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What household appliances to give for the New Year: 10 ideas

26.12.2023 10:12

Ultrasonic humidifier Electrolux EHU-3910D YogaHealthline 2.0

The YogaHealthline humidifier is designed not only for fans of yoga and a healthy lifestyle, but also for everyone who values functionality and aesthetics. The ability to use training modes for meditation, breathing exercises and guided meditations makes it unique. However, the basic functions of humidification, including cold or warm steam, are available to everyone, and the additional functions of ionization, aromatization and ultraviolet air disinfection provide more options.

The design of the humidifier, similar to a designer lamp, is designed to please the eye and fit into a modern interior. Designed for large premises up to 65 square meters, which can be a fitness room, studio or office. For smaller rooms, there are more compact models of YogaHealthline humidifiers with a small reservoir.

An integrated thermometer and hygrometer provide independent determination of the microclimate level. Conveniently, the humidifier has the ability to automatically configure operating parameters or control it via a smartphone using an application. This humidifier can be an ideal gift for both those who prefer automatic modes and those who like to have full control of the device via their smartphone.

Air purifier Ballu AP-107

This affordable air purifier proved to be an excellent choice not only because of its ease of operation and affordability, but most of all because of its outstanding performance in testing. It is designed for rooms up to 25 square meters and successfully copes with various air pollutants, including allergens and microparticles.

The multi-component filtration system of this air purifier consists of several types of filters: pre-filter, carbon, antibacterial, and an H11 class HEPA filter at the outlet. It is recommended to change filters every 6-12 months and can be easily purchased from the manufacturer's website.

This device will be useful to a wide range of users: simple controls will satisfy even those who have no experience with such devices. And high quality air purification will be important for city residents, regardless of their health status, especially for people with allergies, asthma or families with children.

Felfri NF-2 Portable Oral Irrigator

Almost everyone may need an oral irrigator, and a portable version can be a convenient additional option even if you have a stationary one. The convenience of taking such a device with you on trips or to the dacha is often appreciated by users. We tested the Felfri NF-2 and found virtually no flaws in it. It provides effective cleaning of interdental spaces, and the inclusion of orthodontic brush attachments (which is rare for an irrigator) helps remove plaque. The kit also includes attachments for caring for the tongue, braces, and dentures. In addition, there is a nasal nozzle for rinsing the nose. The device has 5 operating modes, a 300 ml reservoir capacity, simple controls and can work autonomously for up to 12 days when used twice a day.

Washer-dryer Candy Smart Pro Inverter CSOW43646TWMB-07

Purchasing a washer dryer can be a great way to start the New Year for many. Not only does this mean freeing up extra space in your home that was previously occupied by drying racks or laundry lines, but it also creates the opportunity to use that space more efficiently. If your washing machine has a drying function, you can reduce the number of sets of clothes, especially for children, since pajamas, onesies, tights and T-shirts will be required in smaller quantities.

In our testing, we appreciated almost every aspect of this washing machine: it is quiet during washing (due to the inverter motor and direct drum drive), it washes efficiently, and the drying programs are designed not to damage delicate or woolen fabrics. Affordable short wash cycles and smartphone control also provide remote diagnostics, washing and drying advice, and management assistance, which is especially useful for older relatives.

Vertical vacuum cleaner Garlyn M-2500

It is a rare event when our testers were unable to identify serious shortcomings in this vacuum cleaner. Although this does not mean that the model does not have any disadvantages, for a vacuum cleaner in this price category (this is a budget upright vacuum cleaner) they are almost invisible.

The vacuum stack receives high marks for its long battery life and enough power to effectively clean small apartments as an electric broom, and is also suitable for cleaning upholstered furniture, top shelves of cabinets and car interiors. It should be noted that there is an extensive set of attachments that are suitable for various cleaning tasks, as well as illumination of the cleaning area — this feature is usually typical for more expensive models, but is also present in this one.

The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a HEPA filter at the air outlet, has three operating modes and a motorized nozzle for cleaning floors with a turbo brush.

