5 Best Blenders of 2023

23.01.2024 08:12

During 2023, we tested more than 20 devices equipped with the blender function. Among them were presented both submersible and stationary blenders, as well as attachments for kitchen machines. The task of choosing the best devices was surprisingly easy: we used the results of measurements and practical tests, highlighting blenders with minimal or even no shortcomings. We present to you the top 5 best devices.

Redmond RHB-CB2988 9-in-1 Immersion Blender: Almost a Food Processor

One of the most versatile and successful blender models tested by our editors not only in 2023, but throughout the history of our project, is the device presented at the end of our review — a 12-in-1 multifunctional device. This blender comes with three bowls: a 500 ml chopper, a 600 ml mixing bowl and a 2 liter food processor. Its capabilities include beating, chopping, mixing, as well as cutting, grating and shredding vegetables — including cubes (special thanks to the manufacturer for the presence of an accessory for cleaning the dicing attachment).

This blender is capable of preparing minced chicken and fish fillets, as well as creating milk foam for cappuccino and lattes. All tests performed showed brilliant results: high speed of operation, no through-flow nozzles, high quality parts, ease of assembly and use. The only minor drawback that could be pointed out is that the minimum speed when using the whisk is too high, as sometimes you need to start beating slowly.

Stationary heated blender Kitfort KT-3095: blender-soup maker

The blender impressed not only with its claimed versatility, but also with the fact that all the manufacturer's promises were kept, with some test results exceeding our expectations. This device is capable of not only grinding and whipping ingredients like a regular blender jug, but also performing the functions of heating or even cooking certain types of dishes. There are automatic programs for this, including soy milk, boil (we made rice), creamed soup, baby food, juice, milkshake, sauce, crushed ice, smoothie, nut/oat milk — and we tested most of them.

The manufacturer can be given credit for the fact that the blender successfully coped not only with simple tasks, such as preparing a milkshake and creamed zucchini soup, but also with more complex ones, such as crushing ice and preparing creamed chicken soup. We specifically checked whether there was enough power for cooking and chopping meat, and we were pleased with the result — it was enough! A particularly pleasant experience was making juice — tomato and orange, as well as plant milk, in our case oat milk, but you can choose any other type. This blender will be an excellent helper for parents of infants (preparing baby food), vegetarians and vegans (all types of plant-based milk), as well as for lovers of pureed soups and homemade sauces. The ease of use deserves the highest marks: put the chopped products, press the button — and after a set time you get the finished dish. It is important, however, to understand certain limitations inherent in all blender-soup makers: they are not intended for preparing rich meat broths and large volumes of soup — a maximum of two or three servings.

Stationary blender Dauken MX950 Pro: automatic modes and super speeds

The Dauken MX950 Pro blender has a large two-liter jug, even by the standards of jug blenders. The rotation speed of the knives of this model is truly impressive — reaches 45,000 rpm (in comparison, the first model in the review, Redmond RHB-CB2988, has 16,500 rpm in turbo mode, but also successfully copes with chopping, slicing and whipping).

The blender's cutting unit is equipped with 6 stainless steel blades, and the maximum motor power reaches 2000 W — all these technical characteristics are truly impressive. Practical tests have confirmed that the manufacturer’s declared ability to prepare smoothies, purees and crush ice in a matter of seconds is not just advertising promises, but a reality. Adjustable speed allows you to easily chop, beat and crush products of almost any consistency, including ice and frozen berries.

The design of the blender is thoughtful and convenient, its appearance is stylish, and the controls are simple and intuitive: speed adjustment, as well as three automatic modes — pulse, ice crushing and smoothie preparation. In addition, it is worth noting the long service life (5 years) and the possibility of extending the warranty period from one year to five years when registering the device on the manufacturer’s website. No significant deficiencies were found.

Immersion blender Arnica Diva Trend GH21593: blender, chopper, mixer

The device from a well-known Turkish brand, which has been present on the Russian market for a long time, impressed with its aesthetics (interesting and stylish combination of colors), ease of control (two operating modes — normal and turbo) and, despite the lack of many speed modes, successfully coped with all the tests carried out (hint: when using the mixer attachment, the products splash a little, but the whipping quality remains excellent).

We've used this device to make peanut butter, liver pate, fruit smoothies, crush tomatoes, chop nuts and beat egg whites — and in each case we were pleased with the results. Our main conclusion: This is a great blender for everyday tasks. And one more conclusion: it’s not the number of speeds that makes a blender good, but its high power and thoughtful design of attachments and design as a whole. One note: the kit does not include instructions in Russian, but a translation from Turkish is available on the manufacturer’s Russian website.

Garlyn HB-330 12-in-1 Immersion Blender: Amazing versatility and almost zero drawbacks

In our review of this model, we described it as “a food processor that can do it all,” and it really is. To test all 12 functions, including not only chopping and whipping, but also dicing, grating hash browns, and preparing French fries, our testers cooked 12 different dishes, and the results exceeded expectations. Only a few tests were rated «good», while the remaining ten were rated «excellent». I was especially impressed by the attachment for making purees, which testers consider a real masterpiece. They even offered the opportunity to purchase this attachment separately for a blender with a simpler package. There is also amazing flexibility, as any accessory for this blender can be purchased separately.

We especially carefully studied how the device copes with non-standard tasks, such as grating potatoes for hash browns, cutting them with sticks and other products into cubes. However, we could not find a single flaw. On the contrary, we not only appreciated the results, but also noticed nice features that make work easier, such as the dicing attachment cleaning tool, which makes it easy to remove leftover product in seconds.

An important aspect is that, despite the rich equipment, the Garlyn HB-330 remains quite compact, and any accessory can be easily purchased on the manufacturer’s official website in case of breakdown or loss. All attachments are functional and made with high quality; each of them will be useful to those who value tasty and varied cooking, saving time and reducing physical effort.

During 2023, we tested several dozen blenders, but only those that demonstrated not just good or decent results, but impressive and outstanding results were able to make it into the top five. Of course, even the best devices have some minor flaws, but their benefits far outweigh these minor flaws.