of a three-dimensional aluminum mesh that traps droplets of oil, grease and dust. This grid is mounted on a metal frame and is held in the case using the usual gray latch.

The oblong LED lights with a total power of 2.5 W provide the work area with bright white light. Self-service of lamps is not provided: in case of failure, it is recommended to contact a service center.

By removing the filter, we gain access to the cylindrical housing of the exhaust fan. At its ends there is a mount for standard carbon filters.

Carbon cartridges are designed for using the hood in recirculation mode. If the device is not connected to a ventilation hole, they provide additional air purification from fine dust and unpleasant odors. Cartridges are not included as standard and must be purchased separately. Lex L1 filters are suitable for this model.

Most of the internal space of the case is left free. At the bottom of the cylinder there is a plastic housing of the control unit, from where a wire with a Euro plug comes out, as well as an outlet hole with a diameter of 150 mm with grooves for installing check valve petals.

Semicircular petals should be installed on the pipe if the hood will be used with a connection to ventilation. They will prevent reverse air movement and protect the device from contamination by air from the ventilation duct.

To connect to ventilation, you can use the aluminum corrugated hose included with the device.

On the back side of the rectangular box, located behind the cylindrical body, there are oblong holes for hanging the device. Just below there is a window for passing the electrical cable, and a large hole can be used to remove the ventilation hose.


The user manual is a traditional Lex hood 32-page A5 brochure, printed on thick white paper.

The documentation describes in detail safety measures when using the device, including instructions for its installation, operation and care. The documentation set includes a warranty card and a paper template, which facilitates installation due to preliminary marking.


To control the hood, five mechanical buttons are used on the front side of the cylindrical body.

The functionality of the buttons is easy to understand without further explanation: the central one, slightly larger, turns the motor on and off; the “+” and “−” buttons are used to adjust the power level (the Gamma 350 hood has three of them); The button with the image of a light bulb controls the illumination of the work area.

The bottom button is responsible for delayed shutdown: after pressing it, the hood will automatically turn off after five minutes of operation.


We do not test hoods in real kitchen conditions, as the installation of the appliance may vary in each case. Our measurements are limited to laboratory tests, including performance, noise and power consumption measurements.

During the tests, we noted the convenient location of the buttons on the hood and their excellent response to pressing. Working with them is intuitive.

The backlight lamps used in the design have high brightness. Their cool white light makes the hood an effective source of lighting in the kitchen when needed.


It is recommended to wipe the external surfaces of the hood at least once a month using mild cleaning agents.

The aluminum filter should be cleaned regularly, at least once a month, by soaking it in hot water and detergent for an hour. The filter is also dishwasher safe. At the same time, the manufacturer warns that a color change is possible, which does not affect performance.

If the hood is used in recirculation mode, the carbon filters should be replaced every 3-6 months. They cannot be cleaned or reused.

Our measurements

The energy consumption of the hood depends, of course, on the speed of its fans.

Energy consumption, W
Speed ​​1145
Speed ​​2162
Speed ​​3190

To measure the noise level, we placed the sound level meter microphone at a distance of 1 m from the operating device and pointed it at it. To recreate real conditions as accurately as possible, a 2-meter pipe was connected to the hood outlet. This made it possible to remove the “body” noise at a sufficient distance so that it did not distort the measurement results.

Noise level, dBA
Speed ​​150
Speed ​​259
Speed ​​363

To measure performance, we, as usual, connected the hood to a two-meter smooth PVC pipe with a diameter of 160 mm. This allows you to stabilize the difference in air flow speed in different areas at the outlet of the device. At the outer opening of the pipe, we measure the air flow velocity at 17 points, after which these values are averaged using the arithmetic mean method.

Based on the obtained average speed, the extraction capacity is calculated in cubic meters of air per minute. The measurement results for this model are presented below (the numbers reflect the speed in meters per second).

Thus, the average air flow speed at the outlet of the pipe is 8.9 m/s. Accordingly, taking into account the pipe diameter (160 mm), the productivity is 10.7 cubic meters per minute (641.32 m³/h).


The decorative kitchen hood Lex Gamma 350 Black is not suitable for every interior. The limitations imposed by the shape of the body, dimensions and method of exhausting the ventilation hose make it an ideal choice for a spacious high-tech kitchen with high ceilings and a moderately wide hob.

We appreciated the hood for its original design, practical housing cover and bright LED lighting. Laboratory tests have confirmed high performance and low noise levels. This combination of qualities makes Lex Gamma 350 an excellent choice for medium to large rooms.


  • original design
  • good performance
  • low noise level
  • simple controls


  • Not suitable for every kitchen