The results of our testing led to the conclusion that there are maximum capabilities and minimal disadvantages. Among the preset 25 programs, including 9 types of bread, including gluten-free and whole grain, we tested 5 programs and were pleasantly surprised by the results. This model of bread machine perfectly bakes loaves weighing from 500 g to 1 kg.

Particularly useful is the included colorful recipe book, containing 101 recipes specially adapted for this bread machine. It offers a variety of dishes: bread, muffins, biscuits, yogurt, jam, as well as first and second courses. This device can even replace a multicooker to some extent, allowing you to prepare soup, jam or goulash — although in a small volume, this is more like an experiment.

For those who prefer more flexible control, there is a «Multi-Baker» mode, which allows you to adjust the duration of each stage of bread preparation (kneading, proofing and baking) to your liking. A user-friendly interface and a numbered list of programs printed on the body make this bread maker accessible even to inexperienced users.

Kitchen machine Red Solution RKM-4021 (based on a planetary mixer)

If among your loved ones there is a passionate cook who dreams of a planetary mixer, then this option is ideally complemented by attachments: a blender-jug and a meat grinder with a vegetable cutter. We tested all these features and were impressed both by the performance of the planetary mixer, which easily kneads 1 kg of stiff dough, and by the performance of the attachments. It is especially pleasant to note that a meat grinder and blender in kitchen machines often do not always satisfy the needs, as with stationary appliances — but this is not the case here. In addition, the machine operates quite quietly, has a stylish appearance, and is easy to assemble and operate.

Hair dryer Atvel AirJet HD6

This stylish hair dryer is not cheap, but it is ideal for quality connoisseurs who care about the health and appearance of their hair. It also saves time: drying and styling your hair with this hair dryer is very quick and convenient. The device has a discreet, but truly high-end design, for which our editors highly appreciated it. During the testing process, the hair dryer showed excellent results both in practical tests and in measurements, the shutdown sensor worked reliably when overheating (which does not always happen), and its light weight ensures ease of use. Even when our testers tried to leave fingerprints on the beautiful graphite body, it proved difficult. The hair dryer is equipped with two air flow concentrators and a diffuser. All nozzles and the air intake grille have reliable and convenient magnetic fastenings. The hairdryer also offers 3 airflow speeds and 4 heating levels: room temperature, 60, 90 and 120°C, as well as a cold blow function.

Electric corkscrew 3-in-1 Kitfort KT-4041

This gift may not burden your budget, but will be original and useful, especially for those who appreciate evening gatherings with a glass of wine. During testing, the device performed excellently, significantly reducing the time spent opening wine bottles and completely eliminating physical effort. The kit includes an aerator to enrich the wine with oxygen to maximize flavor and aroma, as well as a vacuum pump to seal the bottle hermetically. The corkscrew is designed for 30 operating cycles and charges in 10 hours using the USB Type-C cable included in the kit.

Robot vacuum cleaner DreameBot L10s Ultra

Few people can decide on such an expensive gift for someone, but don’t forget about nice gifts for yourself and your family, right? DreameBot L10s Ultra is not just a robot, but a smart and adaptable device. It has a variety of functions, such as dry and wet cleaning (and the suction power of the robot is simply impressive), self-cleaning dust collector, automatic cleaning and drying of mops, as well as intelligent navigation and flexible user settings to accommodate almost any schedule, room area, obstacles and much more. The manufacturer's idea is to create a robot vacuum cleaner that requires minimal intervention from the user: it independently determines how, where and when to clean, and also returns to the base, empties the dust container and carries out the self-cleaning, washing and drying procedure. After testing, all these possibilities were confirmed, and using the application to set cleaning parameters turned out to be simple and pleasant. It is possible to control the robot without an application: for this there are three buttons on the control panel that allow you to start local or standard cleaning, as well as return the robot to the base.

Household appliances as a gift is a fairly popular solution, although in some cases it may not be suitable. It is worth negotiating about such a gift; a surprise is appropriate only if you are one hundred percent sure that it will bring joy. With coming!